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Hatate Himekaidou

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姫海棠 (ひめかいどう)  はたて
Hatate Himekaidou
çimekaidoː hatate (♫)
Hatate Himekaidou
Hatate in Double Spoiler
Modern-Day Spirit Photography Reporter
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Crow Tengu


Spirit photography




Youkai Mountain

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Hatate Himekaidou (姫海棠 はたて, Himekaidou Hatate) is a tengu reporter who makes a newspaper called "Kakashi Spirit News" (花果子念報). Unlike her colleague Aya Shameimaru, she never goes outside for her newspaper research. Instead, she uses her ability called thoughtography (念写 nensha). After reading Aya's Bunbunmaru Newspaper, she decided to observe Aya's way of gathering for her articles.

Character Design


Her full name is Hatate Himekaidou (姫海棠 はたて). The kanji for Himekaidou (姫海棠) mean "princess", "sea/beach" and "crabapple tree" respectively. Himekaidou itself is a kind of toringo crabapple. Hime kaidou also refers to a side-road, often taken by women or travelers who wanted to avoid thieves.


A tengu with brown eyes, and long brown hair in pigtails with purple ribbons. She wears a pinkish shirt with purple trim on the collar and a thin black tie, a black band around one arm, a purple tokin, a skirt in black/purple checker pattern with a floral pattern on the purple, a small brown pouch on her hip, thigh-high black socks (which are rolled down just below her knees), and pale purple-ish red geta sandals with purple straps. She carries a camera, looking like a modern cell phone, with a yellow/dark yellow checker pattern, a heart on it, and a brush hanging from it like a charm.

Hatate's clothes have a lot of purple color. Purple color symbolizes "mystic" or "royalty". "Mystic" might be associated with her spiritual powers. "Royalty" might refer to Himekaidou - princess. It may be also a reference to the deadly sin, "pride".


Hatate's appearance in Wild and Horned Hermit
Double Spoiler

Hatate is the second playable character in Double Spoiler. During the Spoiler Stage, she confronts Aya, and has a picture-taking showdown with her, all the while debating the pros of her journalistic style and the cons of Aya's journalistic style.

In Wild and Horned Hermit, she and Aya appear to be covering Kanako's nuclear reactor experiment, which may point to Hatate trying to collect field data.


Aya Shameimaru

As of Double Spoiler, Hatate regards Aya as a rival newspaper writer and competitor.

Minor Relationships

Momiji Inubashiri

Hatate appears to somewhat admire her colleague Momiji Inubashiri's senses of sight and smell, and is rather impressed by her spell cards.


Hatate's chief is Tenma.

Spell Cards

Additional Information


  • A silhouette of Hatate occupies the front of Double Spoiler's jewel case.
    Hatate silhouetted on Double Spoiler's cover
  • Her thoughtography camera closely resembles a cell phone of some sort. It was apparently made by the kappa. It is possible that the kappa reverse-engineered something left behind by someone who was spirited away to Gensokyo.


  • Fans often joke that Hatate uses Google Image Search to get all her pictures instead of going outside like Aya Shameimaru. Even ZUN himself has referred to Hatate's ability as working like Google, in his Symposium of Post-mysticism interview.
  • Hatate's purple clothing and thoughtography ability seem to all point to Joseph Joestar of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, specifically his part 3 incarnation where he has the stand "Hermit Purple", which can project images of any target in the world onto paper by smashing a camera with it. Aya used to be pictured a lot with Joseph too...
  • Because of the purple colors she wears, an artist on Pixiv has created and popularized an emo version of Hatate called "はたたん" (hata-tan) who is usually seen with black hair, scars, and bags under the eyes. [1]
  • There's a rather notable catchphrase that western fans have created called "Hataters gonna Hatate", a word play on "Haters Gonna Hate". [2]
  • In the Japanese fanbase she has been associated with scallops (たて hotate), due to the similarity with her name (たて).
  • The pattern on Hatate's skirt is identical to the "missing texture" pattern in Half-Life 2 and other Source-based games, which has lead to jokes among fans.

Official Profiles

Official Sources


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