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Human Village

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人間の里 (にんげんのさと)
Human Village
人里 (ひとざと)
PMiSS humanvillage.jpg
The Human Village, as seen in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.

On one side of the Forest of Magic, Unknown

Official Games
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The Human Village (人間の里 Ningen no Sato) is where most of Gensokyo's humans live. Even though some youkai also visit here to shop, this is the safest place in all of Gensokyo to live. Humans from the outside world that stumble into Gensokyo and decide to stay often have no choice but to live here as they would be unable to handle the youkai outside the village. The village itself has a powerful protector in Keine Kamishirasawa, who is capable of "hiding" the history of the village's existence for its protection.

Geography and People

Among the people living at the village are Keine Kamishirasawa and Hieda no Akyuu. The village has an as of yet unnamed leader, a florist, a woodcutter, a teahouse, a tofu shop, youkai exterminators, and more.[1] There's also the Kirisame-ya second-hand shop here which is owned by Marisa's father. Some stores stay open late into the night to cater exclusively to youkai[2]. The village also has a darker side in the form of the Secret History Association.

Both humans and youkai alike from outside the village visits the village. Reisen Udongein Inaba is known to come here to sell medicine, and Sakuya Izayoi comes to shop often. Most of the furniture in the Scarlet Devil Mansion was made by humans in this village. Yuuka Kazami has come to shop at the flower shop on at least one occasion. Ran Yakumo often comes to the tofu shop and checks up on the village occasionally for her master, Yukari Yakumo. A number of the households possess resident zashiki-warashi, who secretly act as spies for the youkai. Additionally, it is said that Medicine Melancholy tried to spread poison across the village.

After the Palanquin Ship landed near the village at the conclusion of Undefined Fantastic Object, Byakuren Hijiri converted it into a Buddhist temple.


A tavern in the Human Village as seen in Hopeless Masquerade.
A School in the Human Village as seen in Forbidden Scrollery.

Some notable buildings within the Human Village:


There is a school somewhere within the village. Keine works here as a history schoolteacher. Planning for its construction began in the 117th season[3]. The leader's son and florist's daughter attend.

Hieda house

Hieda no Akyuu lives here who records anything she has seen in her life. Her family appears to be one of the wealthiest in the village, with several house-servants[4] and a sizable vegetable garden[5].

Kirisame-ya second-hand shop

Marisa's father is the owner of this shop. Rinnosuke Morichika was his former apprentice here, but nothing much is known here beyond that it does not deal in magic items.[6]


The book renting shop where Kosuzu Motoori works.

The Human Village's Appearances


Highly Responsive to Prayers

The Human Village was first referenced in the PC-98 game Highly Responsive to Prayers, where youkai and demons were after the village to destroy it. In the game, it had the kanji "人里" (Hitozato) and it's set in what was called the Eastern Country. There hasn't been any evidence however that the Human Village in the PC-98 and Windows era are the same location.


Imperishable Night

After many years since it was first mentioned, the Human Village became the setting for stage 3 of Imperishable Night. There were no humans or other hint of civilisation; that's because Keine Kamishirasawa hidden away the history, making it so that no Human Village was established. This is due to a misunderstanding, believing that that a certain youkai/human team was to invade the village, but they were simply passing by.

Hopeless Masquerade

In Hopeless Masquerade, while the playable characters were trying to get more popularity during the religion wars, the village became the setting for some of the fights. Several humans and some youkai can be seen there while assisting said battles. Hata no Kokoro, that went out of control after she lost her Mask of Hope, gets fought in the village at night as she tries to steal the opponents' hope to restabilize her emotions.

Additional Information

  • A small Inari shrine exists in the village, which the Unnamed Evil Dragon claims to have constructed long ago.[7]
  • There is Kappa Warehouse located in the outskirts of the Human Village in which Nitori Kawashiro and the Kappa used when their pond warehouse froze. [8]



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