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Prismriver Sisters

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ルナサ・プリズムリバー (♫)
メルラン・プリズムリバー (♫)
リリカ・プリズムリバー (♫)

Lunasa Prismriver
Merlin Prismriver
Lyrica Prismriver
Lunasa PrismriverMerlin PrismriverLyrica Prismriver
The Prismriver Sisters in Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Three Poltergeist Sisters

Poltergeist Violinist

Poltergeist Trumpeter

Poltergeist Keyboardist
More Character Titles


Phantom (Poltergeist) (not native to Gensokyo)


All three: Performing on musical instruments without hands or feet.
Lunasa Performing melancholic notes.
Merlin Performing maniac notes
Lyrica Performing illusionary notes


Lunasa Violinist of a musical performance ensemble
Merlin Trumpeter of a musical performance ensemble
Lyrica Keyboardist of a musical performance ensemble


Ruined Western Mansion

Music Themes
Official Games
Print Works

The Prismriver Sisters (プリズムリバー三姉妹 Purizumuribaa San-shimai) are three characters who first appeared as the bosses of the fourth stage of Perfect Cherry Blossom. Lunasa, Merlin and Lyrica are collectively called the "Prismriver Ensemble" and perform at parties and festivals. Although at first sight their instruments, Lunasa with the violin, Merlin with the trumpet, and Lyrica with the keyboard, seem scattered and disconnected, they still perform magnificent music.

Character Basis


Sometimes "Prismriver" is translated as 虹川 ("niji-kawa"), which means "rainbow river," even though "rainbow" does not mean "prism." Thus, they are sometimes referred to as the niji-kawa sisters (虹川三姉妹).


Lunasa wears black clothing, is a violinist, and is the first sister. She has gold eyes, short blond hair, and is always seen with her violin floating nearby. Her band uniform is black, with white and red trim. Her hat has a red crescent moon decoration at the peak. Her alternative outfit in Phantasmagoria of Flower View is same as her normal outfit, except her dress is black.

Merlin wears white clothing, is a trumpeter, and is the second sister. She has blue eyes, wavy light-blue hair, and is always seen with her trumpet floating nearby. Her band uniform is pink, with blue and black trim. Her hat has a blue sun decoration at the peak. Her alternative outfit in Phantasmagoria of Flower View is same as her normal outfit, except her dress is cyan, and her trumpet is silver.

Lyrica wears red clothing, is a keyboardist, and is the third sister. She has brown eyes, short light brown hair, and is always seen with her winged keyboard floating nearby. The keyboard has "L.P." (her initials) written. Her band uniform is red, with pink and black trim. Her hat has a green shooting star decoration at the peak. Her alternative outfit in Phantasmagoria of Flower View is the same as her normal outfit, except her hair is lighter in color, her clothes are yellow, and her hat's shooting star is blue. Her keyboard has "Prismriver" written on it[clarification needed]. According to ZUN's emails, she is also the shortest of the three.


Perfect Cherry Blossom

During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, the three Prismriver sisters are preparing to play a concert for the flower viewing at Yuyuko's mansion. They attempt to stop the player from entering the Netherworld together, and the progression of the battle is affected by which sister the player decides to focus on attacking during their first spell card. The dialog they bounce back and forth between each other and the player is actually quite comical, and shows their very individual personalities. Lunasa is mature and mellow, Merlin is happy-go-lucky and clueless, and Lyrica is a sly smart-alack.

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Phantasmagoria of Flower View

In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Lyrica, the youngest of the three, goes off on her own to collect material for her songs. She's not really interested in solving the flower incident and would rather focus on her performance, but unknown to her, she's not alone...


Lunasa Prismriver (Older sister)
Merlin Prismriver (Middle sister)
Lyrica Prismriver (Younger sister)
Yuyuko Saigyouji (Employer)
Layla Prismriver (Creator)

Spell Cards

Additional Information


  • Lunasa's spellcards, "Guarneri del Gesù," "Stradivarius," and "Pseudo Stradivarius" make references to some of the most famous violin makers of all time, Giuseppe Guarneri and Antonio Stradivari. Oddly enough, the Amati family of luthiers are left out, despite making a fair share of equally good instruments.
  • Their spellcard background has an image of a score for Last Spring, from Two Elegiac Melodies by Edvard Grieg.
  • Layla Prismriver, the youngest of the original four sisters, has never had any known official art. Her only mention seems to be in the Prismrivers' official profiles.
  • Because these three sisters are created Poltergeists who were made by Layla Prismriver to have the appearance and personalities of her three older sisters from whom she had been separated, they are technically all the same age since they were presumably created at the same time. They only act out the roles of oldest, middle, and youngest sister based on whichever one they were made to resemble.
  • It is known based on their official profiles and from comments by Eiki that none of the original four sisters are still alive today, though it is unknown how long ago the events were that spawned these three poltergeists occurred.


  • Since Lunasa is the eldest sister, and is therefore commonly referred to as 「ルナ姉」 or "Luna-nee," where "nee" means "older sister."
  • Merlin has a bug in her programming in Perfect Cherry Blossom that sometimes causes her to behave improperly during the sisters' final spell card. As a result, fans have portrayed her as being occasionally rebellious or even crazy.
  • A mutation of a computer-programming meme on the Japanese message board 2ch called ぬるぽ or "Nurupo" (short for "Null Pointer Exception", which basically means "Disregard everything I just said") resulted in someone changing it to めるぽ or "Merupo". This almost immediately became a popular nickname for Merlin, although it could also be described as her alter ego.
  • Merupo is depicted by replacing Merlin's head with a smiling Shift_JIS head with a squiggle of hair down one side of its face, like so: ξ・∀・). As far as Merupo's personality goes, think Merlin, only twice as stupid and twice as crazy (the only word Merupo seems to be able to say is her name).
  • Merlin has a great tendency of being drawn with a larger chest in fanart, perhaps because of the remarks in PMiSS about her being the tallest and most eye catching, similar to Komachi.

Official Profiles

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