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Super Marisa World/Dialogue

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Marisa なんか出てきた~ Something popped out~
Rumia わはー Waha-
Marisa なんだ、ルーミアか。


Huh, it's Rumia.

That outfit sure suits you well.

Rumia えへへー、かわいいでしょー Ehehe, isn't it cute?
Marisa ああ、かわいいかわいい。


Yeah, it sure is cute.

So, anyway, what are you doing here in that get-up?

Rumia マリサを待っていたんだよ。 I was waiting for Marisa!
Marisa そいつは照れるぜ。 She's kinda shy.
Rumia マリサはこれからさらわれたお姫様を助けにいくんでしょ? Marisa's gonna go help the captured princess now, right?
Marisa お姫様かどうかは知らんが助けに行くというのはあっている。 I dunno about this "princess" business, but the captured part sounds about right.
Rumia ところどころにおいしいものが隠されているから


There's lots of yummy things hidden around everywhere

If you find them, they'll come in handy!

Marisa わかった。道中で拾う食い物はお前にくれてやる。 Alright. If I find any food, I'll give it to you.
Rumia それでは、SuperMarisaWorldはじまりはじまり~ And now, Super Marisa World is about to begin~

Ice World


Marisa 蛙の食道を抜けるとそこはバカの巣だった So, I've fallen out of the frog's throat into the dummy's nest.
Cirno ムキー!!!出会い頭に⑨とは失礼ねー!! Grrrrr!!! Calling me ⑨ as soon as you see me, how rude!!
Marisa そんな専門用語は言ってないぜ。
Hey, now, I didn't get that technical.
Though, that's exactly right.
Cirno あんた喧嘩売ってるのねー!!


You're just trying to pick a fight!!
You're two hundred light years too early to try to fight me.
Marisa おいおい、由旬は距離の巣位だぜ Hey, light years are a unit of length, you know.
Cirno そ...そんなこと知ってるわよ!! I ... I know that!!

Letty Whiterock

Marisa うあ、またずいぶん太ったな。
Woah, you got pretty fat again.
So, you're as heavy as how many people, now?
Letty 失礼ね。
How rude.
It's not like you have to measure me on such a scale.
Marisa それは逆に軽すぎないか? Hm, actually, aren't you a little too thin?
Letty だいたいなんで私が太っているってことにな
Why are you saying I'm getting fatter in
the first place?
Marisa 非公式設定では常識だぜ It's a pretty common unofficial set-up these days.
Letty 公式設定にはないでしょ But it's not official, right?
Marisa 「公式は非公式より奇なり」って諺
Haven't you heard the expression,
"Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction?"

Sky World

Mystia Lorelei

Mystia はらほろてぃあ~♪はらほろてぃあぁ~♪
Marisa でたな歌う猛禽類 Ah, the singing bird of prey has appeared.
Mystia 思ったんだけど雀って猛禽類なの? Now that you mention it, are sparrows birds of prey?
Marisa 雀はともかく、お前は猛禽類だろ。


Who knows? You sure are, though.

What's that thing on your head, anyway? It doesn't really look like a bird of prey.

Mystia さあ?よくわかんないけど・・・


Well, who knows? I don't ...

Maybe it's a walking chestnut-shaped mushroom with wings?

Marisa ドリルキックで破裂しそうだな。 Looks like it'd blow up with a drill kick.
Mystia えふしぃ版だから破裂しないそうよ。 It's the FC version, so I don't think so.
Marisa なんだそりゃ?


What the heck?

Well, I guess all that's left is to test the theory out.

Aya Shameimaru

Marisa うあ、しばらく見ないうちに随分と丸くなったな。 Whoa, you sure got round since the last time I saw you.
Aya なんで私がこんな役をやんなやいけないのよ~ Why do I have to play this part??
Marisa そりゃ、お前が鴉だからだろ?適役じゃないか 'cos you're the crow, right? Isn't it fitting?
Aya 何を言ってるのよ


What are you talking about?
That's a myna, not a crow.

Isn't it obvious from the name?

Marisa 私は知らないぜ


I dunno.
I'd guess most people probably get it wrong.

Oh, well. If I do this right you could turn into a star.

Aya 嫌ーーーー!!こんな姿で星座になるなんて嫌ーーーー!! Noooooooo!! I don't wanna become a constellation looking like this!!!

Hills / Volcano World

Keine Kamishirasawa

Marisa だれだ?怪しい奴め顔を出せ!! Who's there? Show yourself!
Keine 別に被りたくて被ってるわけじゃないわよ! It's not like I'm wearing this because I want to!
Marisa なんだ、歴史の先生じゃないか。


Huh, it's the history teacher.

Wow, that helmet really suits you.

Keine そんなこと褒められても嬉しくないわよ! I did not want to hear you say that!
Marisa 全く、いつのまに掘りキャラにされてしまったんだ?


Wow, when did you turn into a CAVing character?

CAVED!!! is just fanon, but headbutting is official now.

Keine く、そんな歴史なかったことにしてやる!! Tch, I'll turn that into something that never happened!!
Marisa おいおい歴史の改竄はよくないぜ Hey, hey, rewriting history is bad.

Fujiwara no Mokou

Marisa 熱い厚い、暑くて死ぬぜ。


Man, it's so hot, I'm gonna die.

Oh wow, your outfit looks nice and cool.

Mokou 別に涼しくなんてないわよ!!


It's not!!

Why do I have to wear this outfit, anyway!?

Marisa 踏んでも踏んでもリザレクションするからだろ? 'cos no matter how much you die, you keep coming back.
Mokou だからってなんでこんな格好になっちゃったのよ!?


But still, why do I have to wear this stupid outfit!?

What the hell is going on!?

Marisa さあな。とりあえず片っ端からぶっ倒してみてるが。 Who knows? Anyway, time to see if I can totally beat you.
Mokou ぶっ倒す?不死身の私を? What? You think you can beat an immortal like me?
Marisa 撃っても撃っても倒せない奴は


If they won't die when you kill them ...

You usually have to drop them in the lava.

Scarlet Devil Mansion

Hong Meiling

Meiling た~す~け~て~ぇ So~meo~ne He~lp me~
Marisa 何遊んでんだ? The heck are you playing?
Meiling 遊んでるんじゃないわよ!!
I'm not playing anything!!
Can't you see what's going on here!?
Marisa 実に楽しそうだ。


Actually, that looks fun.
But, let's not change places.

Anyway, why are you playing something so dangerous?

Meiling あんたがまた侵入したからお仕置きされたのよ。 I got punished because you snuck in again.
Marisa それは悪かったな。
Oh, my bad.
Still not taking your place, though.
Meiling 悪いと思ってるなら助けなさいよ。 If you're sorry, then help me!
Marisa わかった。そこから出してやるよ。 Alright. I'll get you out of there.
Meiling え?本当 What? Really?
Marisa 但し、下にな。 Only if you get below.
Meiling ちょwwwwwおまwwwwww Hey lolololololololol you little lololololololololololol

Sakuya Izayoi

Marisa お、これは最大級の変化だな Oh, this is the biggest transformation yet.
Sakuya なんで私がこんな格好になってるのよ Why the hell do I look like this!?
Marisa これぞ悪魔の犬鎖、似合ってるぜ This sure is fitting for the devil's lap dog.
Sakuya そんなこと言われても嬉しくないわよ Whatever, this still sucks.
Marisa それより、パチュリーをしらないか? More importantly, know anything about Patchouli?
Sakuya 知らないわよ。勝手に探したら? No, I don't. Have you tried looking for her yourself?
Marisa そうさせてもらうぜ Guess I'd better make you let me.

Flandre Scarlet

Marisa これはこれは、妹君ではいか。 Oh, look, it's the little sister.
Flandre あ、マリサだ。あそぼ~。 Hey, it's Marisa! Let's play~
Marisa ああ、いいぜ。何してあそぶ? Okay, what do you wanna play?
Flandre 解体ごっこ。 Taking stuff apart!
Marisa 解体?ああそれでハンマーとヘルメットなのか。 Taking ... oh, that must be why you've got the hammer and the helmet.
Flandre マリサはヘルメットしないの?


Marisa doesn't have a helmet?

Isn't that dangerous? What if something falls on you?

Marisa 落下物よりお前自身の方がよっぽどあぶないぜ。


You're more dangerous than any falling objects.

A helmet won't be any use if I get hit by your power.

Flandre このハンマー、金色だから壁以外も敵に直接攻撃できるらしいよ。 This is a golden hammer, so I can break anything except the walls in one hit!
Marisa ああ、そいつはこわいなぁ。


Wow, that's pretty scary.

If it's that powerful, we'd better put it away somewhere.

Remilia Scarlet

Remilia がーーーおーーーー Ga----o----
Marisa お、今度は被り物か。 Oh, I see you've got a full costume.
Remilia そうよ。西洋龍よ。 Yes. I'm a western style dragon.
Marisa なんとも迫力に欠けた龍だな。


You're a pretty weak-looking dragon.
Hey, why are you a dragon, anyway?
Remilia 吸血鬼といえばドラキュラでしょ?


Because vampires are all about Dracula, right?

And Dracula is the Son of the Dragon, right?

Marisa そーなのかー



Is that so~

It sounds like your reason is total retcon, but ...

Isn't it really just because the wings matched you?

Remilia 別にいいんじゃないの? Isn't that okay?
Marisa ところでパチュリーはどうした? Anyway, where's Patchouli?
Remilia さあ?そういえば最近みてないわね。 Who knows? Hm, I haven't seen her lately, have I?
Marisa 少しは心配してやれよ。 Maybe you should be a little worried for her.


Prismriver Sisters

Merlin ようこそ、プリズムリバー楽団へ Welcome to the Prismriver Ensemble!
Marisa あ、騒霊チンドン屋だ Oh, it's the ghostly chindon'ya.
Lyrica ちがうちがう~ No, that's not right~
Marisa じゃあ鼓笛隊か? Hm, then maybe you're the drum and fife corps?
Lunasa ・・・うちの楽団には鼓も笛もいない ... our ensemble doesn't have any drums or flutes.
Marisa なに?笛がいないだと?


What? No flutes?

What about "using the magic flutes to fly"?

Merlin あら?ひとっ飛びしたい? Hm? You want to fly?
Marisa いや遠慮しておく。


Um, no thanks.

It sounds like you'll do more than just fly if it's a flute and not a trumpet.

Lyrica 暴走、暴走~ Run crazy, run crazy~
Merlin そういうわけだから別のネタを楽しんで行ってね Okay, that's enough, let's play with another meme, now.
Lyrica 名付けて『コンチェルトグロッソ VV』 I'll call it "Concerto Grosso VV".
Marisa 何がどうVVなんだ?


What's this "VV", anyway?

Anyway, this was a waste of time if I can't warp anywhere.

Lyrica まあまあそう言わずに・・・ Well, you don't have to go that far ...
Lunasa 今日は気圧も高いから・・・ The barometer's reading is high today, so ...
Merlin とっておきのコンサート聴かせてあげるわ We'll let you hear our extra special concert!
Marisa アンコールは無用だぜ I don't need an encore!

Youmu Konpaku

Youmu む、なに奴!? Hmph, who're you!?
Marisa あー私か?私はパチュリー・ノーレッジ。魔女だぜ。 Oh, me? I'm Patchouli Knowledge. I'm a witch!
Youmu なんだ、マリサか。 Huh, it's Marisa.
Marisa だからそういっているだろ That's what I said!
Youmu それで、そのパチュリーがどうかしたのか? So, did something happen to this Patchouli?
Marisa お前がさらったのを連れ戻しに来た。 I've just come to take back what you've stolen.
Youmu 私は何も知らない。別をあたってくれ。 I don't know what you're talking about. Please explain.
Marisa そうか。ところで、なんだか8bitな花が咲いているな。 I see. By the way, what's with all these 8bit-ish flowers everywhere?
Youmu 取る気か?これを取るならただではすまない。 You want to pick some? If you do, you're not getting off lightly.
Marisa いいからよこせ!! Whatever, just hand her over!!
Youmu 取るなら斬る! If you're going to pick them, I'll kill you!
Marisa 斬るなら取る! If you're going to kill me, I'll pick them!

The Sun (Merupo)

As of version 1.05 of this game, this battle has no dialogue. It is highly unlikely this battle will ever receive any dialogue.

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Marisa ・・・・・・







Oh, I get it. You're out there, right?


Red light ...

Green light!


Yuyuko あらら、バレちゃった? Aww, you found me out?



You're HUGE!!

What the heck did you eat to get that big?

Yuyuko あなたは今まで盗んだ魔道書の数を覚えているの? Hmph, can you remember how many magic books you've stolen?
Marisa 0冊私は盗みを働いたことなどないぜ None, I would never do such a thing.
Yuyuko あなたも食べちゃおうかな? Hm, maybe I should eat you, too?
Marisa たべてもいいぜ。だがその前にパチュリーを出せ! Fine, whatever. But first, hand over Patchouli!
Yuyuko パチュリー?何それ?おいしいの? Patchouli? What's that? Is it delicious?
Marisa お前さては食ったな!!吐き出せ!! You ate her, you fiend!! I'll make you spit her back up!!


Tewi Inaba

Tewi 幸せの杵はいかがですかぁ~? How would you like a mallet of happiness?
Marisa お、面白そうだな。何がどう幸せなんだ? Oh, that looks interesting. What makes it a mallet "of happiness", though?
Tewi この杵で一発頭を殴るとあら不思議


If you get hit on the head just once, oh! How mysterious!

It'll send you straight to happy land.

Marisa あいにく、私は幻想郷で十分満足だ。 Sorry, I like Gensokyo just fine enough, thanks.
Tewi あら?嘘など言ってないわよ? Oh? I'm not lying, you know?
Marisa 本当なのはよくわかっている。
Oh, I know the truth well enough.
That's why I said no.
Tewi 今なら数百発単位でお届けできますよ~。 I'm sure I could get through if I just hit you a couple hundred times~
Marisa しつこい詐欺ウサギだな。


You're persistent little swindler, aren't you?

If you like happiness so much, I'll be sure to make you happy.

Reisen Udongein Inaba

Marisa あ、座薬だ Oh, hey, Suppository.
Reisen 相変わらず失礼な人ね。


Just as rude as ever, I see.

Okay, what do you want?

Marisa パチュリーを知らないか? Know anything about Patchouli?
Reisen パチュリー?何のことかしら? Patchouli? What are you talking about?
Marisa お前じゃ話にならん。
Bah, you're no good.

Go bring someone with more information.

Reisen 言いたい放題ね。 I can tell you as much as you want.
Marisa とりあえず通らせてもらうぜ。 Anyway, just let me through.
Reisen 通らせるわけないでしょ。 Absolutely not.
Marisa おおやる気か?喧嘩を買う気なら売るぜ。 Oh, you wanna fight? I've got your fight right here.
Reisen あら?私の目を見て真っ直ぐ歩けるかしら? Oh? You think you can walk straight after looking into my eyes?
Marisa いくら波長を変えたところで所詮、主砲は座薬だろ? No matter how much you change the wavelength, your main weapon is still suppositories, right?
Reisen だから座薬っていうなー!! Dammit, stop calling me Suppository!

Eirin Yagokoro

Marisa お、マッドサイエンティスト発見 Alright, I found the mad scientist.
Eirin マッドは余計よ "Mad" is going a bit too far.
Marisa また妖しげなカプセルを発明したのか? Did you find another suspicious capsule?
Eirin 妖しげは余計よ "Suspicious" is going a bit too far.
Marisa お、その派手なのは知ってるぜ


Oh, I know that thing.

If you get four in a row, it kills the fuzzies, right?

Eirin ちがうわよ。



If it comes into contact with the capsule for a long time, it turns into fuzzies.

Marisa そりゃ薬事回収決定だな

Oh, a "pharmaceutical discovery" setting.

Eirin あなたに回収できるかしら? I wonder if you can manage that?

Kaguya Houraisan

Marisa おいおい、いろいろとあっているけど間違っているぜ。 Hey, hey, that kind of works for you, but ... that's not right!
Kaguya そうなのよ。


That's right.

I should have been the captured princess this time!

Marisa いや、それは間違ってないだろ。


That's ... not what I meant.

Why are you the only one that got a shooting game type character?



Hmm? Of course. Touhou is a shooting game series, right?



Since when does that matter in fan games?

You need to get out once in a while.
Everyone else has parts where they're walking around, on the ground.

Kaguya 永淋が出させてくれないんだから仕方ないじゃない。 Eirin won't ever let me go out, so I can't really help it.
Marisa まあいいや。ところでパチュリーを知らないか? Eh, whatever. Anyway, know anything about Patchouli?
Kaguya パチュリー?誰かしら? Patchouli? Who's that?



Oh yeah, you never met her, did you?

Geez, you're useless. See you.

Kaguya え、ちょっと待ちなさいよ。


W, wait just a minute.

You've got to solve my side-shooter style five impossible requests!



Get real. Don't you know you have limits as a copy from the original games?
Kaguya 酷いこと言わないの。作者が気にしちゃうから。 Don't say such horrible things. The author might notice.


Chen Yakumo

Marisa 謎の球体生物出現か!? A mysterious round creature appears!
Chen にゃーん Meo~w
Marisa なんだ、豚か。 What are you, a pig?
Chen え、ちょっと、豚じゃなくて猫だってば。 Hey now, I'm a cat, not a pig.
Marisa ああ、そうかい。


Oh, really?

I figured you had to be a pig based on the way the gaps up there are arranged.

Chen 鳴き声関係ないし。 Didn't you hear me go "meow" up there?
Marisa しかし最近の猫は炬燵でなくとも丸くなるのか? But, I hear that cats these days get fat if they stay curled up under the futon.
Chen そういう迷信を信じちゃだめ!! Don't believe that sort of superstitious nonsense!!



I can only judge based on the reality in front of me.

By the way, know anything about Patchouli?

Chen 何それ? What's that?
Marisa 猫が知っているわけないか。


Yeah, no way a cat would know.

After all, your master, or your master's master, is the suspicious one.

Chen 藍様に手を出す気?許さないよ。 I won't let you do anything to Ran-sama!
Marisa 主を出すには式を目も当てられない状態にすればいいんだよな。 Huh, I guess the best way to bring out the master is to ignore their familiar.

Ran Yakumo

Marisa ・・・・・・ ......
Ran ーーー・・・・ ......
Marisa ・・・・・・ ......
Ran ・・・・・・ ......
Marisa いや、何も言うまい。 Come on, you've gotta say something.
Ran なんでこんなことになったのかしら・・・ Why ... did I end up like this ...
Marisa ネタキャラの運命なんてそんなものだ。



That's the fate of a gag character.

So, you know anything about Patchouli? ... wait, I can't keep asking that.

I'll make it so I can ignore you.

Yukari Yakumo

Marisa どこまで逃げる気だ


Where do you think you're running to?

Just come out already.

Yukari 呼ばれて出てきて・・・ You called, and here I am...
Marisa 呼んでないぜ。 No one called.
Yukari あらそう?じゃ、失礼するわ。 Is that so? I'm leaving then.
Marisa 待て。



You need to hand something over before you go.

Yukari 出すもの?何かしら?


Hand over something? What could it be?

...I have a strong hunch...

Marisa パチュリーのことに決まっているだろう。 Information about Patchouli. Duh?
Yukari ああ、そのことね。


Ah, that.

I'm not involved.

Marisa 嘘を言うな。


Don't lie to me.

Only you and one other person would kidnap others.

Yukari その一人が正解ね。 It's the "one other person."
Marisa ああ、きっとそうだぜ。 Ah, I knew it.
Yukari だから私はこれで失礼するわ。 Like I said, I'm leaving now.
Marisa 待て。 Wait.
Yukari まだ何かあるの? Is there something else you want?
Marisa 私の信条に「毛玉を投げられたら投げ返す」というのがある。


There's a line in my motto that goes, "If someone throws furballs at you, throw them back."

Of course, I just made that up right now.

Yukari あら?毛玉地獄で私と勝負する気? Oh? You want to fight me in furball hell?

Suika Ibuki

Marisa おい、パチュリーを出せ!! Hey, bring out Patchouli!!
Suika うわばれてるし
Woah, the secret's out.
How did you know?
Marisa なんだ本当にお前だったのか Huh, it really was you?
Suika ちょ、山を掛けられた? Y, you were bluffing the whole time?
Marisa いや、最初からわかっていたぜ。


Nah, I knew it was you from the start.

It's common sense that it's the oni that kidnaps the princess.

Suika しかし何でわたしがカメの役やってるんだろ


But, why am I playing the role of turtle?

There's probably someone better suited to being a turtle.

Marisa カメなのは本質じゃないだろ?


But you need a turtle, right?
So it can scatter the little pieces, right?

Besides, if Suimusou had come out three months later,
Genjii would have had that role.

Suika な...なんだってーーー!? Wh- ... what was that!?
Marisa で、だ。
So, anyway.
Just what did you do to Gensokyo?
Suika 別に何もやってないけど?
Nothing, really?
I'm just playing the role of last boss, you know?
Marisa まあいい。シナリオどおりお前をぶっ倒せば
Whatever. I just have to beat you like
it says in the script.
Suika あれ?そういうシナリオなの? Oh? Is this that kind of story?
Marisa ラスボスは主人公に倒される宿命だぜ。 The last boss' fate is to be beaten by the main character.

Suika Ibuki DEFEATED

Marisa なんだかよくわからんが
I don't really get what's going on,
But, I came to save you.
Patchouli ありがとう!




Thank you!

Gensokyo has finally become peaceful again.


The end!

Marisa それだけかよ!! What the hell, is that it!?
Credits Roll
Marisa そういえば・・・


Come to think of it ...

Just what was the big deal behind all this stuff?

Patchouli 実は・・・・私の実験魔法(ぼそ) Actually ... it was my magic experiment.