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Vampires (吸血鬼 kyūketsuki, lit. "blood-sucking oni") are creatures from Western folklore that drink the blood of humans to survive. They possess a number of powerful abilities, including super-strength, super-speed, summoning demons, transforming into a swarm of bats, and regeneration. They also have a lot of weaknesses, including sunlight (which is why vampires are usually active at night) and flowing water (such as rain or a river). Similar but unrelated beings can be found in Asian folklore, such as the Jiang Shi.

Vampires in Touhou

Vampires in Gensokyo are a young but powerful youkai species, considered to be a type of devil. They possess a far broader range of abilities than most youkai, including oni-level strength and tengu-level speed, but also have a far broader range of weaknesses. Vampires in Gensokyo show no paticular aversion to the Christian cross, though they can still be harmed by spiritual attacks like any youkai; they do, however, show a vulnerability to roasted soybeans, presumably a result of being identified with oni. While sunlight has the power to destroy them, they can survive brief exposures, and even travel around at day as long as they remain in the shade.

Remilia and Flandre Scarlet are the only members of the vampire species in Gensokyo, to the point where most characters simply refer to Remilia as "the vampire" instead of by name. There exists a contract between vampires and other youkai where the vampires pledge not to attack the humans of Gensokyo, in exchange for receiving humans to feed on; being a devil's contract, it is unbreakable. An unnamed vampire (who may or may not have been Remilia) was the primary instigator of the incident that led to the creation of this contract and eventually the spell card rules.

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