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並行時空の音楽会: Revision history

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6 May 2023

  • curprev 13:2413:24, 6 May 2023Chlebek talk contribs 3,232 bytes +3,232 Created page with "{{MusicArticle |titlejp={{lang|ja|並行時空の音楽会}} |titlejprom =Heikou Jikuu no Ongakkai |group=Unlucky Morpheus |groupCat= Unlucky Morpheus |released= 2019-05-05 |convention=Reitaisai 16 |tracks=10 |length=42:39 |catalogno=ANKM-0031 |website=[http://sound.jp/ankimo/hba2.xhtm Link] |image=ANKM-0031.jpg |arranger={{平野幸村}} |lyricist={{天外冬黄}} |vocalist={{天外冬黄}} | illustrator=[https://twitter.com/ogiatsu_metal 荻原敦] |description = A..."