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小さな巻き戻し/紅夢に誘われて: Revision history

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4 November 2022

  • curprev 03:2303:23, 4 November 2022Maiden in Orange talk contribs 1,359 bytes +1,359 Created page with "{{MusicArticle |titlejp =小さな巻き戻し/紅夢に誘われて |titlerom =Chiisa na Makimodoshi/Akayume ni Sasowarete |titleen =Small Rewind/Lured into a Scarlet Dream |group =Yuuhei Satellite, Shoujo Fractal |groupCat1 =Yuuhei Satellite |groupCat2 =Shoujo Fractal |released =2016-12-29 |convention =Comiket 91 |tracks =2 |length =08:32 |catalogno =MBCD-0025 |genre ={{Genre|Vocal}} |website = |image =MBCD-0025.jpg |..."