(あき) (えだ)
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April 29



Notable from

Silent Sinner in Blue



Art Example

Reimu, Marisa, and Remilia on a Silent Sinner in Blue pencilboard.


Aki★Eda (秋★枝, pen-name) is an artist who is responsible for illustrating the whole of Silent Sinner in Blue while ZUN created the story. She created her own circle called Rocket Fuel 21. She was pleased to draw Hieda no Akyuu in Memorizable Gensokyo and also had involvement in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.


Official Print Works

Doujin Games

Doujin Albums

Doujin Comics

  • Rocket Fuel 21
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.1 - It Is Not A Dream (2006)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.2 - Beauties of Nature (2006)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.3 - Feeling Changing (2006)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.4 - A World Without You (2006)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.5 - Yellow Flower that Blooms in Chest (2006)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.6 - It Is Shiftless (2006)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.7 - Before You Become Memories (2006)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.8 - Memories (2006)
    • First Love Crazy (2007)
    • We'll See Lots of Flowers (2007)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.10 - Sabotage (2007)
    • Touhou Project Fanbook vol.11 - Escape (2007)
    • Plastic Heart (2008)
    • Plastic Heart: Episode 1.5 (2008)
    • We'll Watch the Moon a Lot (2008)
    • My Monster with lovely green eyes! (2009)
    • A Bunch From Down There (2009)
  • 八雲一家合同本「マヨヒガの器」 (Hot Dog Chuck 2007)

Additional Information

  • In her pen-name, Aki () means "Autumn" and Eda () means "Branch". It is unclear of what "★" suppose to represent.
  • Aki Eda was referred to as a "she" by ZUN, therefore it's known that Aki Eda is a female.
  • According to ZUN, she is supposedly really good at drawing characters really cute.