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増え続ける妖怪 (移民) たち
The Increasing Youkai (Immigrants)
A serious food supply issue is inevitable
唐突にブチ上げられた豊聡耳神子氏による過激な主張を、驚くべきことに歓迎する妖怪たちもいた。人間本意の神子氏の主張は、妖怪にとっては有難い物とは言えない筈なのに何故だ。 The sudden and extreme claim by Miss Toyosatomimi no Miko's bold statements was received surprisingly well by the youkai. How is it possible for them to say that her claim, which is for the benefit of the humans, would be appreciated by youkai?
妖怪にとっても食は大切である。妖怪の主たる食料と言えば人間なのだが、妖怪の量に対して里の人間では絶対数が不足しているのは明らかである。つまり、人間を尊重して妖怪を貶める「人尊妖卑」は、回り回って妖怪のための主張である、と言う人もいる。 Even for Youkai, food is very important. It's said that the main food for youkai are humans, but it's ovbious that for the sheer qunatity of youkai, the meagre number of humans in the village is completely insufficient. Some people say that "Human chauvinism"[1], which respects humans but shows contempt for youkai, has made its full round as a claim for the sake of youkai.
また別の妖怪は「人間の健康状態が良いことは妖怪にとってもお腹が満たされることなのよ」という。神子氏の主張は人間のためか、それとも妖怪のためだったのか。 Still, other youkai say: "The healthier the human, the more satisfied the youkai stomach". So was Miss Miko's claim really for the sake of humans, or rather for the youkai?
The Fairy that supposedly came from Hell
stuffs her cheeks full with sweet temple snacks.
The nice smell of grilled meat.
It may even attract youkai?[2]
The cat who collects dead bodies.
How unfortunate that one can't only eat unhealthy food.
An oni from Former Hell
casually has a drink
at a local pub in the village.


  1. "Human chauvinism" (lit. human nobility and youkai lowliness) is a neologism of "male chauvinism" (lit. male nobility and female lowliness).
  2. Of all the four small texts, only this line is without mentioning the youkai on a picture. Remember that people are very often unaware of Koishi (the youkai on the picture) for her ability of unconsciousness.
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