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* ''[[Visionary Fairies in Shrine]]'' (Chapter 8 cameo, 11.5 cameo)
* ''[[Visionary Fairies in Shrine]]'' (Chapter 8 cameo, 11.5 cameo)
* ''[[The Grimoire of Usami]]'' (Section 1-3)
* ''[[The Grimoire of Usami]]'' (Section 1-3)
*''[[Lotus Eaters]]'' (Chapter 1 cameo, 2 cameo, 3 cameo, 9 cameo, 15 cameo, 22 cameo)
*''[[Lotus Eaters]]'' (Chapter 1 cameo, 2 cameo, 3 cameo, 9 cameo, 15 cameo, 22 cameo, 24 cameo)
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Aunn Komano
Aunn Komano
The Guardian Beast Devoted to Shintoism and Buddhism
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Hakurei Shrine

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Aunn Komano (高麗野 あうん Komano Aunn) is a komainu who guards places of religious worship.

General Information

Aunn appears as the Stage 3 Boss in Hidden Star in Four Seasons. She is a komainu youkai who guards places of religious worship. This includes the Hakurei Shrine, even though Reimu was unaware Aunn was protecting her shrine until Hidden Star in Four Seasons. Ironically, Reimu beats her up for intruding.

She is content with guarding sacred places, considering it a kind of "volunteer work".


Aunn has a very kind and simple personality. She holds no ill-intent against anyone or anything. Her nature as a komainu is that of a guardian. She loiters around Shrines and Temples and guards them without being asked. Aunn only shows her full power against something with ill intent, and even so, she is not very strong. She usually loses.


Ability to locate Shintoism and Buddhism

Background Information


Prior to the events of Hidden Star in Four Seasons, Aunn was just a normal komainu statue. During the incident, she became a sentient youkai due to the magical energy coming out from the backdoor that Okina Matara placed on her. Even as a statue she was conscious of her surroundings, and she was able to see and recognize Reimu and other characters while in that state. Not only that, apparently she could see from the inside of various statues, as she explained how she was watching not only the Hakurei Shrine, but also other places.


Her full name is Aunn Komano (高麗野 あうん). The characters for Komano (高麗野) are spelled with ko () "tall, high", ma () "lovely, beautiful, graceful", and no () "plains, field".
Komano (高麗野) is a reference to her species Komainu (高麗犬), as it shares the first two characters. Her last name can be roughly translated as "Korean/Goryeo plains".

The name Aunn (あうん) is representative of a traditional characteristic of komainu statues. Komainu generally come in pairs; one will have their mouth open, and the other closed. The open mouth is said to be pronouncing Sanskrit "a", and the closed one "un" – together forming the sound Aum / Om (ॐ), which is a syllable sacred in many religions including Buddhism and Hinduism, signifying the start and end of everything. The sound is transliterated in Japanese as A-un (阿吽).


Aunn has light skin, green eyes, and long seafoam-color hair. Her hair is multi-layered, the longest of which extends down past her waist into multiple points. A shorter shoulder-length layer lies beneath with inward curls, as do her bangs. She has a grey cylindrical horn on top of her head and grey horn-shaped ears. These have a magatama-shaped design where the large base is where her ears would be and curving upward and out, with an accented ridge running their length; the tip very slightly curves upward in the opposite direction. Her eyebrows, usually hidden underneath her bangs, are unusually round.

Aunn wears a red short-sleeved collared Kariyushi shirt with 3 round white buttons down the middle, one up top and two below. Her shirt is decorated with white cloud designs and the design forms a heart shape in the middle. She also wears white shorts with wide openings for her legs, adorned with bright red cloud designs and a thick, darker red trim on the bottom edge. She wears a pair of two-tooth geta that have red hanao. She also has a curly tail, not visible on her game portrait[1], but noticeable in her Wild and Horned Hermit and Lotus Eaters appearances.



Aunn's sprite in HSiFS
Hidden Star in Four Seasons


Wild and Horned Hermit

In chapter 42 of Wild and Horned Hermit, Aunn reassures Reimu and Kasen that the Four Seasons incident is over. The two question who she is, and Aunn cheerfully reminds them that she has been watching them for a long time. At the celebration of the end of the incident, Okina Matara reveals that she created Aunn from a komainu statue at the front of the shrine.

Lotus Eaters


Minor Relationships

Reimu Hakurei

Aunn claimed to have been guarding the shrine at times when Reimu was gone. Reimu seemingly has no idea who Aunn is. In chapter 42 of Wild and Horned Hermit it is revealed that before the four seasons incident she was a simple komainu statue, but Aunn was still capable of seeing and sensing her surroundings. This explains why Aunn knew Reimu and the others, but no one knew about her.

Marisa Kirisame

While one-sided at the time, Aunn acted as if she'd known Marisa for quite some time when they first encountered each other. Like with Reimu, Marisa has no idea who Aunn is.

Okina Matara (creator)

Okina is the one responsible for Aunn becoming a sentient youkai. This was caused by the magical energy coming out from one of Okina's doors on the back of a regular komainu statue.[2]

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 8
犬符「野良犬の散歩」 Dog Sign "Stray Dog's Walk" HSiFS St. 3: E/N
狗符「山狗の散歩」 Hound Sign "Mountain Hound's Walk" HSiFS St. 3: H/L
独楽「コマ犬回し」 Spinning Top "Koma-Inu Spin" HSiFS St. 3: E/N/H
独楽「カールアップアンドダイ」 Spinning Top "Curl Up And Die" HSiFS St. 3: L
狛符「独り阿吽の呼吸」 Koma Sign "Solitary A-Un Breathing" HSiFS
St. 3: E/N/H/L
独楽「コマ犬大回転」 Spinning Top "Koma-Inu Giant Slalom Spin" VD Friday - 2
独楽「阿吽の閃光」 Spinning Top "A-Un Flash" VD
Friday - 3
夢犬「101匹の野良犬」 Dream Dog "101 Stray Dogs" VD Wrong Sunday - 7

Additional Information


Official Profiles

Hidden Star in Four Seasons trial - omake.txt
name  ○3面ボス  神仏に心酔する守護神獣

  高麗野 あうん
  Komano Aunn







Stage 3 Boss: The Guardian Beast Devoted to Shintoism and Buddhism

Aunn Komano

Species: Komainu
Ability: Capable of locating Shintoism and Buddhism

A komainu. She's a single individual with the properties of both a shishi and a komainu.

She finds places where human faith gathers, like the Hakurei Shrine, Moriya Shrine, Myouren Temple and so on, then mooches around and guards the place without being asked.
She normally doesn't show herself, and is said to only show off her full power when something with hostile intent appears, but she's not very strong and usually loses anyway.

Since the Hakurei Shrine's cherry blossoms were so beautiful, she was having a flower-viewing at the shrine when the commotion began.
She had intended to leisurely sit around drinking sake, but somehow or another she wound up bearing the brunt of the ensuing battle.

She was somewhat disappointed to find herself fighting a shrine maiden, but it was somehow fun.

She found a strange, bottomless spiritual power welling up in her heart, and felt something cold running down her back.
Though she didn't know where or what it was, she sensed that something deeply important was being deliberately concealed in Gensokyo.

Official Sources

Official sources


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