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BLUE NOTE 東方 Vol.1

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BLUE NOTE Touhou Vol.1

BLUE NOTE Touhou Vol.1 album cover


2015-12-30 (Comiket 89)





Catalog No.



Instrumental, Vocal, Jazz



BLUE NOTE Touhou Vol.1 (BLUE NOTE 東方 Vol.1) is a collaborative doujin album released by Tokyo Active NEETs at Comiket 89 (2015-12-30). It features vocal and instrumental arrangements of themes from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Mountain of Faith, Subterranean Animism, Undefined Fantastic Object, Fairy Wars and Ten Desires. The album features performances by SWING HOLIC, Twitter Tohobu, thj.quartet, ACCORD ON CODES, SOS -Sound of Swing-, Unity-Gain, Sound CYCLONE and Tokyo Active NEETs all of whom were recorded at the Tokyo Active NEETs' studio.

A video crossfade of the album was uploaded by the circle to both their Niconico & Youtube channels and can be viewed here on Youtube. A bonus DVD titled アクティブNEETsスペシャルDVD 2015 Winter was distributed alongside Melonbooks sales of the album, the DVD notably features a video performance of track 08 "極楽は儚き人間の為に" from the album.


Tokyo Active NEETs
SWING HOLIC (Track 01)
Swing Holic Band: Arrangement
Blue E: Lyrics
AYA: Vocals
海野あゆみ: Sax
panoman: Piano
Twitter Tohobu (Track 02)
tanigon: Arrangement, Piano
tubax_crow: Sax
thj.quartet (Track 03)
phantao: Arrangement, E.Piano
ナオ: E.Guitar
ぴょんはせ: E.Bass
あきら: Drums
ゆう: Sax
宗二郎: Trombone
neno: Arrangement, Piano
がくし: E.Guitar
ししゃも: W.Bass
Kato: Drums
キノ爺: Sax
ちゃんまー: Trumpet
SOS -Sound of Swing- (Track 05)
紅葉饅頭: Arrangement, W.Bass
サンダース: Sax
パ@長: Piano
舟囲い: Drums
Unity-Gain (Track 06)
O太: Arrangement, Piano
ItEdoke: E.Bass
Sound CYCLONE (Track 07)
sou: Arrangement, E.Bass
しゃばだば: Lyrics
witch: Vocals
瀬田創太: Piano
山内陽一朗: Drums
Tokyo Active NEETs (Track 08)
紅い流星: Arrangement, Piano
蒼い刹那: W.Bass, E.Bass
ショボン: Drums
山石本薫: Sax
ヒロコマン: Trumpet


  • 02. Naive Face (04:16)
    • arrangement: tanigon
    • piano: tanigon
    • sax: tubax_crow
    • w.bass: 蒼い刹那 (suport)
    • drums: ショボン (suport)
    • original title: ネイティブフェイス
    • source: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith
  • 03. PPP=MEIGASU+HPAN!PAN!PAN!Foo! (05:02)
    • arrangement: phantao
    • e.piano: phantao
    • e.guitar: ナオ
    • e.bass: ぴょんはせ
    • drums: あきら
    • sax: ゆう
    • trombone: 宗二郎
    • original title: メイガスナイト
    • source: 妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精
  • 04. Fancy, Fancy, Fancy (05:05)
    • arrangement: neno
    • piano: neno
    • e.guitar: がくし
    • w.bass: ししゃも
    • drums: Kato
    • sax: キノ爺
    • trumpet: ちゃんまー
    • original title: ハートフェルトファンシー
    • source: 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism
  • 06. Diremption 2 Union (05:02)
  • 08. 極楽は儚き人間の為に (04:51)
    • ___
    • arrangement: 紅い流星
    • piano: 紅い流星
    • e.bass: 蒼い刹那
    • drums: ショボン
    • sax: 山石本薫
    • trumpet: ヒロコマン
    • original title: 信仰は儚き人間の為に
    • source: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith