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Music List

Title Screen theme
はじまりの前に Before the Beginning halt and Doku Den P

オープニング突如必要といわれて、夜明けごろに作った気がします。 あんまり記憶にありません。

I suddenly felt a need for the opening to be made with the feeling of dawn. I don't really recall doing that, though.

Stage 1 theme
エーリッヒを探せ! Find Erich! halt and Doku Den P

一面ちょワル版です。 伝統的にたぶん一面は主人公のテーマになってます。 え?巫女さん?ですか? ...ゴメンナサイ ヒラノサン orz

The slightly worse first stage theme. Traditionally the first stage theme becomes the main character's theme. Eh? Shrine Maiden? Really? ...Sorry Hirano orz

Stage 1 Boss - Erich's theme; Extra Boss - Marie's theme
Shocking Assailant Shocking Assailant halt and Doku Den P

一面のボス。 あんまりイメージがなかったのかも。 もうちょっと何とかしてやりたい気もしましたが。

The first boss theme. It probably doesn't give a particular image. I've been interested to add something to it, though.

Stage 2 theme
Endless Night View Endless Night View halt and Doku Den P

2面。 道中用に確か数曲あったんですけどね。 これを使うことになりました。

The 2nd stage theme. On the way, I prepared several themes for use in this. In the end I ended up using this.

Stage 2 Boss - Yuuta Kirishima's first theme
Flamethrower Flamethrower halt and Doku Den P

2面ボス。 高速道路で戦車です。 火炎放射はあんまりしませんね。

The second boss theme. A tank on a highway. It probably wouldn't spout flames, though.

Stage 3 theme
ワープゲートにたどりつけ Finally Reaching the Warp Gate halt and Doku Den P

三面ちょいワル版です。 ちょいワルなのは曲名もです... が、会話は極力削った ので、曲名も説明に使えればな~と思って... orz

The slightly worse version of the 3rd stage theme. What's slightly worse is the name of the theme... but, I've cut the dialogue a lot, so, I wondered if I could use the name of the theme for explanation... orz

Stage 3 Boss - Tolia's theme
無敵シールド! Invincible Shield! halt and Doku Den P

無敵ですよ!無敵! 無敵シールド中は無敵なので素敵なのです。

It's invincible! Invincible! You are invincible within the invincible shield so it's great.

Stage 3 Boss - The Tri Stars' theme
ika-ika geso-geso ika-ika geso-geso halt and Doku Den P

青さんはイカイカゲソゲソです。 当初音声合成でika-ika-geso-geso-としゃべらせようかと思ったのですが挫折しました。

The blue one is strong, but she lost weight. When I first put this together, it sounded like it was saying ika-ika geso-geso, but I was frustrated.

Stage 4A theme
参拝者歓迎 Welcome to those who want to pray halt and Doku Den P

4面その1。 異空間の神社ということでちょっと?な感じにしてみました。 実際のところ、かなり短くしか使われてませんねえ。

The stage 4A theme. I tried making it with a "?" type of feel to fit in with the shrine from another dimension. Actually, I wouldn't use it if it weren't so short.

Stage 4A Boss - Hirano Sakurasaki's theme
巫術乱声 Exorcism Din halt and Doku Den P

4面その1ボス。 道中用のアレンジで、和風味などをプラス。 ですが、敵弾がキツくてそれどころではないですな。

The theme of the stage 4A boss. During the creation, I arranged this to add a Japanese feel. However, when you're barely dodging bullets, it just wasn't the place to use it.

Stage 4B theme
お出迎えさせて項きます...... Please Make Me Greet You...... halt and Doku Den P

4面その2。 異空間の暗いお屋敷ということでちょっとミステリアスに。 最初はエフェクトがあったりしましたが、画面に合わなかったのでなくなりました。

The stage 4B theme. I made it sort of mysterious, to fit in with the dark mansion another dimension. It had effects at first, but they wouldn't fit in with the game so I removed them.

Stage 4B Boss - VIVIT-r's theme

4面その2ボス。 その1同様、道中アレンジですが、 その1同様、それどころではないですな。

The theme of the stage 4B boss. Just like the theme for the stage 4A boss, I arranged it during creation, just like the theme for the stage 4A boss, it just wasn't the place to use it.

Stage 4A & 4B Boss second theme
異空間の決闘 Duel in Another Dimension halt and Doku Den P

4ボス後半です。 あの2人、どっちが強いとかはないんですが、雰囲気的に巫女のほうが強そうですね~

The theme for 2nd half of the stage 4 bosses. Neither of those two are strong, but atmospherically the shrine maiden is stronger~

Stage 5 theme
中央突破! Break the Center! halt and Doku Den P

5面ちょいワル版です。 こいつはいい!どこを向いても敵だらけだ! 狙う必要はない!適当に撃てば当たるで一!

The slightly worse version of the 5th stage theme. This one is great! No matter where you're facing, there are enemies everywhere! There's no need to aim. Just shoot and you'll hit~!

Stage 5 Midboss - Yuuta Kirishima's second theme
不屈の闘志 Indomitable Fighting Spirit halt and Doku Den P

雄太君は精神力では今回のナンバーワンですね! 何度やられても雑草のごとく復活です! たいてい原因は社長ですが(不発弾etc)

Yuuta's willpower is number one this time! No matter how you defeat him, he'll revive just like weeds! The main reason is his company president though (unexploded bombs etc)

Stage 5 Boss - Lagunas and Yuuta Kirishima's theme
give him a roasting give him a roasting halt and Doku Den P

5面ボス。 途中で合体するとか、激しくシェイクしてるとか指示がでてましたが。 確かにシェイクして合体してますね。

The 5th stage bosses' theme. They merge in the middle, though there's a large shake warning. They really shake while merging.

Stage 6 theme
Don't call me. Don't call me. halt and Doku Den P

6面。 かなり合体く作ったんですが、あんまり流れてないと思います。

The sixth stage theme. I wanted to make it with a merge in the middle, but it just didn't go with the flow.

Stage 6 Midboss - Lagunas' theme
The agonies of death The agonies of death halt and Doku Den P


The stage 6 mid-boss is pretty exciting, isn't it?

Stage 6 boss - Yuitia's first theme
struggle for only existence struggle for only existence halt and Doku Den P


The last boss theme.

Stage 6 boss - Yuitia's second theme
trans-- trans-- halt and Doku Den P

ラスボス。 導入部が長くて、プログラマには迷惑をかけたようです。

The last boss theme. The intro is long, so it seemed to confuse the programmer.

Ending 1 theme
おしまい The End halt and Doku Den P

エンディング1 1面のアレンジです。 もう一曲とタイトル画面用と一緒に、ものすごく急遽作った覚えが。

The Ending 1 theme. It's an arrange of the first stage theme. I recall making this, along with the other ending theme and the title screen theme extremely hurriedly, though.

Ending 2 theme
さようなら Farewell halt and Doku Den P

エンディング2 もう一曲とタイトル画面用と一緒に、ものすごく急遽作った覚えが。

The Ending 2 theme. I recall making this, along with the other ending theme and the title screen theme extremely hurriedly, though.

Extra Boss - Milia's theme
Miria the Sylphid Miria the Sylphid halt and Doku Den P

秋霜玉、稀翁玉より疾風の乙女、ミリアさんです。 エンディングに一人だけいない恨みが炸裂します! 30超えてますが、超若作りですね!

The god-speed maiden from Shuusou Gyoku and Kioh Gyoku, Milia. She explodes with a hatred nobody would have in the end! She's over 30, but she still looks super young!

Extra Boss - Mei and Mai's theme
Death Twins Death Twins halt and Doku Den P

秋霜玉、稀翁玉よりデスツインズ、めいまいです。 年齢一桁の感受性による緻密な連係プレーです! ミューズ三と直接の関係はありません。

The death twins from Shuusou Gyoku and Kioh Gyoku, Mei and Mai. Their age goes together, so they have an inseparable relation when they play! They don't have any direct relation to Muse.

Extra Boss - Gates' theme
黒いゲイツ Black Gates halt and Doku Den P

秋霜玉、稀翁玉より、ゲイツです。 ピング好き、犬が大嫌いという弱点が キモ...コワイイと評判!今回も玄人攻めです!

Gates, from Shuusou Gyoku and Kioh Gyoku. His weakness is loving penguins, but hating dogs. He's disgust.....I mean, scary! He still attacks like a professional this time!

Extra Boss - Morgan's theme
ほっとけーき実験室 Hot Cake Laboratory halt and Doku Den P

稀翁玉より、自称天才科学者、モーガンさんです。 今回もえげつない攻めで、イライラを誘発です! 重要人物ですが、ストーリーがないという不遇さん

The self-proclaimed genius scientist from Kioh Gyoku, Morgan. She still attacks with cheap attacks this time, stirring anger! She's an important character, but a Miss Unfortunate with no background story.

Extra Boss - Muse's theme
Muse Muse halt and Doku Den P

稀翁玉より、 ラスボス、ミューズさんです。 その攻めはまさに外道! でも前回よりは手を抜いてくれているかも?

The last boss from Kioh Gyoku, Muse. Those attacks are really brutal! But is might she be going easier on you, compared to last time?

Extra Boss - Icarus' theme
Super I.I.G.G Super I.I.G.G halt and Doku Den P

今回のラスボスです。ラスボスなので強いです。 それ以外に説明がいりますか? いいえ、要るはずがありません!!!

The last boss this time. She's strong, since she's the last boss this time. Do I need to explain further? No, there's no need to explain any further!

Old themes

These are only heard in-game in the C67 version, but are still available in the Music Room of the C74 version.

Old Stage 1 theme
戦闘空域 Battle Airspace halt and Doku Den P

1面の最初。 メロディ一がけ作って放置してたせいか、南下最初に作ってときとは、ちょっと違う感じかも。

The earlier stage 1 theme. Usually I make the melody and put it aside, but when I went south and stopped making it for a while, it gave off a different feel.

Old Stage 3 theme
Overtake! Overtake! halt and Doku Den P

3面。 前に進んだと思ったら、ものすごい勢いで戻ったり。

The 3rd stage theme. Since it means advancing forward, I made it have an extreme force.

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