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Caprice Minstrel

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Caprice Minstrel logo

2019 - present
Instrumental, Traditional, Folk
裏のぱとり — Arrangement, tin whistle, fiddle, etc. (Twitter)
ようげん — Acoustic guitar, mixing, mastering (Twitter)
千代紙好香 — Electronic bagpipes, website design (Twitter)
ヒロシ — Bodhrán, cajón, tambourine (Twitter)


Touhou Irish Pub.jpg

東方Irish Pub ~Caprice~
Release date: 2019-08-12 (Comiket 96)
An album featuring instrumental arrangements of themes from Lotus Land Story, Subterranean Animism, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Touhou Hisoutensoku, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.

Touhou Irish Pub 2.jpg

東方IRISH PUB2 ~Caprice~
Release date: 2020-03-01 (M3-45)
An album featuring instrumental arrangements of theme from Mountain of Faith, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Double Dealing Character and Hidden Star in Four Seasons.