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東方智霊奇伝 ()
反則探偵さとり ()
Cheating Detective Satori

October 2019







<Touhou Chireikiden> (Strange Legend of Wise Spirits) Hansoku Tantei Satori (Cheating Detective Satori) (<東方智霊奇伝> 反則探偵さとり) is an official Touhou comic published on Comic Walker. The story is written by ZUN, with illustrations by Ginmokusei (銀木犀). It focuses on Satori Komeiji's endeavors as a detective, solving mysteries around Gensokyo.

Name and Concept[edit]

The main title of "Chikireiden" makes reference to Subterranean Animism, which Japanese title is "Chireiden" and was the game Satori first debuted in.
While the subtitle "Cheating Detective Satori" most likely makes reference to Satori's ability to read minds, which would make solving mysteries easy for her.

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Read online (Japanese)[edit]

Touhou Garakuta Blog
Comic Walker
Niconico Manga

  • Chapter One: The Case of the Scarlet Devil Mansion at the Depths of the Earth (Part 1) (28 October 2019)
  • Chapter Two: The Case of the Scarlet Devil Mansion at the Depths of the Earth (Part 2) (25 November 2019)

Read online (English fan-translation)[edit]

Mangadex (by DB Scans)


Cheating Detective Satori was first announced on October 25, 2019, in a tweet from the official account for Strange Creators of Outer World.

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