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Fairy of Hell
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Driving someone to madness


Mare Tranquillitatis (On the Moon)
Hell (Formerly)
Currently lives beneath the Hakurei Shrine[1]

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星条旗のピエロ (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom)

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Clownpiece (クラウンピース Kuraunpīsu) is a fairy of Hell.

General Information[edit]

Clownpiece appeared as the Stage 5 Boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.


With the flame of her torch, Clownpiece is able to drive others insane. According to herself, any human looking at the light of her torch would be unable to maintain their sanity, making her able to mess with their minds.[1] With this ability, she made a couple of human villagers start fighting over a little incident like one bumping on another, with both of them accusing each other of the fact.

Background Information[edit]


Clownpiece is based on lampads[2], nymphs who serve the goddess Hecate, the basis of Hecatia. Lampads accompany Hecate on her night-time travels and carry torches which have the power to drive someone to madness, like Clownpiece.


Clownpiece wears leggings and a shirt with the pattern similar to the American flag. The clothes' design seem to be based on Funny Valentine from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He uses his ability by being clothed in the Star-Spangled Banner in All Star Battle, and he has scars on his body shaped like the Star-Spangled Banner. Also, he has long, blonde hair, too. As she resembles a jester, she has a frilled collar and a purple, polka-dotted jester's hat. She has long, blonde hair and pink eyes. She also has a pair of fairy wings and carries a torch.



Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Clownpiece's sprite in LoLK


Visionary Fairies in Shrine

While setting up a prank on Reimu Hakurei, The Three Fairies of Light hear her make mention of a new fairy. Curious about her identity, they travel to the Human Village, where they find Clownpiece manipulating the minds of the humans there, causing them to become aggressive toward one another. When confronted by The Three Fairies of Light, Clownpiece explains her power to drive people mad, and mentions that she is from Hell, but doesn't want to return there. Impressed by her ability, they invite her to live with them, but she declines, stating that she has someone else to live with. At the mention of pranking opportunities, however, Clownpiece expresses curiosity toward their abilities, and they introduce themselves. However, Clownpiece fails to comprehend and memorize their fairly simple introduction, so Sunny Milk tells her not to worry about it. Luna Child warns Clownpiece not to play her pranks in the Human Village, because the Shrine Maiden has her eye on Clownpiece. With that, The Three Fairies of Light depart home. As they leave, Clownpiece remarks her interest in the three of them.



Junko tried to fill the moon with fairies' life forces by using her ability and Clownpiece.

Hecatia Lapislazuli

Clownpiece is a subordinate of Hecatia, who allows Junko to use Clownpiece in her scheme against the Lunar Capital.


Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

  • Her character art pose resembles the Statue of Liberty.
  • As a resident of Hell, Clownpiece isn't actually American. She chose to use the star-spangled pattern on her clothes after having seen the American flag on the Moon.[2]


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