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Touhou Danmaku RPG
Blizzard of Faith & Revenge





Demo 13: 21-10-2017


Role-Playing Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-player Story Mode


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Linux MacOS


Direct3D, DirectX 9.0c / OpenGL

Touhou Danmaku RPG is a free fan-made Touhou Project game programmed by Tom. It features regular RPG elements with added Danmaku battles.


Touhou Danmaku RPG features regular RPG elements with added Danmaku battles.


  • [Arrows] = Arrow Keys - Control the player in all game modes and navigate menus
  • [OK] = Z - Confirm/Shoot/Progress Dialogue
  • [Cancel] = X - Cancel/Bomb
  • [Focus] = Shift - Focus/Slow in danmaku
  • [Target] = Tab - Shows a visible arrow ontop of the playable character, the arrow can not be hidden by anything. Useful if lost under trees in the field
  • [Mouse] = Mouse - Most menus are also clickable, additionally the mouse is used in RPG battles to select actions.
Main article: Gameplay - See Engine for details on the internals of the game.


Because the game is still in development the story is not playable, the demos only feature certain parts to show off the mechanics of the game, however it will roughly follow the events of canon starting from shortly before the EoSD incident. However since this is an RPG and not a STG there will be more dialogue and other events between the stages, for example you won't teleport from Rumia's battle to Cirno in EoSD but will have to search around and gather information for finding the cause of the incident.

Additionally there will be a lot of original content/story as the PC98 characters will make an appearance at some point in the game for all the PC98 fans!

Engine Documentation[edit]

The game uses a modular game engine. This has advantages as code is separated in to modules that are code-independent and changes made in one module affect that module only.

Main article: Engine

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