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==External links==
==External links==
*[http://www.gensoukyou.org/ The official site]
*[http://www.gensoukyou.org/ The official site]
*[http://www.gensoukyou.org/category/update/ Official version updates] (1.12)]
*[http://www.gensoukyou.org/category/update/ Official version updates] (1.12)
*[http://www54.atwiki.jp/maroku/ Japanese wiki]
*[http://www54.atwiki.jp/maroku/ Japanese wiki]
[[Category:Devil of Decline| ]]
[[Category:Devil of Decline| ]]

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Devil of Decline
Devil of Decline

Strawberry Bose


Strawberry Bose


2011-12-30 (Comiket 81)




Single-player story mode



東方幻想魔録 ~ Devil of Decline (Touhou Gensou Maroku, "Records of Fantasy Dream") is a traditional turn-based RPG released at Comiket 81. It is much like The Genius of Sappheiros, its predecessor from the same creator. Its theme song is loosely an arrangement of 上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea, the stage theme song of Meiling, one of the starring characters of the game.


The gameplay is much similar to its predecessor The Genius of Sappheiros, with slight differences, such as the absence of spell cards, lives, bombs, ability growth or commanders, and the introduction of shikigami. A maximum of three shikigami can be assigned to one playable character, and each are responsible for their own variety of casting spells. Excluding those who act as playable characters, every single canon Touhou character up to Double Spoiler is present within the game as a shikigami. Up to five characters can be used to form a party set to a specific battle formation. As the characters progressively win battles, EXP is gained, which contributes towards levelling up, which increases their stats. Shikigami gain EXP along with playable characters, as long as they are equipped. Characters and shikigami may learn new abilities at random in the middle of battle.


Yet another incident occurs in Gensokyo, where humans and youkai alike have begun to mysteriously disappear. The player can select one of four characters, namely Reimu, Yukari, Byakuren or Meiling, and embark on a journey to resolve the incident.


Festival is the expansion to DoD that was released in Reitaisai 9, featuring a higher level cap, new shikigamis, new playable characters, a bestiary, rebalancing, more weapon skills and all the post-game goodness you'd expect a RPG to have. For some reason nobody's edited this page yet so here's a reminder for someone to do it.

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