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This stage has a lot of moments when you'll have to fight many enemies at once. Consequently, there are a lot of opportunities to get more fragments, especially if you're going to hunt for them using bombs. Because this stage's boss is fairly strong, it's not a bad idea to waste all your remaining bombs midstage in order to get as many x2.0 bonuses and life fragments as you can. With experience, you might even be able to reach 8 lives by the time you encounter the boss at the end of this stage. It may be harder to do with certain character types, though.


Source Items count
Spirit 4
Sunflower fairy 13
Fairy maid 5
Yin-yang orb 6
Midboss 1 25
Midboss 2 38
Spell card 1 45
Spell card 2 43
Spell card 3 42

Road 1[edit]

For Normal and up, when you kill the red spirits, they release an omnidirectional 5-way aimed bullet wave. However, red fairies don't release bullets on death on Lunatic difficulty, like in other stages. Aside from lasers and sunflower fairies' low shots, all bullets during this section are aimed. This is normally a good thing, since it allows you to micrododge everything, but the red fairies' bullets are somewhat displaced, leaving you in danger even during micrododging.

Midboss (Kagerou Imaizumi): Normal Attack 1[edit]

A high-speed low-density barrage of small bullets. Barrage includes both fast and slow bullets, so watch out for slow ones when you dodge the fast ones.

Midboss: Normal Attack 2 (Easy/Normal) / Fang Sign: Canine Teeth Under the Moon (Hard/Lunatic)[edit]


Move through the rows of blue bullets, dodge the incoming red bullets (preferably not simultaneously). On Normal, the area to the right of the boss is safe for the first wave of bullets. You may even try to stay in the safe zones throughout the entire card (they alternate between being to the right and left of the boss), but moving between said zones is very hard because of all the bullets in your way.


High-speed high-density downpour of bullets. You need to dodge the whole lump, making the boss follow you in the process. The biggest challenge here is the slow needle bullets, which linger for a long time.

Road 2[edit]

This section is very similar to the previous one, but the red fairies don't shoot aimed bullets now, they aim down instead. If you let the enemies shoot as they please, the screen will get filled with slow-moving small bullets, so focus on offense instead. This is especially true on Lunatic, where the bullet density can severely impair your movement.

Boss (Imaizumi Kagerou): Normal Attack 1[edit]

Same as the midboss normal attack, but there are more bullets. Their average speed is also lower.

Transformation: Triangle Fang (Easy/Normal) / Transformation: Star Fang (Hard/Lunatic)[edit]

Barrages of medium-sized bullets that break into smaller bullets. This spell card has an immense difference in bullet speeds, so be careful.

Boss: Normal Attack 2[edit]

Bullets are shot in lines, and you have to follow a pretty narrow path to avoid them.

Roar: Strange Roar (Easy/Normal) / Roar: Howling of the Full Moon (Hard/Lunatic)[edit]

An honest barrage of red bullets. Focused dodging card. Note that bullets wind counter-clockwise and clockwise alternately. If you stay near the corresponding side (right for clockwise, left for counter-clockwise), you'll be dealing with a more dense pattern, but with slower bullets and vice versa. Choose your side depending on your preference (but you'll still have to dodge bullets that come at an angle).

Boss: Normal Attack 3[edit]

Almost the same as normal attack 2. The bullet waves are better defined this time, and some people find this attack easier because it provides visual aid for dodging.

Wolf Sign: Stirling Pounce (Easy/Normal) / Sirius: High-Speed Pounce (Hard/Lunatic)[edit]

Barrages of medium-sized bullets that break into smaller once, plus omnidirectional bullets coming from lower corners of the screen. Enemy's movements aren't random, but with so many barrages it's best to consider this a regular focused dodging type card. Enemy's movement erases bullets in its path. For Easy and Normal, staying in the lower right part of the screen for the odd waves, and in the lower left for the even waves makes dodging somewhat easier.

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