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Spell Card 6 - 1

Th125-6-1.jpg No. 6 - 1:
Owner: Yuugi Hoshiguma
Level 6 — 1
Comment: The lasers start position is static, always having a laser aiming straight down from Yuugi's position. She starts off firing three lasers that stream clockwise, then three that stream counterclockwise. With each photo, she adds an additional laser to each set. She also fires medium sized bullets randomly. As you take photos, the bullet density increases, as does the firing speed.

Spell Card 6 - 2

Th125-6-2.jpg No. 6 - 2:
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level 6 — 2
Comment: Suika starts by swinging bullet globs at you. After a few seconds, the blobs will begin to split apart and spread out in a random pattern. Her first swing is made of red bullets, and she swings to the right. Once the red bullets begin to spread out, she'll fling another wave at you, this time moving to the left. As the violet bullets spread apart, Suika repeats with another wave. As you take more photos, she will add an extra glob to the waves, all the way up to seven globs. The easiest way to beat this card is to try and stay close to Suika. The globs will try and push you back, making it difficult to get close enough for a fast shot. Be alert and quick to react and you should beat it in no time at all.

Spell Card 6 - 3

Th125-6-3.jpg No. 6 - 3: 光鬼「金剛螺旋」
Light Oni "Adamant Helix"
Owner: Yuugi Hoshiguma
Level 6 — 3
Comment: Spin, Aya, Spin. Yuugi starts by going clockwise, then counter clockwise. As you take more photos, the spiral's duration increases. If you take pictures at the wrong times, you'll get whipped. Try to stay as close to Yuugi as possible, rapidly circling her. Try not to stay too close or too far from her, as either results in death. When the Nice Shot circle appears, this is the time to shoot.

Spell Card 6 - 4

Th125-6-4.jpg No. 6 - 4: 鬼符「豆粒大の針地獄」
Oni Sign "Large Speck in the Needle Hell"
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level 6 — 4
Comment: You'll want to finish this one as quick as possible. The mini Suikas NEVER leave the screen. Ever. So keep note of that and charge your camera like a madman. Also be careful of the mini suikas, they can kill you as well. As you take photos, the number of mini suikas fired increases. Strive for success as quick as can be.

Spell Card 6 - 5

Th125-6-5.jpg No. 6 - 5: 鬼符「鬼気狂瀾」
Oni Sign "Dreadful Raging Waves"
Owner: Yuugi Hoshiguma
Level 6 — 5
Comment: Curvy lasers galore. There's no notable changes between photos. Just be alert and ready for anything.

Spell Card 6 - 6

Th125-6-6.jpg No. 6 - 6: 地獄「煉獄吐息」
Hell "Sigh of Purgatory"
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level 6 — 6
Comment: The trick here is to try to take photos just as she's firing a new wave. Bullet Density increases with each photo. The blue misty bullets aren't well defined so be sure not to get too close. Be wary of the shifting bullets being fired from the mist, as they have a tendency to create a collapsing wall that is difficult to slip through.

Spell Card 6 - 7

Th125-6-7.jpg No. 6 - 7: 鬼声「壊滅の咆哮」
Oni's Voice "Annihilating Roar"
Owner: Yuugi Hoshiguma
Level 6 — 7
Comment: Don't even bother trying to dodge through the bursts, as they are purely random, and 99 times out of 100, you won't slip through them. Stay a safe distance from Yuugi and charge like a madman. You need to capture the bursts before they reach you, and if you don't charge, you're good as dead.

Spell Card 6 - 8

Th125-6-8.jpg No. 6 - 8: 鬼符「ミッシングパワー」
Oni Sign "Missing Power"
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level 6 — 8
Comment: Incoming Mega Loli, beware. Suika starts by sending out four ripples of misty bullets. When you hear the charging sound, it means it's time to move. Suika will try to ram right through you, and with a hitbox that size, it's not that hard. Try to lure her into a favourable direction. After two ram attempts, she dashes back up to the top of the screen and repeats, just this time coming from the top right corner, and heading to the top left upon two failed rams. After coming to a stop with each ram attempt, she fires a random spray of small white bullets which then spread across the screen at varying speeds. Try to take pictures during her second bullet release to clear the most bullets. Be quick and make sure not to get crushed.
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