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Heads Up Display[edit]


DynaMasia 3D can be played with either the keyboard and mouse or a gamepad. Below are the default controls for the game and the recommended settings for gamepads.


WASD Keys: Movement, Strifing
Left Shift Key: Jump
Space bar: Evade, Sprint (while holding foward)
Tab Key: Zoom (if the weapon has zoom scope, such as the Spear Guns)
Mouse: Aim, Turn
Left Mouse button, Enter Key: Fire weapon / Confirm
Right Mouse button, Left Ctrl Key: Switch weapons / Cancel
ESC Key: Pause Menu

Recommend configuration for an Xbox 360 gamepad[edit]

Left Analog Stick: Movement, Strifing
Right Analog Stick: Aim, Turn
A Button: Evade, Sprint (while holding foward)
Left Trigger: Jump
Left Bumper: Zoom
Right Trigger: Fire weapon / Confirm
Right Bumper: Switch weapons / Cancel
Start Button: Pause Menu

Gameplay differences between DynaMarisa 3D and Earth Defense Force 2017[edit]

  • Picking up the Life-Up item immediately increases Marisa's life meter by 2 points upon pick up; In Earth Defense Force 2017, you must finish the mission in order to receive your armor bonuses after picking up the Armor items and each one raises your Armor meter by 1 point.
  • Marisa can only carry of a limit of 100 obtainable weapons yet each weapon may have modifiers to make them unique; In Earth Defense Force 2017, the player can obtain over 170 weapons yet their abilities are fixed.
  • In DynaMarisa 3D, the player can chose which weapons to keep and which weapons to throw away at the end of each stage. The player can also sort and organize the weapons in possession or throw away unwanted weapons.
  • DynaMarisa 3D have 26 stages whereas Earth Defense Force 2017 have 53.
  • DynaMarisa 3D is a single-player only game whereas Earth Defense Force 2017 supports multiplayer (locally in the retail version and through Xbox LIVE in the downloadable Games-on-Demand version).
  • Marisa's jumping and evasion controls are mapped to individual buttons whereas Earth Defense Force 2017's jump and evasion are mapped to one button.
  • There are no vehicles in DynaMarisa 3D.