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Elegant Impermanence of Sakura/Translation

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In-Game Dialogue


Other Translations

Spell Cards

A list of spell cards appearing in Elegant Impermanence of Sakura and their translated names.

Intro Screen



特别感谢 上海爱丽丝幻乐团ZUN

Touhou Project Derivative STG

This is a game made by Touhou Project and STG enthusiasts.
Its contents are entirely fictitious, and all characters and organisations within have already passed into fantasy.

Special Thanks: ZUN of Team Shanghai Alice

Difficulty Levels

Like most official Touhou games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary.

秋叶 Easy 面向普通人类的难度
Autumn Leaves Easy A difficulty level for ordinary humans.
Little effort is needed to overcome it.
青竹 Normal 面向有过东方游戏经验的玩家
Green Bamboo Normal For players with experience in Touhou games.
You'll be more comfortable here if you've played the official games.
幽兰 Hard 面向熟练的东方PROJECT玩家
Orchids Hard For skilled Touhou Project players.
Of course, this refers to the flying shooting game.
寒松 Lunatic 面向超越人类的玩家
Winter Pines Lunatic For players who are beyond humanity.
It's best if you don't play this.
苍天 Extra 面向想要进一步游戏的玩家
Firmament Extra For players who want to play further.
Please continue to persevere!

Stage Titles

Stage 1 耀眼的竹之花 Dazzling Bamboo Blossoms
Stage 2 折射而上的幽光 The Shimmering Light that Reflects Upwards
Stage 3 去伪存真之道 Path of Revelation
Stage 4 无人曾见的云雾之后 The Never-Before-Seen that Lies Beyond the Clouds
Stage 5 梦醒仙山满庭春 Awakening to a Spring-Filled Celestial Mountain
Stage 6 枕上梦,风前尘 Dreams Upon a Pillow, Dust Before the Wind
Extra Stage 我心非石 My Heart is No Stone

Shot Types

Defenders of Gensokyo (幻想乡的维护者 - Reimu Hakurei & Yukari Yakumo)

一如既往的组合 果然这俩人关系很好吧~ These two are as close as ever, aren't they~?
博丽 灵梦


Human Vessel
Reimu Hakurei

Configuration: Hakurei Ofuda
Spell Card: "Fantasy Seal"

八云 紫


Youkai Vessel
Yukari Yakumo

Configuration: Opened Jade Box
Spell Card: "Yakumo Bondage"

Suitable for bullet-avoiding players who don't need much understanding of the mechanics.

They're also a good choice for first-time and novice players.
Very easy to attack enemies appearing from any corner.





Movement Speed: 5/8

Attack Firepower: 5/8

Attack Range: 4/8

Handling Difficulty: 1/8

Visitors From the Living and the Dead (此岸彼岸的访客 - Marisa Kirisame & Yuyuko Saigyouji)

这样的两人也可以组队吗?没准可以配合得很默契也说不定? Can these kinds of people form a team? Is it possible for them to work together?
雾雨 魔理沙


Human Vessel
Marisa Kirisame

Configuration: Nebula Beam
Spell Card: "Stardust Reverie"

西行寺 幽幽子


Youkai Vessel
Yuyuko Saigyouji

Configuration: Higan Cherry Blossoms
Spell Card: "Cherry Blossoms Returning to Nothingness"

Suitable for players with an understanding of the game mechanics and procedure.

Boasts more firepower and better on-field maneuverability,
And they're able to accurately break through individual enemies in the midst of a flurry of them.





Movement Speed: 7/8

Attack Firepower: 7/8

Attack Range: 2/8

Handling Difficulty: 4/8

Witnesses of History (历史的见证者 - Fujiwara no Mokou & Keine Kamishirasawa)

竹林里的白泽和凤凰 不了解历史的问他们就好了。 The hakutaku and the phoenix of the bamboo forest. If you ever forget your history, just ask them.
藤原 妹红


Human Vessel
Fujiwara no Mokou

Configuration: Explosive Ofuda
Spell Card: "Feng Wing Ascension"

上白泽 慧音


Youkai Vessel
Keine Kamishirasawa

Configuration: Retrospective Chronology
Spell Card: "Total Purification"

Perhaps they're not for any average player.

They bear a special attack that deals delayed damage,
and can unleash all that damage in a perfect instant.





Movement Speed: 7/8

Attack Firepower: 6/8

Attack Range: 8/8

Handling Difficulty: 8/8

Ingame Manual

Preface and Basic Method of Play
Types of Stage Enemies
Dye System
Dye Chaining System
Stage Rewards
Player Character Introduction
For details about score calculations and the scoring system please see the appendix.

Extended Manual

This more extensive manual was published online by tester LYX here. Last translated version 1.00.

Show manual translation
游戏难度、角色与基本操作 Game Difficulty, Characters, and Basic Controls
1. 游戏难度 1. Game Difficulty


The game has the five difficulties Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic, Extra, and Phantasm.

By clearing Normal or above without continuing, the corresponding character's Extra difficulty can be unlocked.

2. 游戏角色 2. Game Characters





























The game has three teams of characters to choose from: Reimu Hakurei & Yukari Yakumo, Marisa Kirisame & Yuyuko Saigyouji, and Fujiwara no Mokou & Keine Kamishirasawa.

Reimu Hakurei and Yukari Yakumo: A team focused on homing ability

Reimu Hakurei: Main shot 2-way forward-focus; option shot 4-way, automatically attacks enemies closest to the player.

Yukari Yakumo: Main shot 6-way forward-focus, pressing the focus button allows the shot to automatically find targets, in the following priority order (descending): bosses, large fairies, small fairies.

Marisa Kirisame and Yuyuko Saigyouji: A team focused on forward-focus attacks

Marisa Kirisame: Main shot 1-way forward-focus; option shot 4-way non-piercing focused lasers

Yuyuko Saigyouji: Main shot 4-way butterfly forward-focus with a bit of spread; option shot 1-way piercing laser

Fujiwara no Mokou and Keine Kamashirasawa: A team focused on special actions

Fujiwara no Mokou: Main shot 2-way forward focus; Option shot 16-way forward-focus ofuda with a bit of spread

Keine Kamashirasawa: Main shot 2-way forward focus; Option shot 10-way wide-area spread shot

Explanation of Fujiwara no Mokou's Ofuda:

Basic action: Shooting enemies when unfocused will stick ofuda onto it. Then, pressing the focus key will cause them to explode. You can also choose not to press it, in which case the ofuda will automatically explode after 10 seconds.

Ofuda will only work when stuck on large fairies and bosses, sticking them on to small fairies gives no damage.

For large fairies, you must stick at least 12 ofuda (there will be a visual effect) in order to guarantee the fairy will be defeated in one explosion. Ofuda deal damage according to a ratio, not a predefined constant.

For bosses, ofuda will immediately explode on contact, as if they were a normal shot. There is no need to explode them manually.

Shot Type Speeds:

Reimu Hakurei: 4.5

Yukari Yakumo: 2.5

Marisa Kirisame: 5.0

Yuyuko Saigyouji: 2.5

Fujiwara no Mokou: 5.0

Keine Kamashirasawa: 2.5


This work has instituted a damage cap on certain shot types. Because the game uses a more peculiar kind combo system, the difference in power between the six shot types is not very large.

The bombs in this work are classified into the high-damage types and the bullet-cancelling types:

High-damage bombs have high power, and are mainly used for damage, while the bomb is in effect the player cannot shoot;

Bullet-cancelling bombs have low power, and are mainly used to cancel bullets, while the bomb is in effect the player can shoot.

Some parts of the game have weakening effects on the strength of bombs, please take note.

Yuyuko's bomb has no offensive properties, and provides 10 seconds of protection to the player: being hit will negate 1 miss. If the player is not hit within 10 seconds, bomb pieces will be returned with value equivalent to 50 green cubes.

3. 基本操作 3. Basic Controls







Using keyboard as example:

Up/Down/Left/Right: Movement. Selection in the menu

Shift: Focused movement

Z: Shot attack, hold down for continuous stream, tap for individual shots. Advance/confirm in the menu.

X: Bomb. Go back in the menu.

ESC: Pause, go back in the menu.

Additionally, we recommend players read the Game Manual to understand critical information and tweak the Game Settings to their liking when first starting up the game before playing.

2. 游戏画面 2. Game Screen

1). 最大得分:该难度下该角色最高分。

2). 当前得分:该难度下该角色当前得分。

3). 最大得点:蓝色方块(得点道具)的最大得分。根据游戏难度不同,初始最大得点如下:



4). 残机:命,每收集400个红色方块(命碎片)奖励一命,满残8。

5). 符卡:雷,每收集100个绿色方块(雷碎片)奖励一雷,满雷5。

6). 道具获得数统计:





7). 总染色数:游戏全程的染色连击总数。

8). 目标染色数:本关开启Last Spell Card所需的染色连击数。

9). 总染色数和目标染色数右边圆圈内的是当前染色连击数,该数值大于等于目标染色数即可开启本关boss的Last Spell Card。

Right side from top to bottom:

1). High Score: High score for the current difficulty and shot type

2). Score: Current score for the current difficulty and shot type

3). Point Item Value: Maximum value for blue cubes (point items), varies according to difficulty, initial values as follows:

E=5,000, N=10,000, H=25,000, L=50,000, EX=100,000

Every bullet cancelled increases the Point Item Value by 10.

4). Lives: Lives, every 400 red cubes (life fragments) collected awards a life, 8 is max lives.

5). Spell Cards: Bombs, every 100 green cubes (bomb fragments) collected awards a life, 5 is max bombs.

5). Power: Shot power, 4 is maximum, collecting P items in the game can increase this number, small P +0.05 power, large P +1.00 power.

6). Summary of Items Obtained:

Red cubes: Top row is the total number of life fragments collected in the current stage, bottom row is the total number of life fragments collected in the entire game.

Green cubes: Top row is the total number of bomb fragments collected in the current stage, bottom row is the total number of bomb fragments collected in the entire game.

Blue cubes: Top row is the total number of Point Items collected in the current stage, bottom row is the total number of Point Items collected in the entire game.

Purple 点 symbol: Top row is the total number of cancel items collected in the current stage, bottom row is the total number of cancel items collected in the entire game.

7). Total Dye Count: Total Dye Combo counter for the entire game

8). Target Dye Count: Required Dye Combo counter to activate the current stage's Last Spell Card

9). In the circle to the right of the Total and Target Dye Counts is the current Dye Combo counter, when greater than or equal to the Target Dye Count, the boss's Last Spell Card will be activated.

3. 主要得分手段 3. Main Scoring Methods
1). 射击并击破敌人 1). Shoot and defeat enemies
获得射击分和击破分,不过分数很少。 Earns shooting bonus and defeat bonus, but the score value is very low.
2). 回收蓝色方块和消弹道具 2). Collect Blue Cubes and Cancel Items



The blue cubes in game are Point Items, and the purple 点 symbols (they look more white due to intense glow effects) are cancel items.

The game has no point of collection implemented, but instead has implemented automatic collection of items. Any spawned item is guaranteed to be collected (besides lives and bomb items).

If you want a higher score, please try hard to get more blue cubes, and cancel bullets as much as possible.

3). 收取Boss的Spell Card 3). Capture Boss' Spell Cards
① 非符 ① Nonspells
非符并没有类似Spell Card Bonus那样的分数(消弹得分除外),在此仅说明非符判断逻辑:



There is no score like a Spell Card Bonus associated with nonspells (besides score from cancelling bullets). Here we only describe the judgement logic for nonspells:

Defeating the nonspell within the time allotted will result in cancel items and various item rewards.

If unable to defeat the nonspell within the time allotted, the screen will be cleared of bullets, and there will be no item reward.

② Spell Card ② Spell Card
在规定时间内no miss no bomb击破,视为成功收取(Get)。获得消弹道具,获得各种道具奖励,获得Spell Card Bonus。

在规定时间内击破,整个过程中有中弹、按雷或死亡,视为未能成功收取(Failed)。获得消弹道具,获得各种道具奖励,不能获得Spell Card Bonus。

未能在规定时间内击破,视为未能成功收取(Failed)。全屏清空子弹,不能获得任何道具奖励,不能获得Spell Card Bonus。

Defeating the spell no miss no bomb within the allotted time will count as a successful capture (Get). You will obtain cancel items, various item rewards, and the Spell Card Bonus.

Defeating the spell in the allotted time, but having been hit, having bombed, or having died, will count as a failed capture (Failed). You will obtain cancel items, various item rewards, but will not be rewarded the Spell Card Bonus.

If unable to defeat the spell within the allotted time will count as a failed capture (Failed). The screen will be cleared of bullets, there will be no item rewards, and no Spell Card Bonus.

③ Last Spell Card ③ Last Spell Card
在规定时间内no miss no bomb击破,视为成功收取(Get)。获得消弹道具,获得各种道具奖励,获得Spell Card Bonus。

在击破之前有中弹,视为未能成功收取(Failed)。全屏清空子弹,不能获得任何道具奖励,不能获得Spell Card Bonus。

未能在规定时间内击破,视为未能成功收取(Failed)。全屏清空子弹,不能获得任何道具奖励,不能获得Spell Card Bonus。

Defeating the spell no miss no bomb within the allotted time will count as a successful capture (Get). You will obtain cancel items, various item rewards, and the Spell Card Bonus.

Being hit before defeating the spell will count as a failed capture (Failed). The screen will be cleared of bullets, there will be no item rewards, and no Spell Card Bonus.

If unable to defeat the spell within the allotted time will count as a failed capture (Failed). The screen will be cleared of bullets, there will be no item rewards, and no Spell Card Bonus.

④ 时符 ④ Timeout Spells
no miss no bomb直至时间结束,视为成功收取(Get)。获得消弹道具,获得各种道具奖励,获得Spell Card Bonus。

在规定时间内有中弹、按雷或死亡,视为未能成功收取(Failed)。获得消弹道具,获得各种道具奖励,不能获得Spell Card Bonus。

Spell Card Bonus初始分数与本关符卡开启前瞬间的当前染色连击数有关,公式如下:

Spell Card Bonus=10,000,000+100,000 x 符卡开启前瞬间的当前染色连击数

Spell Card Bonus分数会不断掉落(时符与Last Spell Card除外),不同的Spell Card的分数掉落速度不同,但符合如下原则:

分数掉落是匀速的,且如果在倒数计时0秒击破Spell Card,将获得该Spell Card Bonus初始分数一半的数值。

Spell Card Bonus分数上不封顶。

Surviving no miss no bomb until the timer ends will count as a successful capture (Get). You will obtain cancel items, various item rewards, and the Spell Card Bonus.

Getting hit, bombing, or dying during the allotted time will count as a failed capture (Failed). You will obtain cancel items, various item rewards, but will not be rewarded the Spell Card Bonus.

The Spell Card Bonus's starting value depends on the current stage's Dye Combo Counter, the formula is as follows:

Spell Card Bonus=10,000,000+100,000 x Current Dye Combo Counter the moment before the spell is cast

The Spell Card Bonus will constantly decrease (besides Timeout Spells and Last Spell Cards), different spells have different rates of decrease, but follow the following principle:

The score decrease is at a uniform rate, and if the Spell Card is defeated when the timer shows 0 seconds, you will be awarded half the starting value of the Spell Card Bonus.

⑤ 击破Boss非符和Spell Card,掉落的得点道具数量如下: ⑤ Item Counts After Defeating a Boss' Nonspell and Spell Card are as follows:
1-6面Spell Card:10个红色方块,20个绿色方块,30个蓝色方块

1-5面Last Spell Card:60个蓝色方块,6面终符:100个蓝色方块


道中Spell Card 1:100个绿色方块

道中Spell Card 2:100个红色方块

道中Spell Card 3:100个蓝色方块

关底Spell Card 1-9:25个红色方块,25个绿色方块,50个蓝色方块

关底Spell Card 10:100个蓝色方块

Stage 1-6 Spell Card: 10 red cubes, 20 green cubes, 30 blue cubes

Stage 1-5 Last Spell Card: 60 blue cubes, Stage 6 Final Spell: 100 blue cubes

Extra stage:

Midboss Spell Card 1: 100 green cubes

Midboss Spell Card 2: 100 red cubes

Midboss Spell Card 3: 100 blue cubes

Boss Spell Card 1-9: 25 red cubes, 25 green cubes, 50 blue cubes

Boss Spell Card 10: 100 blue cubes

4). 过关结算 4). Stage Bonus

① 过关:数值=10,000,000 x 关面数(1-6,EX=7)。

② 得点:数值=100,000 x 本关回收的得点道具总数。

③ 染色连击:数值=100,000 x 本关结束时的当前染色连击数。

④ 残机:数值=50,000,000 x 残机数。

⑤ 符卡:数值=40,000,000 x 残雷数。

⑥ 难度系数:根据游戏难度决定:E=0.8,N=1.0,H =1.5,L=2.0,EX=1.5

⑦ 击破率:本关道中各种大、小妖精的击破数/生成数 x 100%,向下取整。注意中boss战、boss战均不纳入计数。

一至五面结算分数=(①+②+③)x ⑥ x ⑦

六面和EX面结算分数=(①+②+③+④+⑤)x ⑥ x ⑦

The stage clear bonus if this game is composed of the following:

① Clearing: Value=10,000,000*stage number(1-6,ex=7)

② Point Items: Value=100,000*total number of point items collected during the stage

③ Dye Combo: Value=100,000*value of the Dye Combo meter when the stage ends

④ Lives: Value=50,000,000*number of remaining lives

⑤ Spell cards: Value=40,000,000*number of remaining bombs

⑥ Difficulty:According to the difficulty, value as follows: E=0.8, N=1.0, H=1.5, L=2.0, EX=1.5

⑦ Shootdown Rate: The number of small and large fairies defeated / the number spawned * 100%, rounded down. Note that this does not include midboss and boss fights.

Stages 1 through 5 =(①+②+③)*⑥*⑦

Stage 6 and Extra Stage=(①+②+③+④+⑤)*⑥*⑦

5). 使用染色连击系统 5). Use the Dye Combo System
后述。 Described Below
4. 染色连击系统 4. Dye Combo System
本作的得分关键,对于打分数有兴趣的玩家,请务必熟悉以下内容 Key component to scoring in this work. Those interested in scoring should familiarize themselves with the following

① boss(道中boss、关底boss):


② 大妖精(大型妖精、中型妖精、阴阳玉):



③ 小妖精(小型妖精、鬼火、毛玉):





1). This work's enemies come in the following forms:

① boss (midboss, boss):

Have a collision box (besides a few special spell cards), have no Dye Aura, have no color type, heavy reward upon defeat.

② Large Fairies (large sunflower fairies, medium fairies, yin-yang orbs):

Have no collision box, have red or blue Dye Aura. Their sprites have the same color as their Dye Aura.

Regardless of whether the player is focused or unfocused, they can always see the real form of large fairies and attack them. Defeating them will drop a small number of items (normally, a few red or blue cubes).

③ Small Fairies (small fry, wisps, kedama):

Have no collision box, have no dye aura. Naturally-spawned small fairies only have white or green color type. Their sprites have the same color as their color type.

To allow easier discernment, wisps and kedama have a border circle with the same color as their color type. Note that this border circle is not a Dye Aura, and cannot dye anything.

Players can only see the real form and attack small fairies when they are in focused state. Defeating green-colored small fairies will drop an extremely small amount of items (normally, one green cube).

White-colored fairies are much tankier than red, blue, and green small fairies. Under normal, hard, lunatic, and extra difficulties, defeating white small fairies will spawn revenge bullets. A small number of red-, blue-, and green-colored fairies may also spawn revenge bullets on defeat, please take note. Revenge bullets will usually use the kunai sprite, but in some places there will be exceptions. (Kunai: A small weapon used by Japanese ninjas).

2). 染色:

① 染色只对小妖精有效,对boss和大妖精无效。

② 击破大妖精的瞬间,如果有小妖精的正中心(视觉上的贴图正中心)正好处于大妖精的染色圈范围内,则该小妖精会被进行染色。对于不同颜色属性的小妖精,染色会带来不同的结果:





2). Dyeing

① Dyeing only works on small fairies, and is ineffective on bosses and large fairies

② The moment a large fairy is defeated, if a small fairy's center (going by the center of its sprite) is within the large fairy's Dye Aura, the small fairy will be dyed. For small fairies of different color type, dyeing will bring different results:

Green-colored small fairy dyed by red Dye Aura: Defeated in a chain, dropping 1 red cube, internal combo counter +1.

Green-colored small fairy dyed by blue Dye Aura: Defeated in a chain, dropping 1 blue cube, internal combo counter +1.

White-colored small fairy dyed by red Dye Aura: Dyed into red-colored small fairy.

White-colored small fairy dyed by blue Dye Aura: Dyed into blue-colored small fairy.

3). 二重染色:

① 二重染色是专门针对白色小妖精设计的高级染色技巧,结合上面的说明,白色小妖精的二重染色效果如下:



3). Double Dyeing

① Double Dyeing is an advanced dyeing technique specifically targeted to white-colored small fairies. Summarizing the above, the effects of double dyeing for white fairies is as follows:

Red/Blue small fairies dyed by red Dye Aura: Defeated in a chain, dropping 2 red cubes, internal combo counter +2.

Red/Blue small fairies dyed by blue Dye Aura: Defeated in a chain, dropping 2 blue cubes, internal combo counter +2.

4). 染色连击数:

① 游戏画面最右下角的圆圈内显示的是本关当前染色连击数,表示本关目前打出了多少次染色连击。

② 当前染色连击数的增长必须满足一个简单的判断条件:


③ 不同的大、小妖精之间不会交叉重复计算内置连击数。

④ 成功打出一次染色连击时,会有明显的效果提示音,带来的奖励请见如下两个示例:



⑤ 游戏在Last Spell Card开启前会检查当前染色连击数是否大于等于目标染色数,满足条件则开启Last Spell Card。

4). Dye Combo Counter

① In the bottom right corner of the game interface, the current stage's Dye Combo Counter is shown in a circle, expressing the number of times a Dye Combo has been performed in the current stage.

② Increasing the Dye Combo Counter can be done with the following simple condition:

Calculate the sum of all internal combo counters of all small fairies eliminated by a killed large fairy. The Dye Combo Counter will only increase when this sum is greater than or equal to 3. Whatever the sum is, is the amount the Combo Counter will increase by.

③ Different large and small fairies will not double-count their internal combo counters.

④ Successfully executing a dye combo will result in a clear sound effect, see the two lines below for an example of the rewards given:

PIV=10,000, player defeats one big fairy, at that time there are 5 green small fiaries in the Dye Aura. Besides item rewards, the following reward is also given: 10,000x5=50,000 points, PIV=10,000+500x5=12,500.

PIV=10,000, player defeats one big fairy, at that time there are 5 blue small fiaries in the Dye Aura. Besides item rewards, the following reward is also given: 10,000x10=100,000 points, PIV=10,000+500x5x2=15,000.

⑤ The game will check if the current Dye Combo Counter is greater than or equal to the Target Combo Counter before activating the Last Spell Card, and will only activate it if the condition is met.

5. 各种常见的失败效果与惩罚 5. Frequent Failure Effects and Punishments
1). 放雷 1). Bombing





Bombing provides bullet cancels and damage, subtracting one from the spell card count.

Several special aspects of this work:

During a bomb's effects, your focus state is locked in and cannot be changed (besides Yuyuko's bomb).

During a bomb's effects, high-damage bombs cannot shoot, bullet-cancelling bombs can shoot.

During a bomb's effects, combo bonuses are blocked, i.e., players will not obtain the "500 * combo counter" PIV bonus and "Current PIV * combo counter" score bonus.

2). 死亡 2). Dying
残机减1,符卡小于等于2则重置为2,大于2全部保留。 Lives decreased by 1. If number of bombs is less than 2, reset to 2, otherwise all bombs are kept.
3). 接关 3). Continuing




Any difficulty permits unlimited continues.

Continuing is getting up from where you've fallen. All numbers will reset to the start of the game.

After continuing, the ones place of the score will increment by one, indicating a continue has been used. It will no longer increment after 9 continues.

If you have continued, any replays of the current run cannot be saved.

6. 其他 6. Other
1). 本作中各种无敌时间如下 1). Various Invincibility Times



After death: 5s (from the moment the player is able to move freely again).

When a boss's nonspells and spells are captured, the player is invulnerable, to protect against mutual kills.

Each shot type's invulnerability time when bombing is different, please observe and research accordingly.

2. 决死雷时间 2. Deathbomb Times

雾雨魔理沙&西行寺幽幽子: 32帧(0.53秒)


Hakurei Reimu & Yukari Yakumo: 42 frames (0.70 seconds)

Marisa Kirisame & Yuyuko Saigyouji: 32 frames (0.53 seconds)

Fujiwara no Mokou & Keine Kamashirasawa: 32 frames (0.53 seconds)

3). 不同状态下的道具作用 3). Effects of items in different conditions










Life item or collect 400 red squares:

Lives not full, bombs not full: +1 life (Red "Extend!" at top of screen)

Lives full, bombs not full: +1 bomb (Green "Extend!" at top of screen)

Lives not full, bombs full: +1 life (Red "Extend!" at top of screen)

Lives full, bombs full: +100,000 Point Item Value (Blue "Extend!" at top of screen)

Bomb item or collect 100 green squares:

Lives not full, bombs not full: +1 bomb (Green "Extend!" at top of screen)

Lives full, bombs not full: +1 bomb (Green "Extend!" at top of screen)

Lives not full, bombs full: +100,000 Point Item Value (Blue "Extend!" at top of screen)

Lives full, bombs full: +100,000 Point Item Value (Blue "Extend!" at top of screen)

4. 查看官方玩家手册,steam游戏列表右键选择游戏,弹出菜单,选择查看玩家手册。 4. Check the official player manual. Right click the game on Steam and click "Show player manual"



You are welcome to use Bilibili comments or private message to ask questions, report bugs, or provide other feedback, happy gaming!

Touhou Elegant Impermanence of Sakura Production Team


Hints (Omake.txt)

Show hints



In ZUN's early games, the additional documents also had this...so we imitated him and wrote this.

In some ways, this is a spoiler of some hidden mechanics, so players who would like to investigate themselves should not read below.

If you have suspicions about this game's unusual design, perhaps these hints will help you~!

1、其实在后期的设计过程中,自己测试时基本是大部分时间低封玩道中的~对于高分或者高连击数的追求,练习低封道中是很有必要的~! 1. In the later stages of the design process, I basically spent most of the time in stages unfocused~if you have goals of high score of high chain combo, practicing the stages unfocused is very necessary~!
2、道中部分“看上去有必要贴脸”的小型敌人被自机靠近时是不会发射子弹的~至于是哪些,可以自己摸索摸索~别说是我告诉你的~ 2. Some parts of the stage have enemies that seem like you have to shotgun them. When the player approaches, they will not fire~. As for which ones, you can feel around for it yourself ~don't tell anyone I told you~.
3、道中过程中绝大部分大型敌人一开始有较大的减伤,减伤的时间要是过了的话基本脆得一两枪就能击爆~ 虽然真的已经尽力有意设计成速破大型妖精也能恰巧染上一些小型敌人啦~ 3. In the stages, a great majority of large enemies have a considerable damage reduction at first. After the damage reduction time, they basically be destroyed in one or two shots ~Though we've tried our hardest to design it such that speedkilling large fairies can also incidentally dye some of the small enemies~
4、对啦,其实四面道中的最后一部分是有一个隐藏敌人的~至于怎么把它弄出来嘛~想办法把场上的大型妖精都清理掉的同时保证所有绿色妖精不缺少就可以啦~ 4. Right, so the last portion of stage 4 has a hidden enemy ~as for how to get it~ just think of a way to clear out all of the large fairies on screen while ensuring that there aren't too few green fairies~
5、在一面道中的大部分地方如果场上的妖精消灭过快的话,会额外出现类似种类的增援敌人,六面道中的最后一部分也有这种设计~如果你偏向于打分数,一定要想办法快速清理掉这些地方的妖精哦~ 5. In many places in stage 1, if you defeat the fairies on screen too quickly, extra support enemies of similar type will appear. The last portion of stage 6 also has this design ~if you prefer to score, you should think of a way to quickly clear out the fairies in these spots~


还会在染色范围内随机生成一片额外消弹点,这个消弹点的数量取决于:一个基础值 + 本次连锁数*固定值。


6. About the items dropped when successfully achieving a combo

In actuality, the cancel items dropped by a successful dye chain are not completely accounted for by the bullets canceled in the dye area.

Additional cancel items will be spawned randomly in the dye area, this number of cancel items is decided by: a base value + combo count of this combo * a constant.

What's the meaning of this? It's to enhance the thrill of successful dyeing~! (Especially on easy. If there are no bullets to cancel, if nothing else spawned as a reward it would feel quite bad)





7. About combos

Given the same number of enemies, will dyeing and defeating them all at once give a higher score than dyeing and defeating them multiple times under the right conditions?

In actuality, no, during a combo reward, the score and PIV awarded is based only on the combo count of this combo and a fixed multiplier, basically the same for the score.

Since I said basically the same, there's still something different, yes. According to the above (Number 6), the cancel items obtained from the two methods will have a slight difference, and there will be a slight difference in scores, but this can be treated as negligible ~Just dye~don't mind it too much and it'll be fine~



8. About the stage 6 boss's special qualities

Starting from the Stage 6 boss's second nonspell, every nonspell, the boss will strengthen their attack frequency after a certain period of time, and at the same time the player's attack speed will also be increased~ (Speaking from the plot, speed should also increase, but in order to not affect the gameplay, there's only an effect. Besides the final spell, there is no real speed increase.)





9. About the stage 6 boss's third spell (Fluctuation of Life Energy)

Who said this dyeing mechanic has nothing to do with boss battles? Under this comment, we created a design where you still have to dye during a spell~

During this spell card, fairies defeated will be revived by the boss ~at the same time reducing the endurance of the boss's spell card~ Of course, the quickest way to capture is still to shoot the boss directly~

The chain combos obtained here will also be added to the Total Dye Count ~it's also the only spell in the game that whose spell card bonus increases the longer you can play it lol~






10. About the stage 6 boss's final spell

Mhm~I believe anyone who's played it can tell what the original inspiration was. You're correct, it's my Mountain of Mahjong[1] (Virtue of Wind God)!

Of course, everyone should also be able to tell, it gets faster and faster as time flows on~!

Not only are the enemy's bullets faster and faster, the player's movement speed and attack frequency also get faster and faster~~

Also note that on close observation, you can discover the middle is a rotating yin-yang orb shape made of danmaku~Can you see it can you see it?






11. About the extra midboss's special design

Because in the plot, the extra midboss is coming to help the player characters,

the three spell cards represent three types of blessings, and need time to complete (that's why they're survival spells).

If you get hit during this time, the blessing ritual will fail. Even though no lives will be lost, but the corresponding blessing spell card will immediately stop and will not drop any item rewards.

Of course, using a bomb is still allowed[2] (She's coming to help you, is it really good for you to hit her back like that?)





12. About the extra boss's special design

If in certain spells you suddenly feel like everything is slower ~no need for suspicion~ you aren't lagging ~

It's because the extra boss's special ability is expressed in game as slow motion. During the slow motion the spell card background will also change in an obvious manner~

Most of the time when slow motion happens, you must use the slow motion in a way to lower the spell card's difficulty~


  1. Chinese nickname of Virtue of Wind God, since the amulet bullets vaguely resemble Mahjong tiles
  2. This isn't true; Inori's midboss spells behave like all other Last Spells and can't be bombed on