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Innocence Devil
More Character Titles

Devil/Magician (?)


Can turn into a bat


Around the Ruins of Vina, part of Makai

Music Themes
Official Games

Elis is a devil of some kind that Reimu Hakurei encounters while in Makai's Ruins of Vina during Highly Responsive to Prayers, but since she has no profile and exchanges no dialogue with Reimu, nothing else is known about this enemy.

Character Basis[edit]


Her name is Elis. The name "Elis" comes from Elijah, Hebrew for "The Lord is my God".


Elis as a bat.

The sprite of Elis in Highly Responsive to Prayers shows that she has purple eyes, blond hair, seems to wears a large red bow in her hair, carries a white wand topped with a star in her left hand. Wears a white shirt beneath a blue vest with a red bow and a red dress with purple markings near its edges and has giant purple bat wings. Elis can transform into a purple bat with red eyes.

Elis is one of the only PC-98 characters whose hair and eyes are not the same color. The only other PC-98 characters with this are Konngara and SinGyoku's "male" form. This is due to the 16-bit color limit the other PC-98 characters have.



Shinki is the creator of Makai and everything within it. In light of this, Shinki may also have created Elis.

Additional Information[edit]

  • The background music for 'Demon World stage 11~14' is called 'Oriental Magician'. This later become Marisa Kirisame's title.
  • Elis is the first boss in the series to use a "magic circle", the (now scarlet) circle used by many bosses of the Windows series games.
  • Elis and Kikuri share the same theme called "Magic Mirror".


  • Elis is speculated to be a vampire, due to her ability to turn into a bat.

Official Sources[edit]