Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/Characters

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Playable Characters

Eternal Shrine Maiden

Reimu Hakurei
Playable Character

If the scarlet mist expands into the shrine and begins seeping into the outer world, then upset humans from the outer world are going to want to destroy Gensokyo. As a shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, it's her duty to restore the good weather that the mist is blotting out. Oh, and defend the shrine and the world it protects.

The Strange Magician

Marisa Kirisame
Playable Character

It's not the scarlet mist that bothers her. It's the fact that a wealthy and powerful human is probably behind it. Someone who probably has a lot of rare and valuable collectibles...

Enemy Characters

Youkai of the Dusk

Stage 1 Midboss and Stage 1 Boss

The boss of Stage 1, youkai of darkness Rumia interrupts you during your search of the source of the scarlet mist. With her around, there's not enough light to find the way to the lake, so you might as well put an end to her nighttime snack craving. Rumia's attacks are not very sophisticated, and she chooses her normal attacks randomly.


Stage 2 Midboss

The midboss of Stage 2, this powerful fairy greets you with a circular spread of kunai and aimed shots of ice. She's not very strong though, and has no spell card.

Ice Fairy of the Lake

Stage 2 Boss

The boss of Stage 2, Cirno has finally found a interesting thing to play with, and wants to show you who's the boss of this lake. You'll never find the culprit with this obstruction around, so why not brave a hailstorm or two? Her specialty is ice and freezing magic, so she's someone who'd be pretty useful on a hot summer day.

Chinese Girl

Hong Meiling
Stage 3 Midboss and Stage 3 Boss

The boss of Stage 3, Meiling is the outer door guard of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and does her job with flair. A youkai wielding rainbow magic and an interesting dash, she stands between you and the center of the mist.


Stage 4 Midboss

This demon comes across you as you venture into the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She attacks with large globe shots and other scattered small shots, but she's really not that tough.

The Girl of Knowledge and Shade

Patchouli Knowledge
Stage 4 Boss; Extra Stage Midboss

Patchouli is the librarian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. As the guardian of the books in the library, she stops you as you try to find the cause of all this mist. She may be weak in body, but her magic is top-notch.

Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion

Sakuya Izayoi
Stage 5 Midboss and Stage 5 Boss; Final Stage Midboss

Wandering about the great halls of the mansion, you encounter the mysterious chief maid Sakuya Izayoi. She looks like a normal human, but don't be fooled: with her astonishing ability to control time and her remarkable skill with knives, she truly is a dangerous opponent.

The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon

Remilia Scarlet
Final Stage Boss

The master of the house, vampire Remilia Scarlet is the cause of all the scarlet mist that has been hanging around Gensokyo. Although she appears young, she is in fact over 500 years of age, and claims to be a descendant of Tepes himself.

Sister of the Devil

Flandre Scarlet
Extra Stage Boss

Flandre is Remilia's younger sister and the extra stage boss. Having lived, alone, in a basement for 495 years, the commotion of recent events drew her attention. Flandre is only 5 years younger than her sister, but possesses far greater power; all alone, deep underground, it's hard to say that this is a blessing rather than a curse.

Unused Character

Rin Satsuki

Intended to be a playable character of the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, but was cut fairly early into production. Their existence is evidenced by trace data in the game's executable.