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鈴木山蝶子 (ささき りんぼくさん)
Rinbokusan Sasaki
Rinbokusan Sasaki
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93% Pure Fruit Juice
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Half-Youkai Half-Unknown



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神よ多くの河となれ ~ Toryanse

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Rinbokusan Sasaki (鈴木山蝶子 Sasaki Rinbokusan) is a fan-made character created by the VIPPERs of 2ch for a pseudo Touhou Project game called Touhou Kandagawa.

Character Basis



Rinbokusan's design shows that she has purple eyes and purple hair.


Patchouli Knowledge (Sister?)

Fanon Culture

  • Derivative work appearances: Rinbokusan is most notable in the fangame Touhou Mother by a large amount of fans. She appears as one of the many bosses, where some fans think this is her original appearance due to the game's popularity, although the game does say her original appearance.
  • Comparison: Rinbokusan is often compared to other fan-made characters such as Mitori Kawashiro, Sasha Sashiromiya and Karen Yawata.

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