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Fan-made characters/Sen Gatensoku

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臥天則 (がてんそく)   (せん)
Sen Gatensoku
Gatensoku Sen
Illustration of Gatensoku Sen from pixiv
The Doll Learning from the Natural Laws
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Transcribing flashes of inspiration





Miscellaneous Works

this illustration

Sen Gatensoku (臥天則 閃 Gatensoku Sen) is a fan-made character created by the pixiv user called とってま (Tottema).

General Information

There is very little information on this character, but it's known that Tottema originally created Sen as the final boss of Touhou Hisoutensoku and that her original illustration mimics alphes's (along with a sprite of her mimicking the ones in Touhou Hisoutensoku). Tottema is not a VIPPER from 2ch.

Sen is associated with the weather type "Kourin (Halo)" and her effects are "Collision detection of shooting enlarges". For some reason, her original art has been deleted off pixiv.

Character Basis


Her first name, Sen (), means "flash" and both the names 學天則 (Gakutensoku) and Sen's surname 臥天則 (Gatensoku) are very smaller with the kanji. The kanji (ten) in both names means "Heaven" and (soku) in both names means "Law". The kanji (gaku) in Gakutensoku means "learning", "knowledge", or "school" and the Kanji (ga) in Gatensoku means, strangely, "lie down".


Sen's design is based on Gakutensoku (學天則, lit. learning from natural law) who is the first robot of Japan. Sen has light brown eyes and long grey hair. She wears a blue dress with a white flower and short white sleeves, blue socks and brown shoes, and a laurel crown on her head with five green leaves. She has "the signal arrow-shaped pen" in her right hand, "the lamp of inspiration" (霊感灯) in her left hand, and a light brown gear around her waist which doesn't fit.

The similarities between Gakutensoku and Sen is that they both are robots, and both have a laurel crown on her head, "the signal arrow-shaped pen", and "the lamp of inspiration".

Official Profile

とってま description on Pixiv

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Sen Gatensoku 天則を學ぶ人形
臥天則 閃
能力 : 閃きを書き写す程度の能力
種族 : オートマトン
天候 : 光輪
The Doll Learning From The Natural Laws

Sen Gatensoku

Ability: Transcribing flashes of inspiration

Race: Automaton

Weather type : Kourin (Halo)

Effects: Collision detection of shooting enlarges

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