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Fandom/Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters that will originally appear in Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.

Eika Ebisu

  • Artwork of her on the demo's CD was leaked prior to its release. Before it was revealed she was stillborn, some thought her skin was just tanned.
    • Some people also thought that she was a Jizo due to her ears being bigger than other characters.
  • She is sometimes shown drinking Yebisu beer, a pun on her last name.
  • Eika has a few fandom pairings, mostly within the cast of her respective game.
    • Possibly, due to Eika being a stillborn, Urumi's baby and "parental" title, as well as their association with the Sanzu River and stones, the two have been drawn together in fanart. Often portrayed as a mother-daughter pairing.
    • Since ZUN stated in an interview that she has ties with Keiki's idolatry theming, and since the gods they were based off of are siblings according to the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki genealogies, Keiki and Eika have been paired before in fanart.
    • Earlier on, some drew Narumi with her as she's a Jizo statue. It can be assumed it's due to Jizo's association with the Sai no Kawara but might've also been because Eika was mistaken as a Jizo by some.

Urumi Ushizaki

  • Her official portrait is shown to have noticeably bigger breasts compared to other characters. As such, she is often drawn with big breasts in fan-art and is usually associated with milk jokes.
  • In fan-art, she is often drawn with Keine in her hakutaku form.

Kutaka Niwatari

  • Because of her design, theme, and occupation as "God of chickens", many fans consider her to be an actual chicken. This is also supported by one of her portraits during the extra stage.
  • There is also a running joke about KFC and Kutaka, making the joke "Kutaka Fried Chicken."
  • She's often shown with Mystia Lorelei, usually on the run from a hungry Yuyuko.

Yachie Kicchou

  • Due to her species as a Jidiao making her a tortoise-dragon, she is often compared with Bowser - the main antagonist of the Super Mario Series. And in some cases, Bowsette - The fan-made, gender-bent version of Bowser.
  • She is also compared with Tohru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid due to her blonde hair, green tail and horns.
  • Because of her hairstyle she is compared to Karen, from a meme about a suburban white mom who "takes the kids" away when displeased and constantly asks stores for their managers. Additionally, her status as the boss of an alliance creates more jokes about Karen herself being the manager.

Mayumi Joutouguu

  • She is compared with Sukune Katano from Len'en Project, because both of them are Haniwa, both are Stage 5 bosses in their respectful games, and one of their spell cards act similarly.
  • Because Keiki is responsible for creating her, she is often drawn together with Keiki in fan-art. As a haniwa, she is sometimes drawn with cracks on her body or face.
  • Fans note that compared to the other characters in Touhou, Mayumi's skin looks "sunburned".
    • Alternatively, her skin tone is compared to red pottery, such as those of real Haniwa idols.

Keiki Haniyasushin

  • Fans have made a pout face on her official sprite. Despite it being fake and does not exist within the game, it became popular and some fan-arts have the pout face included.
  • In-game, her portraits include written "Oh!" and "Create!" expressions, the phrases in question being spammed across Twitter upon her initial reveal. "Oh!" and "Create!" are also said by Keiki in fanarts portraying her.
  • As she was responsible for creating the entirety of the Haniwa Army Corps, especially Mayumi Joutougu, she is characterized as a motherly figure towards them.
  • Keiki is often described by Chinese fans to be like "wearing Zhuang (an ethnic group living mainly in the Southwestern autonomous region of Guangxi) ethnic clothes". Some Chinese fan-arts (jokingly) portray her opening a stall selling clay dolls (haniwa) and kebab (because of the flame behind her).
  • Because "Keiki" sounds very similar to "Cake", she is sometimes associated with cakes in fandom.

Saki Kurokoma

  • Her origin being Prince Shoutoku's Pegasus, many fans imagine Toyosatomimi no Miko riding on her.
  • Because her design looks very similar to a cowgirl, she is often associated with "YEEHAW" (or sometimes "yeecaw", for those who mistake her as a bird) jokes.
  • She was mistaken as a bird on her initial release, while it has been confirmed that she is actually a pegasus, some fans still consider her a bird.
  • Due to similarity in design, Saki is sometimes referred to as "Cowboy Aya".
  • Upon release, some people were wondering whether she has a right arm or not, as it is left ambiguous by her portrait and sprites. Because of that, some artists tend to leave it ambiguous as well.
  • Because she is a kurokoma (a type of flying horse), she is often drawn with horse ears in fanart.