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The popularity of the Touhou Project led to the creation of a high number of fan games, often featuring crossovers with many other video game franchises. The following list will try to feature as most of them as possible.
Note that if the letter in the languages column are closed with parentheses, it means that an unofficial (fanmade) translation patch exists in that language.

Some fangames were chosen to be ported to PlayStation 4 and/or Vita as part of Play, Doujin!.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
DynaMarisa 3D ダイナマリサ3D

(DynaMarisa 3D)

J, (E) Twilight Frontier 2011 3D third-person shooter game starring Marisa Kirisame
CODE:R From Gensokyo with Love CODE:R 幻想郷より愛をこめて

(CODE:R From Gensokyo with Love)

J BlueMica 2011(Trial) A game based on Splinter Cell Series, starring Reimu Hakurei. However the game is still not finished and only the trial will be available during C80 and C82.
The Legend of the Dusk: The Legend of Twilight 宵闇伝説 The Legend of Twilight

(The Legend of the Dusk: The Legend of Twilight)

J Kawauso Arcadia 2012 An action-adventure game based on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past staring Rumia.
The Pledge of the Half Soul Sword Fighter Han Tamashii Takeshi Geichou

(The Pledge of the Half Soul Sword Fighter)

J Y-CUBE 2012 A Click-and-Point action game starring Youmu Konpaku.

Beat 'em up[edit]

Title Language Publisher Release Description
Hot-Blooded Tough Guy Marisa ~ The Downtown Sorcery Story 熱血硬派まりさくん ~ ダウンタウン魔道物語

(Hot-Blooded Tough Guy Marisa ~ The Downtown Sorcery Story)

J! (へんてこ!) A mixture of Touhou and River City Ransom. The development of the game has been canceled.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
Fantasy Feast -Rumbling Spell Orchestra- 幻想ノ宴-Rumbling Spell Orchestra-

(Fantasy Feast -Rumbling Spell Orchestra-)

J Hinafuda 2006 An analog Touhou trading card game, featuring various illustrations by Touhou artists.
cirno+neu ちるのい!


J Hinafuda 2008 A game based on Neu (read as Noi), the Japanese card game that has quite similar rules to the 98/99/100
Phantom Magic Vision J Huyutuki 2006 An analog Touhou trading card game.
Touhou Chaos Sign 東方混沌符

(Touhou Chaos Sign)

J AXIA 2010 An analog Touhou trading card game. The game designs are based on a commercial card game ChaosTCG.
Dream Illusion -Spell of Mirage- 夢幻 -Spell of Mirage-

(Dream Illusion -Spell of Mirage-)

J AT Project 2010 An analog Touhou trading card game.
THK74 J Hinafuda 2012 A Touhou theme karuta.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil3D 東方紅魔郷3D再現版

(The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil3D)

J Drile 2011 A fanmade game with the same mechanism and story as the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, with the exception that everything is 3Dimensional, making you able to dodge forward and backward as well.
Touhou Mutsuigeki 東方夢終劇 ~ Concealed the Conclusion

(Touhou Mutsuigeki)

J, (E) danmaq 2006 The sequel to The Alternative Age, originally a Danmakufu game script but remade using Microsoft XNA in 2011. Features vast improvements over its predecessor.
Patchoulius V J A Gradius-style shmup.
東方夢詠宴 ~ Dreamer's Party J 未完童話 An unconventional Touhou danmaku game.
東方二重極 ~キワミシューティング、アッー! J 東方大往生 A partially Touhou-inspired shmup.
Touhou Fangame J SquidMan A Fanmade Touhou Game for Wii Homebrew.
Touhou Kaikeidou ~ Marine Benefit 東方海恵堂 ~ Marine Benefit

(Touhou Kaikeidou ~ Marine Benefit)

J ねこふら/原色空間 2010 A vertical shmup with new characters and music. Once was a flash game, but has evolved into a downloadable game. Completed in 2012. Recently updated on 4 June 2013.
日天永路 ~ Astronomical Few Minute J
Touhou Fuuma Roku 東方風魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wind

(Touhou Fuuma Roku)

J Helios Create 2008 A remake of Story of Eastern Wonderland, featuring Windows characters and a new extra stage.
イオシスのアレ J YOSINAC A simple horizontal shmup.
チルノとレティのクリスマス! J YOSINAC A vertical shmup.
Tobi Marisa とびまりさ

(Tobi Marisa)

J のくの A horizontal shmup starring Marisa.
Patchouli パチュリ


J KvLW 2006 A free Touhou Suguri clone.
東方桃月抄 ~ Pitch Peach Paradise J Disfact A peach-collecting dodge-'em-up inspired by Silent Sinner in Blue.
Touhou Kokuhuugi 東方黒封戯

(Touhou Kokuhuugi)

J PresidentRoom A Shoot the Bullet-style game with Reimu in place of Aya.
Touhou Komakyou 東方古魔郷

(Touhou Komakyou)

J さいごめんのボス A (currently incomplete) NES-style remake of EoSD
東方玉遊戯 J ネグレリアの森
東方寒気団 J ネグレリアの森
Groovy Cirno Groovy ちるの

(Groovy Cirno)

J ネグレリアの森 A horizontal shmup
東方燐迷歌 ~ Phosphorus Hesitates Song J Shallty Games A Touhou-style shmup (formerly with mazes, but the game was revamped after Ver 0.03)
Moedan 萌える弾幕STG もえだん Moedan


J D.N.A. Softwares 2005 A cute introduction to danmaku starring Flandre Scarlet.
Touhou Soujiki 東方掃除紀

(Touhou Soujiki)

J Sakuranbo Tei 2006 Travel over the screen, sweeping it clean.
Touhou Huhuki 東方風々偽 ~ but...become fault those

(Touhou Huhuki)

J Independent 2006
Touhou Meisuishu ~ Resurrection of Heaven's Liquor 東方命萃酒 ~ Resurrection of Heaven's Liquor

(Touhou Meisuishu ~ Resurrection of Heaven's Liquor)

J Disfact 2008
絹織琉華 ~ Weaving the blue orient J ELField, 夜空的輝煌 2008 A horizontal shmup starring Marisa
東方秋神録 ~ Every day of Autumn J 黒幕機関 2010
Suwako no Danmaku Pyonpyon Daisansaku 諏訪子の弾幕ぴょんぴょん大散策

(Suwako no Danmaku Pyonpyon Daisansaku)

J UTG Software 2010 An isometric 3D danmaku shooting game.
Touhou Kyoushigen ~ Delightful Ghostly Vision 東方 嬌屍幻 ~ Delightful Ghostly Vision / Восхитительное Призрачное Видение

(Touhou Kyoushigen ~ Delightful Ghostly Vision)

RU touhou_ru TBA Opensource crossplatform vertical danmaku shooting game. (Description in Russian)
Eastern Beautiful Night 東方綺麗夜 ~ Fantasy Night

(Eastern Beautiful Night)

J, C, E PoQoP 2011 A danmaku shooting game notable for its copyright infringing content.
Fly Marisa Fly! E 2DEmotion 2010 A simple danmaku Dodge-Em-Up game with Marisa. Featuring online scoring.
舞華蒼魔鏡 ~ Uniting Barrage Action J souvenir_circ. 2011 A horizontal shmup starting Reimu Hakurei. The game was ported to PlayStation 4 as part of Play, Doujin!.
早苗乱舞 J とーふやさんAE 2011 Shooting game starting Sanae Kochiya
さなシュー J とーふやさんAE 2010 A horizontal shmup starring Sanae Kochiya
花果子新報 ~ Shoot the Forgotten Spells K 상기동방구사단(Sang-gi Dongbang Gusadan) 2010 A Shoot the Bullet style game with Hatate in place of Aya.
Tale of a Foreign Youkai 東方外妖傳

(Tale of a Foreign Youkai)

K Team DeerFarm 2010 A vertical/horizontal shmup starring Reimu Hakurei and several original characters.
Tale of a Burning Spirit 東方火鬼傳

(Tale of a Burning Spirit)

K Team DeerFarm 2011 Sequel to Tale of a Foreign Youkai.
Chestnut Journal 菱實日記 ~ Sticker Camouflage

(Chestnut Journal)

K 상기동방구사단(Sang-gi Dongbang Gusadan) 2010 A vertical shmup featuring Hatate.
Ruby Mobius J gokusaireverie 2011 A horizontal shmup starting Sakuya and Remilia
東方知霊文 J AloMarron 2011 A mix between a Quiz game and Danmaku.
ZUNUBIS J ModForGame 2009 A 3d Shooting game starting Reimu Hakurei based on Anubis: Zone of the Enders.
東方偽笑点 ~ Vaudeville of Falling Disciple J 2011 An STG mimicking Ten Desires starring Mononobe no Futo and Byakuren Hijiri.
Suwako-chan Cubic すわこちゃんcubic

(Suwako-chan Cubic)

J UTG Software 2012 A 3D danmaku shooting game and the sequel to Suwako no Danmaku Pyonpyon Daisansaku.
東方店舗録~Combinations With You J 魯鈍ジョン 2009 A danmaku game which includes only a single extra boss. Introduces a new FamilyMart-themed character.
Kekkai Gensou Rokukyou ~ Mythical Mirror 結界幻想録 鏡 ~ Mythical Mirror

(Kekkai Gensou Rokukyou ~ Mythical Mirror)

J danmaq×DANGOYA 2012 A danmaku game made in Microsoft XNA featuring original music and characters. Uses 3 playable teams a la Imperishable Night.
LASERREIMU J voidProc 2013 A vertical shmup starring Reimu.
Eastern Curtan Fire Festival ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival 東方幕華祭 ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival

(Eastern Curtan Fire Festival ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival)

C StarX 2014 A Chinese danmaku game in XNA featuring the EoSD cast.
东方百花宴 - The Flower Shooter C Seiwell 2014 A Chinese danmaku game featuring Aya Shameimaru as the playable character.
东方花逐夜 ~ Touhoupachi Blissful Death C 2012 Another Chinese danmaku game, heavily inspired by Cave games.
Shuushuu Nito Shoot Shoot Nitori 収集荷取 Shoot Shoot にとり

(Shuushuu Nito Shoot Shoot Nitori)

J Twilight Frontier 2014 A danmaku game with gameplay based on TUMIKI Fighters.
Danmaku Amanojaku Gold Rush 弾幕アマノジャク ゴールドラッシュ

(Danmaku Amanojaku Gold Rush)

J/C 2014 An unofficial Chinese replica of the official Touhou game Gold Rush, which hasn't been released to the public.
Eastern Summer Night's Festival ~ Shining Shooting Star 东方夏夜祭 ~ Shining Shooting Star

(Eastern Summer Night's Festival ~ Shining Shooting Star)

C 雨夜枫雪制作组 2015+
Battle Amanojaku ~ Shatter All Spell Card 战斗天邪鬼~Shatter All Spell Card

(Battle Amanojaku ~ Shatter All Spell Card)

C 正灌 2015 A sequel to Gold Rush (Remake).
东方幻梦笺~Touhou Phantasm Dream C 龙皇社 2015
雪晶石 -Malice Eater- J Project Noise/Amusement Makers 2015 Original STG starring Yumemi as 3rd Extra Boss
Eastern Lie Dimension ~ Fools Rush In 束方 嘘時空 ~ Fools_rush_in

(Eastern Lie Dimension ~ Fools Rush In)

J JynX 2017 A two-player competitive danmaku racing game starring the characters from Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream.
Taisei Project 泰西プロジェクト

(Taisei Project)

E 2017+ An open-source, cross-platform danmaku game.

Touhou Danmakufu[edit]

Title Language Publisher Release Description
東方弾幕風 ~ Touhou Danmakufu J Touhou GC 2003 A program which allows you to build your own danmaku games.
Touhou Danmakufu Remake E Tom 2017 An active remake of Danmakufu that is compatible with Ph3 (and in the future 0.12m) scripts.
Scripts for 0.12m[edit]
Title Language Publisher Release Description
東方神魔宴 ~ Fantom Fantasm J Ria 2006 A Touhou fangame for Danmakufu.
東方時封城 ~ the Alternative Age J danmaq 2005 A Danmakufu game script.
Night of the Immortal 봉래인의 밤

(Night of the Immortal)

K, J joy1999 & co. 2007 A Danmakufu game script loosely based on Imperishable Night.
Touhou Chireiden 東方地靈殿 ~ Subterranean Hatred

(Touhou Chireiden)

J 赤胡瓜スレのみんな 2009 A Danmakufu game script which is an unofficial phantasm stage for Subterranean Animism. Features 2 OS tracks and it's the original appearance of the somewhat famous fan-made character Mitori Kawashiro.
Phantasm Romance―幻想浪漫紀行― J Len 2008 A Danmakufu game script. Contains two difficulties, 6 stages and 4 extra stages.
幻想浪漫紀行 -Phantasmagoria Trues- J Len 2011 A remake of Phantasm Romance, also for Danmakufu. Contains three game modes and a unique scoring system.
Touhou Forget-me-not 東方勿忘草 ~ Forgotten Fragrance

(Touhou Forget-me-not)

K 상기동방구사단(Sang-gi Dongbang Gusadan) 2009 A Danmakufu game script.
無花果特報 ~ Taste the Fig. Tanmaks K 상기동방구사단(Sang-gi Dongbang Gusadan) 2011 A Danmakufu game script in the style of Shoot the Bullet with Hatate and Rinnosuke in place of Aya.
Lime Notebook 靈橘手帖 ~ Stagione del Sudachi

(Lime Notebook)

K 상기동방구사단(Sang-gi Dongbang Gusadan) 2012 A Danmakufu game script that combines vertical scrolling shooting game with the game style of Shoot the Bullet.
東方甘無月 -Trick and treat night- J 2010 A Danmakufu game script.
Touhou Houkaizou 東方訪界造 ~ Never Extinguished Flame

(Touhou Houkaizou)

J Nekettsukan 2011 A Danmakufu game script created in celebration of Shuzo Matsuoka's birthday.
Magical Singular Day -東方絲幻域- J リデラ 2011 A Danmakufu game script with many elements of Cave games incorporated into the game system and patterns.
Portrait of Strange Relic E Stuffman n/a A Danmakufu game script. Development was halted in 2010, with five stages completed at the time.
Touhou Jaseishou ~ The Last Comer 東方邪星章 ~ The Last Comer

(Touhou Jaseishou ~ The Last Comer)

J, E ido, Yuuyu and Hatsuke (Developer's Blog) 2012 A Danmakufu game script created for a certain NicoNico event. Contains 8 original characters, gameplay elements reminiscent of that Ten Desires' Trance system and an entire GST composed by Wanwan.
酔夢騒乱記 J Ria 2010 A Touhou fangame for Danmakufu 0.12m by the same creator as Fantom Fantasm. Contains a Darius-style route system for its 22 stages.
Luminous Dream E Professor Scissors 2013 A full length Danmakufu fan game, with emphasis on accessibility.
Scripts for ph3[edit]
Title Language Publisher Release Description
東方魔晶精 ~Fairies of Sorcery~ J Shijimi Nono 2012 A Danmakufu game script and the first completed script set to be released as a Package script. Contains three stages in five difficulties, an extra stage, and spell practice modes.
東方偽異伝 J raichu 2012 A script which uses gameplay similar to Highly Responsive to Prayers, but using the setting and characters of the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
妖怪狐狸合戦 J raichu 2013 A Danmakufu game script based around the war between foxes and tanuki. Contains a selectable route system.
Spell Card Collection J Shijimi Nono 2013 A Danmakufu game where players capture spells.
Touhou Doumeiju ~ Mystical Power Plant 東方導命樹 ~ Mystical Power Plant

(Touhou Doumeiju ~ Mystical Power Plant)

J, E ido (Developer's Blog) 2013 A Danmakufu game script created for a certain NicoNico event. Contains several original characters and gameplay elements, and an entire GST composed by Wanwan.
Touhou Tougenkyuu ~ Riverbed Soul Saver 東方桃源宮 ~ Riverbed Soul Saver

(Touhou Tougenkyuu ~ Riverbed Soul Saver)

J, E ido and Len (Developer's Blog) 2014 The third game in the series created by Ido & company.
Touhou Hakujinki ~ White Names Spoiled Past 東方白塵記 ~ White Names Spoiled Past

(Touhou Hakujinki ~ White Names Spoiled Past)

J NRT (Developer's Blog) 2014 The fourth game in ido's series of Danmakufu fangames, featuring most other developers from the past three games, and compositions created by Misora Hiiragi (in place of Wanwan).
Shinyaku: Touhou Gensousatsu ~ Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker 新約・東方幻想殺 ~ Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker.

(Shinyaku: Touhou Gensousatsu ~ Re.Phantasmagoria of Imagine Breaker)

J Gore (Developer's Blog) 2014 A crossover between Touhou and A Certain Magical Index, and a remake of one of the creator's past projects.
Touhou Kouyasai ~ The Perfect Maid. 東方紅夜砕 ~ The Perfect Maid.

(Touhou Kouyasai ~ The Perfect Maid.)

J KILLA 2015 KILLA's first game. Centers around Sakuya going up against various Embodiment characters, with a certain guest star in the Extra stage.
Touhou Mahoujou ~ Book of Star Mythology 東方魔宝城 ~ Book of Star Mythology

(Touhou Mahoujou ~ Book of Star Mythology)

J Mace's Secret Base and raichu (Developer's Blog) 2016 (full) A Danmakufu script originally meant to be a collaborative ZUN-styled album, made into a full game with the help of raichu, who coded Youkai Kori Kassen and White names spoiled past. It is considered to be part of the ido canon. (Game's main site)
Touhou Hou Enbu 東方宝演舞

(Touhou Hou Enbu)

J, E Helepolis and Warugaki (Drill Chichikuri) 2015 A Danmakufu script by major Western Touhou person Helepolis, featuring art from close associate Warugaki. Features 3 stages across 3 difficulties, and two playable teams of characters. Was released for free at Reitaisai 12 alongside Drill Chichikuri products.
Graceful Danmaku Festival E Princess Sylvysprit 2016 A Danmakufu script developed by Touhou-style composer Princess Sylvysprit, featuring a completely original soundtrack, and characters. Three stages are included in the current release.
Tri Focuser ~ Outside the Traditional World トライフォーカサー ~ Outside the Traditional World

(Tri Focuser ~ Outside the Traditional World)

J ido, raichu and Shijimi Nono (Developer's Blog) 2017 A danmaku game developed by Shijimi Nono, ido and raichu. It is notable for being the first fully released camera game for ph3. It is part of ido's canon, and features characters from The Last Comer, Mystical Power Plant, Riverbed Soul Saver, and Book of Star Mythology. Strangely, characters from White names spoiled past characters do not really appear other than Vinkawars, but that game is occasionally referenced throughout the ido canon.
Touhou Falling Meteor ~ The Shattered Sky 東方落流星 ~ The Shattered Sky

(Touhou Falling Meteor ~ The Shattered Sky)

E Eredom/Team Dreamcatcher 2017 A Danmakufu script featuring 6 stages and 3 extra stages, containing music by Abner.
Touhou Tenkarou ~ Frantically Forbidden Fruit. 東方天華楼 ~ Frantically Forbidden Fruit.

(Touhou Tenkarou ~ Frantically Forbidden Fruit.)

J Gore (Developer's Blog) 2017 A full Danmakufu game for ph3, involving a mechanic based around fruit.
Touhou Muyuubyou ~ Dead and Alive. 東方夢幽渺 ~ Dead and Alive.

(Touhou Muyuubyou ~ Dead and Alive.)

J KILLA 2018 KILLA's second game. Centers around Youmu going up against (mostly) various Perfect Cherry Blossom characters, with a certain guest star in the Extra stage.
Touhou Shinjutou ~ Hollow Song of Birds 東方真珠島 ~ Hollow Song of Birds

(Touhou Shinjutou ~ Hollow Song of Birds)

J ido, raichu and Shijimi Nono (Developer's Blog) 2018 The next game in the ido canon, once again in cooperation with raichu and Shijimi Nono. Centers around a large number (10!) of selectable orbs that change each character's firepower. The story premise is a bit... dark.
Touhou Saikotan ~ Servants of Harvest Wish 東方催狐譚 ~ Servants of Harvest Wish

(Touhou Saikotan ~ Servants of Harvest Wish)

E Team Dreamcatcher 2018 Team Dreamcatcher's second project. Currently in development with a trial release date planned for mid-2018.
Touhou Chouseisho ~ Sapphire Panlogism 東方潮聖書 ~ Sapphire Panlogism

(Touhou Chouseisho ~ Sapphire Panlogism)

E, J Team Urban Mimzie 2018 Team Urban Mimzie's first project. A trial release is planned for spring 2018.
Touhou Monjusen ~ Bubbling Imaginary Treasures. 東方門殊銭 ~ Bubbling Imaginary Treasures.

(Touhou Monjusen ~ Bubbling Imaginary Treasures.)

J Gore (Developer's Blog) 2019 Gore's third game. Currently in development, planned to be completed in 2019 with a trial in 2018.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
Touhou Haou 東方覇王

(Touhou Haou)

Touhou Haou 2 東方覇王弐

(Touhou Haou 2)

J 大往生 2010
Touhou Koubutou 東方紅舞闘

(Touhou Koubutou)

J Cubetype 2010 A Touhou fighting game based on Virtual-ON.
爆東方幻想郷 外伝 FIGHTING RAVEN J 2010
東方大運動会博麗大乱闘Rehearsal J
Touhou Musou 東方無双

(Touhou Musou)

J Hachiuma 2011 Features 12 Touhou characters in a Top-down perspective battle arena with Danmaku.
Youyou Kengeki Musou 妖々剣戟夢想

(Youyou Kengeki Musou)

J あんかけスパ 2010
Touhou Sky Arena 東方スカイアリーナ

(Touhou Sky Arena)

J 領域ZERO 2011 A 3D arena fighting game.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
That Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~ 某方紅魔郷 ~Scarlet Family~

(That Koumakyou ~Scarlet Family~)

J Marecha 2011 A metroidvania style platfromer staring the EoSD cast.
That Youyoumu 某方妖々夢

(That Youyoumu)

J Marokaka 2012 A metroidvania style platfromer staring Youmu, continuation of the previous game.
Full Mokou ni Shiteyanyo! フルモッコにしてやんよ!

(Full Mokou ni Shiteyanyo!)

J Zwei 2010
Touhou SASA J 2010
Maristice J, (E) @N-Factory 2009 A puzzle-based isometric platformer in the style of the NES classic Solstice.
Nue's Operation Bigburn ぬえのビッグバーン大作戦

(Nue's Operation Bigburn)

J 2010
Rumian Land J 2010
Super Aki Simai スーパー 秋姉妹

(Super Aki Simai)

爆東方幻想郷 Detonate on Sound J @N-Factory
Cirno Climber J Kamo 2008 A game based off Ice Climbers.
逆転東方2 J 2010
早苗の妖怪退治指南 J 2010
Touhou Splinter Cell Code: R 東方スプリンターセル CODE:R

(Touhou Splinter Cell Code: R)

J BlueMica 2010
東方遊宴世界体験版 J 2010
Touhou Miracle Misogi Action J 2010
Touhou Kouhentan 東方紅変譚

(Touhou Kouhentan)

J 悠遊亭 2010
Touhou Gekiren Ki 東方撃煉記

(Touhou Gekiren Ki)

J MOON GODDESS 2010 A platformer where you play as Cirno
チルノの東方氷琉記 J MOON GODDESS 2011 A continuation of the previous game, in which you still control Cirno
Touhou Sky Fight 東方スカイファイト

(Touhou Sky Fight)

J 領域ZERO 2010
Teng Soldier J GATLING CAT 2010
Atai No Ken アタイの拳

(Atai No Ken)

J Zwei 2010 Features Cirno. Based on Megaman
Touhou Bishuugeki 東方美襲劇

(Touhou Bishuugeki)

J 悠遊亭 2010 Features Sakuya
Hashiresen 3D はしれーせん!!3D

(Hashiresen 3D)

J StudioRiceCake 2010 Features Reisen
Yakumo Run! 藍さまが よくわからないけど ひたすら走るゲーム YAKUMO RUN!

(Yakumo Run!)

J カレーライスゲノム 2010 Features Ran Yakumo
Shin Touhou Reitaik 真·東方冷泰記 おバカチルノの日常記

(Shin Touhou Reitaik)

J MOON GODDESS 2010 Features Cirno
Bomb Meirin ボン・メイリン

(Bomb Meirin)

J D.N.A. Softwares 2010 Features Meirin
Meirin Gaiden いーあるめーりん外伝・異聞妖怪山編

(Meirin Gaiden)

J DCS 2010 Features Meirin
東方輝羅星 J MDY A Contra-style run and gun game.
咲夜東方伝 J Eternal the World. A simple MaxAction platformer starring Letty
Udomyon うどみょん


J たまごやき A simple MaxAction platformer starring Reisen Udongein Inaba
Burger Reimu J DASTARD A ROM-hack of the BurgerTime video game starring Reimu Hakurei and based in particular on certain Walfas Flash animations.
てゐの大冒険? J あてもない部屋 A simple MaxAction platformer starring Tewi.
ぐるぐるすいか J ですのや A platformer starring Suika.
東方冷泰記 J MOON GODDESS A platformer starring Cirno.
Super Marisa Land J Twilight Frontier 2005 A Super Mario Bros. clone starring Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid
Marisa and 6 Mushrooms 魔理沙と6つのキノコ

(Marisa and 6 Mushrooms)

J Twilight Frontier 2010 A sequel to Super Marisa Land.
Super Marisa World J Double Cluster 2007 Another Super Mario Bros. clone starring Marisa Kirisame and Koakuma
MegaMari 魔理沙の野望


J Twilight Frontier 2006 A Mega Man clone starring Marisa and Alice.
ENDLESS ALICE -The Seven Colored Magician's Close Call- ENDLESS ALICE ~七色魔法使い危機一髪!~

(ENDLESS ALICE -The Seven Colored Magician's Close Call-)

J LION HEART 2006 An endless-type survival game starring Alice where you destroy forest mushrooms
ENDLESS MARISA -The White & Black Magician's Close Call- ENDLESS MARISA ~白黒魔法使い危機一髪!~

(ENDLESS MARISA -The White & Black Magician's Close Call-)

J LION HEART 2006 An endless-type survival game starring Marisa where you destroy Alice's dolls.
Mystical Chain J LION HEART 2009 A single-screen beat-'em-up starring Marisa, Alice, and Patchouli.
Sanae Challenge! サナエチャレンジ!

(Sanae Challenge!)

J LION HEART 2008 A platformer starring Sanae.
Sanae Challenge! FUSION サナエチャレンジ!FUSION

(Sanae Challenge! FUSION)

J LION HEART 2010 A platformer starring Sanae and Utsuho, sequel to the original Sanae Challenge
The Tempest of Heaven and Earth 天壌のテンペスト

(The Tempest of Heaven and Earth)

J LION HEART 201X A platformer starring Tenshi.
Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony 紅魔城伝説 緋色の交響曲

(Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony)

J, E, F Frontier Aja 2009 A Touhou-themed Castlevania type game
Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem 紅魔城伝説Ⅱ 妖幻の鎮魂歌

(Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem)

J, E, F Frontier Aja 2010 A sequel to Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony
The Adventure of Marisa -The Quest of Marisa- 魔理沙の冒険~The Quest of Marisa~

(The Adventure of Marisa -The Quest of Marisa-)

J BlueMica 2007
The Mistress's Heart-beating Great Operation -The Cursed Scarlet Mansion- お嬢様のドキドキ大作戦~呪われた紅の館~

(The Mistress's Heart-beating Great Operation -The Cursed Scarlet Mansion-)

J, (E) BlueMica 2010 A platformer starring Remilia.
Touhou Katsugeki Kidan 東方活劇綺談

(Touhou Katsugeki Kidan)

J GATLING CAT 2009 A side-scrolling action/platformer with RPG elements. Stars Momiji.
Touhou Katsugeki Kidan - Dai Ni Maku 東方活劇綺談 ~ 第弐幕

(Touhou Katsugeki Kidan - Dai Ni Maku)

J GATLING CAT 2010 Second game in the Touhou Katsugeki Kidan series. Stars Momiji.
Touhou Katsugeki Kidan - Dai San Maku 東方活劇綺談 ~ 第参幕

(Touhou Katsugeki Kidan - Dai San Maku)

J GATLING CAT 2011 Third game in the Touhou Katsugeki Kidan series. Stars Momiji.
SANAE&MOMIE ~ WITH IBARAKASEN J GATLING CAT 2011 Similar to the Touhou Katsugeki Kidan series, but with the addition of Sanae and Kasen as playable characters.
Touhou Hirabunroku 東方悠遊亭

(Touhou Hirabunroku)

J A platformer starring Marisa Kirisame, Alice Margatroid, and Youmu Konpaku.
Touhou Yuuen Sekai 東方遊宴世界

(Touhou Yuuen Sekai)

J 激辛spice A platformer where you explore various worlds of Gensokyo. The game features a co-op mode for two players.
The Mystery of Gensokyo ゲンソウキョウの謎

(The Mystery of Gensokyo)

J 激辛spice 2012 Sequel to Touhou Yuuen Sekai.
I Wanna be the Shrine Maiden E 2DEmotion 2009 A Touhou spinoff of I Wanna be the Guy.
I Wanna be the Shrine Maiden 2 E 2DEmotion 2010 A sequel to the first one. Now with danmaku!
走る!咲夜さん J Y-Cubed 2010
Suika VS Mecha Suika スイカ VS メカスイカ

(Suika VS Mecha Suika)

J Daisessan (大雪戦) 2010
Moriya's Journey ~ I wanna be the God 洩矢の旅~I wanna be the God

(Moriya's Journey ~ I wanna be the God)

J UTG Software 2009 A game starring Suwako as the main character, similar in concept and design to I Wanna Be the Guy
Touhou Koukayaku The Game 東方虹華薬 TheGame

(Touhou Koukayaku The Game)

J Peposoft & Conagusuri 2010 Platformer starting the cast of Undefined Fantastic Object. It was released as an addition to 東方虹華薬(Touhou Koukayaku) at C79.
Takkoman -Kouzatsu World- J illuCalab. 2012 A Mega Man Zero like platformer starting a fan-made yukkuri-Yukari-Reimu-mixed creature named "Takorin".
美鈴とチルノの妖怪の山大冒険~大妖精を救え~ J honya2 2011 Platformer starting Meiling and Cirno.
Aya-chan DASH 文ちゃんDASH

(Aya-chan DASH)

J 苺兄貴 2011 Patformer starting Aya, with a constantly scrolling screen.
闇のルーミア J Otter's Arcadia A Kirby-like game starting Rumia, currently not finished.
Endless Sakuya エンドレスサクヤ

(Endless Sakuya)

J Zwei 2011 A Platformer starting Sakuya in which the goal is to score as much as you can with the stage looping itself over and over.
Unlimited Heroes 東方幻弾章Y

(Unlimited Heroes)

J INSIDE SYSTEM 2010 A mix of Megaman and Gradius starting Reimu Hakurei and Flandre Scarlet. At Comiket 80 it was released with few modifications to the game.
東方紅翔我 J ModForGame 2009 A 3d Platformer starting Reimu. Resembles Mario but in a 3d perspective.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
Marisa and Alice まりさとありす

(Marisa and Alice)

J, (E) ですのや Puzzle game based off of Mario & Wario
Touhou Battle Gaiden 東方武闘外伝

(Touhou Battle Gaiden)

J 夏季限定 2007 A versus Tetris game with Touhou characters
Marisa's Key まりさのかぎ

(Marisa's Key)

J NRF puzzle game in the style of Solomon's Key, starring Marisa
Cirno De Pon チルノでポン

(Cirno De Pon)

J 無限旋律 A Cirno-themed puzzle game
Touhou Suihanki 東方萃氾紀

(Touhou Suihanki)

J さくらんぼ亭 A Lemmings-like game
東方琳瑯華 entirety spell timbre J かも
Touhou Kahosai 東方花火祭

(Touhou Kahosai)

J EFZClub 2009 A puzzle game by fandom forum EFZClub.
Touhou Guru Guru Dama 東方ぐるぐる弾

(Touhou Guru Guru Dama)

J Shima-Neko 2009
Eiya Gensoukairou 永夜幻想回廊

(Eiya Gensoukairou)

J Y-Cubed 2010
Super Heroin Taisen Touhou Version J
東方鎖宝録 J
幻想郷横断るなてぃっくいず J
東方永月譚 ~Capriccio of Imperishable Princess J
Touhou Drops (東方どろっぷす) J
Fortune Star ☆ Panic! J ですのや 2010 A puzzler where you move blocks to collect stars.
Touhou Renjyu Game 東方連珠遊戯

(Touhou Renjyu Game)

J こすぷれ喫茶娘々 2010
Fantasy Explorer Nitroid! 幻想探索 にとろいど!

(Fantasy Explorer Nitroid!)

J, (E) ですのや 2011 Puzzle based platformer with Metroidvania-esque exploration and powerups.
More! Touhou Renjyu Game 2 もっと!東方連珠遊戯.弐

(More! Touhou Renjyu Game 2)

J こすぷれ喫茶娘々 2011
Satori Komeiji's Mental Education 古明地さとりの情操教育

(Satori Komeiji's Mental Education)

J Twilight Frontier 2012 A puzzle action game where you guide Koishi to the goal via Satori
Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower まりさとアリスのトラップタワー

(Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower)

J, (E) ですのや 2012 A puzzle game where you control Marisa and Alice together and scroll the stages vertically to proceed
LittleLabyrinth J Len 201x A puzzle game written in Danmakufu.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
OZUNO J ぼったくりばー online 2009 A racing game starring Ran
Touhou Seicross 東方セクロス

(Touhou Seicross)

J Hachimitsu Kuma-san 2009 Seicross


Title Language Publisher Release Description
七日間の人形創り J ぼったくりばー online
Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Scarlet 東方リズムカーニバル!紅

(Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Scarlet)

J FocasLens 2012 Rhythm game starring Aya and the SDM cast.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
Blizzard of Faith & Revenge 東方夜神雪

(Blizzard of Faith & Revenge)

C, (E) Moe Touhou 2009 A Touhou RPG featuring all Touhou characters
East Pair Six Transmission 東方双六伝

(East Pair Six Transmission)

J どくへん A Touhou RPG made with RPG Maker 2000
East Quiet Learning/Repairing Sword 東方幽修剣

(East Quiet Learning/Repairing Sword)

J どくへん A Touhou RPG made with RPG Maker 2000
East Shape Employment 東方形使役

(East Shape Employment)

J どくへん A Touhou RPG made with RPG Maker 2000
East Superior Long Night 東方優永夜

(East Superior Long Night)

J どくへん A Touhou RPG made with RPG Maker 2000
East Winter Source Home Village 東方冬源郷

(East Winter Source Home Village)

J どくへん A Touhou RPG made with RPG Maker 2000
Est エスト


J Shallty Games 2010
Fools, Friend And Innocent Mind 東方⑨月洸

(Fools, Friend And Innocent Mind)

Gensou Shoujo Taisen 幻想少女大戦

(Gensou Shoujo Taisen)

J Sanbondo 2010 A four-part Touhou Simulation RPG game based on Super Robot Wars. The first part, 紅 (Kou or Scarlet), covers all characters from EoSD and some others.
Imperishable Night Lunatic Moon Vignette (Yocchan Story) 永夜狂月抄(よっちゃんストーリー)

(Imperishable Night Lunatic Moon Vignette (Yocchan Story))

J 這い寄るkurusu 2012 A Touhou RPG made with RPG Maker 2000 starring Yorihime
Mystery Gensokyo 不思議の幻想郷

(Mystery Gensokyo)

J AQUA STYLE 2010 A Touhou roguelike. It's game elements are mostly adapted from the Fūrai no Shiren series.
Sanae's Super Express -The Express Trail- さなえの超特急-TheExpressTrial-

(Sanae's Super Express -The Express Trail-)

J AQUA STYLE 2010 Another Touhou roguelike starring Sanae. It's a side-story of Fushigi no Gensokyo.
Cirno's Gensokyo アタイの幻想郷

(Cirno's Gensokyo)

J AQUA STYLE 2010 Another Touhou roguelike starring Cirno. It is a joke game made for April Fools' Day. You can download it from the developer's Website for free.
More!? Mystery Gensokyo Prologue -The Threat from the Surface- もっと!?不思議の幻想郷プロローグ-地上からの脅威-

(More!? Mystery Gensokyo Prologue -The Threat from the Surface-)

J AQUA STYLE 2010 A Touhou roguelike game. It is the trail version of Motto!? Fushigi no Gensokyo.
More!? Mystery Gensokyo-UNDER THE MOONLIGHT- もっと!?不思議の幻想郷-UNDER THE MOONLIGHT-

(More!? Mystery Gensokyo-UNDER THE MOONLIGHT-)

J AQUA STYLE 2010 A Touhou rougelike, sequel to Fushigi no Gensokyo.
More!? Mystery Gensokyo plus - The Dungeon of Dreams and Magic もっと!?不思議の幻想郷plus-The Dungeon of Dreams and Magic

(More!? Mystery Gensokyo plus - The Dungeon of Dreams and Magic)

J AQUA STYLE 2011 Another Touhou rougelike. It is an expansion to Motto!? Fushigi no Gensokyo (Moshigen), so you need the original game data of Moshigen in order to play the game.
Miracle Party -Mystery Gensokyo 2- みらくる☆パーティー -不思議の幻想郷2-

(Miracle Party -Mystery Gensokyo 2-)

J AQUA STYLE 2011 A brand new title squeal to the Fushigi no Gensokyo series. Sanae is your playable character and can make a party along with Marisa, Suwako and Kanako.
Miracle Party Plus みらくる☆パーティーPlus

(Miracle Party Plus)

J AQUA STYLE 2012 An expansion pack to the Touhou roguelike Miracle Party.
Mugen Nise Sato ~ First Disaster 夢幻偽郷~ First Disaster

(Mugen Nise Sato ~ First Disaster)

J, (E) SnowGale 2012 Mugen Nise Sato using similar gameplay to Valkyrie Profile (tri-Ace, Sony Playstation, 1999) with main character (in this case Reimu) is the only visible during exploring. Upon contact with an enemy, RPG-style battle begins and all characters are visible. Throughout the game player can add new allies, but only 4 maximum can be carried over. According to Snow Gale using joypad is not a must, but recommended for better performance (review from
Mystery Gensokyo CHRONICLE 不思議の幻想郷CHRONICLE-クロニクル-

(Mystery Gensokyo CHRONICLE)

J AQUA STYLE 2012 An all-in-one pack edition that consists of the refine version of Fushigi no Gensokyo, The Express Trail, Moshigen Prologue, Under the Moonlight (Moshigen) and the Dungeon of Dreams and Magic (Moshigen Plus).
Labyrinth of Touhou 東方の迷宮

(Labyrinth of Touhou)

J, (E) 偽英国紳士団 A dungeon crawler RPG featuring a large cast of Touhou characters, many as both enemy bosses and playable characters,
Labyrinth of Touhou Plus Disc 東方の迷宮 プラスディスク

(Labyrinth of Touhou Plus Disc)

J, (E) 偽英国紳士団 2009 An expansion pack to Labyrinth of Touhou that adds more playable characters, new items, new enemies and bosses, and ten extra floors to the game's main dungeon.
Labyrinth of Touhou Special Disc 東方の迷宮 Special Disc

(Labyrinth of Touhou Special Disc)

J, (E) 偽英国紳士団 2010 A re-release of Labyrinth of Touhou and the Plus Disc expansion pack into one disc with new features such as the new remixed Touhou soundtrack and the ability to use custom character portraits.
Labyrinth of Touhou: Gensokyo and the Heaven-Piercing Tree 東方の迷宮 幻想郷と天貫の大樹

(Labyrinth of Touhou: Gensokyo and the Heaven-Piercing Tree)

J 偽英国紳士団 2013 A sequel to the first Labyrinth of Touhou game.
Momiji and the Mysterious Cave 椛と不思議の洞窟

(Momiji and the Mysterious Cave)

J BACKSPACE A roguelike starring Momiji Inubashiri.
Scarlet Devil Mansion Labyrinth
Touhou Angband J Shrinemaiden BBS 2006 A Touhou text-mode roguelike.
The Genius of Sappheiros 東方蒼神縁起

(The Genius of Sappheiros)

J, (E) Strawberry Bose 2010 A traditional SaGa-esque RPG. Released for the PlayStation Vita under the title of Touhou Soujiengi V as part of Play, Doujin!.
Devil of Decline 東方幻想魔録

(Devil of Decline)

J Strawberry Bose 2011
Eastern Mysterious Dream Youkai Talk ~ the Nightmare of Rebellion 東方玄夢妖譚 ~ the Nightmare of Rebellion

(Eastern Mysterious Dream Youkai Talk ~ the Nightmare of Rebellion)

J Strawberry Bose 2013 Last game of Strawberry Bose's trilogy.
Tendou Blade テンドーブレード

(Tendou Blade)

J Tokushu Soukou Tai 2010 Another Saga-like RPG starring Tenshi.
Youkai Tan Q Roku ヨーカイ探Q録

(Youkai Tan Q Roku)

J Tokushu Soukou Tai 2010
Touhou Hack and Slash 東方ハックアンドスラッシュ

(Touhou Hack and Slash)

J, (E) Nijiiro Hitsuji 2009 Dungeon Crawler with the Touhou cast!
Touhou Live-A-Live 東方ライブアライブ

(Touhou Live-A-Live)

Touhou Mother 東方星母録

(Touhou Mother)

J, (E) S, Enterbrain 2009 Mother (Earthbound) featuring Touhou characters made in RPG Maker 2000
Return of Touhou Mother J, (E) S, Enterbrain 2015 A sequel to Touhou Mother! (Finally complete)
Touhou Pocket Wars 東方ポケット戦爭

(Touhou Pocket Wars)

C, J, (E) 未完童話 2009 An RPG game where you level up Touhou figures and battle them in tournaments
Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution 東方ポケット戦争EVO

(Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution)

C, J, (E) 未完童話 2009 A sequel to the original Pocket Wars adding greater depth and content.
Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution Plus 東方ポケット戦争EVOplus

(Touhou Pocket Wars Evolution Plus)

C, J, (E) 未完童話 2010 An expansion pack to Pocket Wars EVO, adding more characters and expanded game mechanics.
Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd 東方ポケット戦争2nd

(Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd)

C, J 未完童話 2012 A sequel to the Pocket Wars EVO and EVO+ adding new content, mechanics and characters.
Touhou Puppet Play 東方人形劇

(Touhou Puppet Play)

J, E BACKSPACE A ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed, replacing Pokemon with Touhou characters. Also known as "Touhoumon". There are many variants of this game, that make significant changes and additions and can be considered their own games.
Touhou Maiden 東方冥異伝

(Touhou Maiden)

J Hachimitsu Kuma-san A Touhou RPG (series). Also known as "Defiant of Shrine Maiden."
東方夢幻偽郷 J Snow Gale 2010
東方宝嬌旅 J 悠遊亭 2010
東方空夢匣 ~ Gift from the Gods J Disfact 2009 A Touhou roguelike game.
Touhou Houkyouryo (Houkyoutabi/Zelda Sakuya) J Legend of Zelda, except it's Sakuya.
さくやさんクライシス ~ The Perfect Elegant Skill J Kokoko-soft 2011 Ys stylized game, with addition of spellcards and many more enemies.
東方下剋上クインテット J Sharp Eight 2011 An Rpg starring Cirno as the shrine maiden.
NMR ~ナズーリン埋蔵金調査隊~


J Y-cubed 2011 An Rpg starring Undefined Fantastic Object cast.
妖夢主人公 J Kageusubito 2011 An Rpg starring Youmu.
Touhou Fantasy E Xenomic, Enterbrain A Final Fantasy-styled RPG featuring the entire cast, centering around Pandora's Box. Still in beta stage.
げんそうきょう ふぁんたじあ J conagusuri, Peposoft 2011 A RPG/Shooting game starting Reimu Hakurei. It supposed act bonus in the album antiphōna, but it wasn't finished on time. However it is now downloadable on the web.
Lord of Maidens E Pesco 2011/2 A Diablo 2:LoD mod. The original Diablo story is given a Touhou crossover. Still in beta stages.
東方耀冥月 J リデラ 2013 A dungeon crawling RPG notable for being written entirely in Danmakufu ph3.
幻想人形演舞 J FocasLens 2014 A spiritual successor to Touhou Puppet Play, made as a standalone game.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
Touhou Dai Undousai 東方大運動祭

(Touhou Dai Undousai)

J トッパツプラン 2012 Sequel to Dai Undoukai in the same style of the Kunio-kun series.
Touhou Dodgeball 東方ドッジボール部

(Touhou Dodgeball)

J Black Rock ONE 2010 Touhou Dodgeball!!
Touhou Soccer 東方サッカー

(Touhou Soccer)

J Hachimitsu Kuma-san Touhou Soccer!!
Touhou Soccer Moushuuden 東方サッカー猛蹴伝

(Touhou Soccer Moushuuden)

J, (E) Hachimitsu Kuma-san 2006 Sequel to Touhou Soccer


Title Language Publisher Release Description
Gensokyo Tower Defense 幻想郷 Tower Defense

(Gensokyo Tower Defense)

J @N-Factory 2007 Tower defense Touhou style!
PatchCon ぱちゅコン Defend the library!


J, (E) Twilight Frontier 2007 An RTS game starring almost all of the characters from recent games. 1P only, unlike most other modern RTSes.
Touhou Defence of The Shrines 东方幻想乡 ~ Defence of The Shrines

(Touhou Defence of The Shrines)

C, E HJISTIC A custom WarCraft III map mod with a similiar gameplay mechanics from the highly popular custom map DoTA.
Touhou Daydream Breaker K, C, E Lady_Kim-Kelf An interesting DoTA style map on Warcraft III with many unique features that makes it stand out from other DoTA like maps. Translated to English by Darknessattack2.
Scarlet Devil Mansion Defense C, E A hero defense map for Warcraft III. Translated to English (unofficially) by Darknessattack2
Touhou Epic J, (E) 蒼破 (Souha) 2009 A Civilization IV BtS mod that replaces civilizations with factions and introduces characters as units.
Suika Fortress E A Dwarf Fortress mod that replaces Dwarves with Suikas, Elves with Parseekkuris, and Kobolds with Daiyouseikkuris, among others.
Voile Fortress E Another Dwarf Fortress mod by a different modder, this time featuring a horde of little devils as the playable civilization.
東方蟒酒宴 ~Age of Ethanols~ J neetpia 2011 An RTS based on Age of Empires. More info[1].

Tactical RPG[edit]

Title Language Publisher Release Description
SuperMurasa J Tokushu Soukou Tai 2010
Touhou Senrankan 東方戦爛華 霊夢の章
~Independence for Oneself~

(Touhou Senrankan)

J Travel Frontier 2010 A strategy RPG, features Reimu.
Touhou Senrankan 東方戦爛華 咲夜の章
~Gathering the World Connected~

(Touhou Senrankan)

J Travel Frontier 2011 A continuation of previous game, features Sakuya.
Touhou SRPG Rangufuu 東方SRPG乱愚風

(Touhou SRPG Rangufuu)

J 春日町, 智遊堂 2010 A Langrisser-like Touhou tactical RPG game.
Fantasy Maiden Wars E 幻想少女大戦紅

(Fantasy Maiden Wars E)

J, (E) Sanbondo 2010 A four-part Touhou clone of the Super Robot Taisen series. Fantasy Maiden Wars E is part-one of the series.
Gensou Shoujo Taisen Bewitched 幻想少女大戦妖

(Gensou Shoujo Taisen Bewitched)

J Sanbondo 2011 A four-part Touhou clone of the Super Robot Taisen series. Gensou Shoujo Taisen Bewitched is part-two of the series.
原子暗黒殿 J Tokushu Soukou Tai 2009
東方地平線 ~ FlightSwitchOn! J Tokushu Soukou Tai 2008
幻想四倍剣~天子の大逆襲~ J Tokushu Soukou Tai 2008


J ちゆうどう 2011 A Fire Emblem clone with over 60 playable Touhou characters!
東方ちぇむぶれむ 星蓮船版 J ちゆうどう 2011 A side story project for EAST CHEMBLEM featuring brand new characters from Undefined Fantastic Object
東方地底ダイブ J GREEN MORE LIFE 2011 Similar to Alicesoft's Mamanyonyo
東方仙桃伝 ~the Battle of Substitutive Peach~ J lunaport
Gensokyou Shiki 幻想郷史紀 

(Gensokyou Shiki)

J 闇討ちProject 2011 A war simulator that takes place in Gensokyo
Touhou Fugyouseki ~ Nightmare of Sleeping Girl 東方巫行跡 ~ Nightmare of Sleeping Girl

(Touhou Fugyouseki ~ Nightmare of Sleeping Girl)

J, (E) Kamo 2012 Similar to AliceSoft's Widenyo

Visual Novel[edit]

Title Language Publisher Release Description
Sengoku Gensokyo 戦国幻想郷

(Sengoku Gensokyo)

J, (E) Coolier 2007 A conquest simulation/visual novel hybrid similar to Sengoku Rance by AliceSoft.
東方繰人形2 アリスといっしょ -Alice to Eternal- J Coolier A dating game starring Alice Margatroid.
Sentimental Gensoukyou J A visual novel based on the adventures of Rinnosuke Morichika in Gensokyo.
夜雀憐 J モス A short visual novel with simple art.
東方小話珠 ~violet violence diary~ 第一話 射命丸 文 J studio O-P-L A visual novel starring Aya.
Wrigglui J 妄想エリクシル A visual novel featuring several versions of Wriggle Nightbug.
Gensokyo Labyrinth 幻想鏡らびリンス Welcome to Lunatic Festival

(Gensokyo Labyrinth)

J 地元青年弾 2008
The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for busy person 忙しい人のためのこうまきょう

(The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for busy person)

J Kasuga Soft 2009 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for busy person extra stage 忙しい人のためのこうまきょうEXTRA

(The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for busy person extra stage)

J Kasuga Soft 2009 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Perfect Cherry Blossom for busy person 忙しい人のためのようようむ

(Perfect Cherry Blossom for busy person)

J Kasuga Soft 2010 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Perfect Cherry Blossom for busy person extra stage 忙しい人のためのようようむEXTRA

(Perfect Cherry Blossom for busy person extra stage)

J Kasuga Soft 2010 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Shoot the Bullet for busy person 忙しい人のためのぶんかちょう

(Shoot the Bullet for busy person)

J Kasuga Soft 2010 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Immaterial and Missing Power for busy person 忙しい人のためのすいむそう

(Immaterial and Missing Power for busy person)

J Kasuga Soft 2010 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Imperishable Night for busy person - One night before 忙しい人のためのえいやしょう~前夜~

(Imperishable Night for busy person - One night before)

J Kasuga Soft 2011 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Imperishable Night for busy person 忙しい人のためのえいやしょう

(Imperishable Night for busy person)

J Kasuga Soft 2011 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Imperishable Night for busy person extra stage 忙しい人のためのえいやしょうEXTRA

(Imperishable Night for busy person extra stage)

J Kasuga Soft 2012 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Phantasmagoria of Flower View for busy person 忙しい人のためのかえんづか

(Phantasmagoria of Flower View for busy person)

J Kasuga Soft 2013 "Trivia and comedy" visual novel with voiceover.
Flandre's Quest E Rednal 2010 A visual novel from Flandre's point of view.
Shin Gyakuten Touhou 真逆転東方

(Shin Gyakuten Touhou)

J, (E) すいかやさん 2009 A visual novel based on the Gyakuten Saiben/Ace Attorney series, starring Aya.
Doll's Walking どーるずうぉーきんぐ

(Doll's Walking)

J 2011 A simulation game where you take the role of Alice Margatroid raising dolls.
Touhou Mecha: Hell's Rising E Dai-Sukima Dan 2012 A visual novel where Touhou characters fight using mecha.
Eastern Starlight Romance E Dai-Sukima Dan A visual novel telling the story of Marisa Kirisame's quest for immortality.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
ReimuBros E RSGmaker 2015 An action platformer that's loosely based on the Mario Bros. arcade game(has online co-op).
チルノ雪遊び J FLA*NECO A dodge-em-up
東方ミュージックスペル「八雲乱舞」 J FLA*NECO A dodge-em-up
東方MUSIC SPELL2「紅魔館のティータイム」 J FLA*NECO A dodge-em-up.
Touhou Soudouroku 東方騒動録

(Touhou Soudouroku)

J FLA*NECO A Touhou-style shmup.
Ira Ira Satellite イライラサテライト

(Ira Ira Satellite)

J D4U A dodge-em-up in which the mouse directly moves Reimu and indirectly moves Marisa, both of whom must dodge the bullets.
Tales of Tou-Hou J モノクロ倶楽部 A Tales of-type game.
Sweeping Murder お掃除キュッ!

(Sweeping Murder)

Udonge Eien Kairou うどんげ 永遠回廊

(Udonge Eien Kairou)

J rairarai home A horizontal shoot-em-up.
Megaton Shot J Choose between Marisa, Yuuka and Tenshi, draw the magic sign, spin it, and release everything to fire a devastating Master Spark/Scarlet Weather Rapture!
Alice in Spaceland J Nonoba A vertical shooter with F.O.E.
Alice in Spaceland 2 J The sequel to the first game with Shikieiki as the final boss
Alice in Spaceland 3 J Unlike the previous two games, the player controls Cirno's ship, including rotational abilities
Alice Xi J This game introduced the 7-hit system for the ship; it had Cirno as a boss and Alice as a secret boss
Cirno Xi J Similar to Alice Xi, this incorporated grazing for points, had Hina as the Final Boss, and had Marisa as the EX Boss
Spaceland Adventure J A game that introduced a new ship for Cirno and controlling two players at once
お燐のどきどき怨霊パニック J Catch falling spirits in Orin's wheelbarrow and dodge enemy attacks.
Hopping Tenshi ほっぴんぐ天子

(Hopping Tenshi)

J ミツメ書房 3-me 2009 A cute little jumping game featuring Tenshi while she trys to jump her way to Heaven
東方大問題 ~ 東方クイズFLASH J ミツメ書房 3-me A Touhou quiz game
はんれいですよ J ミツメ書房 3-me A game where you play as Youmu and build up power into your ghost, then fling it to break multiple walls
Splatter Faith スプラッターフェイス

(Splatter Faith)

J ミツメ書房 3-me 2009 A parody of the arcade game Splatter house. You play as Sanae, saving Kanako from aliens
Sushi Roll Nightmare 恵方巻ナイトメア

(Sushi Roll Nightmare)

J ミツメ書房 3-me 2009 A music rhythm game where you hit numbers on your keyboard to the rhythm to Remilia's theme.
やまめ、ぺっこん J ミツメ書房 3-me A cute, old-school game featuring Yamame, and Kisume which Yamame shoots down fairies and Kisume catches them
東方仲良雀 J ミツメ書房 3-me card game like mah-jong
ウドンギャロップ J ミツメ書房 3-me
東方咲待夢 J
東方爆殺陣 紅 J
BEVENTLAED J yu-ki 2011 A puzzle game with similaraties to Bejeweled featuring Sanae Kochiya
Butterfly Flies For Fry J, E yu-ki
China Sculpture 中国すかるぷちゅあ

(China Sculpture)

J yu-ki
脳が⑨になるチルノの算数トレーニング J yu-ki
Dr.YAGOKORO J yu-ki A puzzle game with similarities to Dr. Mario
MARIPPY J yu-ki A Mappy-like game
Red Magic J yu-ki
Is That So?♪ そーなのかー♪

(Is That So?♪)

J yu-ki
Fla-Fla Flan ふらふらフラン

(Fla-Fla Flan)

J yu-ki A Flandre puzzle game
Minesweeper まいんスイーパー


J yu-ki
Sunshine Wars サンシャイン宇宙戦争

(Sunshine Wars)

J yu-ki
霊夢の賽銭箱 J locker room production Test of clicking speed
閃光映夜祭 ~ Project Nite Festival J A shmup with IN and MoF styled gameplay
Dancing☆Onigiri J Rhythm game with a large collection of stages available
Apollo 13 J ACID CLUB EAST Reisen shoots suppositories into people's asses with a sniper rifle in this parody of Golgo 13.
Apollo 13 China Mission J ACID CLUB EAST
Megaton Punch J Punch the earth and obtain the highest number of megatons!
東方爆殺陣 紅 J
Touhou Online Battle E Online turn-based competitive game.


Title Language Publisher Release Description
Touhou Dai Undoukai Meddlesome Magician 東方大運動会 幻想競闘遊戯 Meddlesome Magician

(Touhou Dai Undoukai Meddlesome Magician)

J トッパツプラン 2010 Racing and Brawling game in the style of the Kunio-kun series.
Touhou Senkitan 東方戰騎譚 ~ DrunkTankies Battle in the Eastern

(Touhou Senkitan)

J D.N.A. Softwares 2004 A danmaku version of SEGA's arcade game Gain Ground
MASTER BURNER J D.N.A. Softwares 2005 SEGA's old arcade game After Burner starring Marisa instead.
Touhou Rekkaden 東方烈華伝 ~ rift in a friendship game

(Touhou Rekkaden)

J LION HEART 2005 A top down action game supporting up to four players in an overhead battle.
Touhou Gensou Rensa - Touhou Phantasmagoria 東方幻想連鎖 -東方ファンタズマゴリア

(Touhou Gensou Rensa - Touhou Phantasmagoria)

J OHBA A 1-on-1 shooting game
東方紫桜連夢 ~Typing reverie~ J Yoshi Tech Company A typing game, from Yoshi Tech Company.
東方蛇封陣 J RECOIL A Qix-like game with danmaku, by RECOIL.
東方賽銭箱 J PresidentRoom A game similar to Highly Responsive to Prayers, from PresidentRoom.
東方札遊戯 J
チルノの願い叶エール♪ J YOSINAC As Cirno, try to climb the bamboo without tipping it over; from YOSINAC.
最萌支援奏 J FumuFumiKICK A GPLed Space Invaders clone with Eientei characters, from FumuFumiKICK.
Tsutaete Lily つたえてリリー

(Tsutaete Lily)

J FumuFumiKICK Just a test of key tapping speed, from FumuFumiKICK.
東方神異伝 J ゆききつね. Similar to Highly Responsive to Prayers, but with Shinki as the protagonist, from ゆききつね.
Dangerous China!! J, K Team Device 2007 In this mouse-controlled game, you help China Hong Meiling avoid Sakuya's knives.
Sky Star Spark J @N-Factory An arena shooter, from @N-Factory.
天狗の活写 ~ Shoot and Embodiment! J Disfact Features Hatate.
文々新聞舞RE ~ Recollection of Newspaper J Disfact Features Aya.
文々新聞舞 ~ You are Newspaper! J Disfact Features Aya.
木花の空夢 J Disfact
MSPT Wine 迷走ポタージュ ワイン味

(MSPT Wine)

J 迷走ポタージュ (Mesopota) 2009
Touhou Explorer 東方エクスプローラー

(Touhou Explorer)

J にじいろひつじ 2008
Touhou Fantasia: Battle Fantasia Gaiden 東方ファンタジア BATTLE FANTASIA外伝

(Touhou Fantasia: Battle Fantasia Gaiden)

J Cyber Botti DVD movie showing off various Touhou characters in the style of Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier.
Minna de Higashi ★ Ban ★ Jan! Reimu to Yukai na!? Nakama-tachi (みんなで東★盤★雀 ~霊夢と愉快な!?仲間たち~)

(Minna de Higashi ★ Ban ★ Jan! Reimu to Yukai na!? Nakama-tachi)

J Y-CUBED Mahjong Game from.
Sanae Invaders J DASTARD Another Space Invaders, this one starring Sanae Kochiya.
東方防衛軍 J Shindenken Also known as Touhou Defense Force, an arena shooter featuring eight playable characters
Touhou Fortress E A mod for the popular Team Fortress 2 game that reskins the classes with Touhou Characters.
Touhou Danmaku Yuugi Flowers 東方弾幕遊戯

(Touhou Danmaku Yuugi Flowers)

J, (E) D-vent 2008 A set of rules for Tabletop gaming in the Gensokyo universe.
UFO Yome to Kekkon Sasetekure UFO! 嫁と! 結婚させてくれ

(UFO Yome to Kekkon Sasetekure)

J 月面玩具箱 2010
ぞろぞろぞふぃ  J Tokushu Soukou Tai 2011 A shooting game, similar to Smash tv, starting Orin and Okuu
サトリネットワーク ハルトマン エグゼ J Windog 2011 A game based on Mega Man Battle Network starting Subterranean Animism's Cast
Typing of Kyouko J イコレート 2011 A Typing game where you type letters that pop up on the screen. Features Kyouko
東方ぱねたま J Apparedo 2011 A mix of a Puzzle and Danmaku game.
Guest from devildom 東方佰鬼録 ~Guest from devildom~

(Guest from devildom)

J Brown bear 2011 A overhead view shooting game similar to Kiki KaiKai

(Smash Touhou)

J D.N.A. Softwares 2011 A game referencing Smash tv in gameplay, starting Reimu and Keine
bullet ephemeris 東方流星群

(bullet ephemeris)

J 2010 A game resembling Worms with Touhou characters.
Touhou Unreal Mahjong 3rd Generation 東方幻想麻雀 3rdGeneration

(Touhou Unreal Mahjong 3rd Generation)

J D.N.A. Softwares 2011 A Mahjong game with Touhou characters, the sequel to Touhou Unreal Mahjong.
Touhou Hangyaku Geki Sakuya's Counterattack 東方反逆劇 Sakuya's Counterattack

(Touhou Hangyaku Geki Sakuya's Counterattack)

J, (E) Hachimitsu Kuma-san 2012
Sanae's Youkai Extermination Lesson 早苗の妖怪退治指南

(Sanae's Youkai Extermination Lesson)

J GATLING CAT 2009 A top-down shooter reminiscent of Pocky & Rocky. Stars Sanae Kochiya and Momiji Inubashiri.
Bunkaban! 文花盤


J Hinafuda 2008 A board game featuring various illustrations by Touhou artist.

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