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Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm~ (幻想万華鏡~The Memories of Phantasm~ Gensou Mangekyou ~The Memories of Phantasm~) is a fan-made animated video series produced by Manpuku Jinja. The first episode, Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Spring Snow Incident~ (幻想万華鏡~春雪異変の章~ Gensou Mangekyou ~Shunsetsu Ihen no Shou~), was released at Comiket 80 on August 12, 2011, on DVD. Although the video lacked voice acting, numerous fandubs have been released since then.

PV for the second episode was released at Comiket 81 on December 30, 2011. The second episode was released on May 27, 2012(Reitaisai 9).


The first episode briefly follows the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil in the opening but shows Perfect Cherry Blossom as the main feature (fights of first four stages are skipped).

The second, third and forth episodes' opening follows the events of Subterranean Animism, but the main feature is a flashback about the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (but not in chronological order) during a party right after the events of Subterranean Animism.

The fifth and sixth episodes shows the cast on their daily lives after the events of Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Mountain of Faith.

The seventh episode is loosely based of Cirno's story in Touhou Hisoutensoku.


Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow

Episode 1: The Spring Snow Incident

At night, spirits flow from all directions toward a glowing Saigyou Ayakashi, while Yuyuko Saigyouji and Youmu Konpaku look on.

During the opening video, a montage of various characters are shown in brief, followed by a scene from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. A red mist emanates from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame fly in as danmaku fires at them, and they are shown to be fighting Remilia Scarlet and Sakuya Izayoi. In the scene after, Yukari Yakumo glances at Reimu, before disappearing as she turns around.

As snow falls on Hakurei Shrine, Reimu eats a satsuma and lazes about, while wrapped in a blanket. Marisa arrives, carrying a pouting Cirno. She dumps the ice fairy outside and lambasts Reimu for not doing more to investigate the overdue spring season. Reimu ignores her and Marisa flies off, vowing to solve the incident herself.

She runs into Letty Whiterock and quickly defeats her. As Letty falls to the ground below, Aya snaps a photo and greets Marisa. Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu is still snacking. Afterward, in a quick series of scenes snapped by Aya, Marisa: chases after Chen; spies on Alice Margatroid, but is caught and threatened by numerous dolls carrying lances; visits Patchouli, as Koakuma organizes the shelves and Sakuya Izayoi looks on in the background. While chasing Lily White, Marisa discovers the spirits being drawn toward the Netherworld and flies past the Prismriver Sisters in order to follow them.

She finds the long stairway leading toward Hakugyokurou. As she is walking up, she encounters Youmu and demands she give back spring. Youmu laughs and asks her name, having expected the Hakurei shrine maiden instead. After she draws her sword, the match between she and Marisa begins. Marisa avoids Youmu's sword strikes and launches a danmaku barrage, deflected by Youmu. Marisa reaches for something inside her shirt and is blasted, but out of the smoke she launches herself at Youmu with Comet "Blazing Star" and ends the fight. Marisa demands to see Youmu's boss, but there is no need, as Yuyuko comes to greet her. Like Youmu, she was also expecting Reimu. Surrounded by cherry blossom petals with Saigyou Ayakashi in the background, she glares at Marisa.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu lays under the kotatsu, and is visited by Sakuya. She delivers a message for Remilia, asking how long she was going to let the youkai do what they want. After being dismissed, she ominously warns Reimu about the perilous situation in the Netherworld.

At Hakugyokurou, Yuyuko fires at Marisa. After picking up her broom and flying head-on into a danmaku pattern, she is drawn in by its beauty and is nearly struck, but is saved by Reimu, who helps her dodge out of the way. Yuyuko declares Cherry Blossom Sign "The Perfect Ink-black Cherry Blossom" and Marisa tries to fire a Master Spark, but finds the hakkero is damaged. However, as Yuyuko is distracted by Marisa's errant attempt, Reimu surprises her with Fantasy Seal and ends the fight with a deafening explosion.

Spring has come at last. Marisa and Reimu discuss the tough fight in the Netherworld, with Reimu bemoaning the youkai gathering at her shrine every spring as to why she didn't want to bother with the incident. Meanwhile, Cirno, Lily, and Daiyousei play, the Prismrivers perform, and the Scarlet Devil Mansion residents arrive for the annual party. Yuyuko pops out from behind the tree, apologizing for her actions, while Youmu offers a sushi dish as food for the gathering. Moreover, Reimu explains to Marisa that she hates cleaning up after incident-resolving parties. Marisa is incredulous and begins to argue about her reasons, along with their roles in the fight. Meanwhile, Remilia and Sakuya watch. Remilia has figured out that Sakuya got involved in the incident, but says she never had to. As Reimu and Marisa continue arguing, a snapshot is taken of their fight, and the screen pans to reveal a landscape view of Gensokyo.

After the ending video, Yuyuko, Chen, Ran Yakumo, and Yukari Yakumo are all shown at Hakugyokurou. As Youmu walks in on them, they all disappear from sight. Youmu asks if someone was there, but Yuyuko doesn't answer, instead saying that things in Gensokyo may soon get fun. Youmu assumes Yuyuko is talking about blooming the Saigyou Ayakashi again, but this is dismissed. Although Yuyuko says she would've liked to see the tree bloom, she instead takes solace that the incident was able to be used as a distraction, at least. A sliding door behind her then opens, revealing Sanae Kochiya.

Episode 2: The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part One)

Soon after the events of Subterranean Animism, the Moriya Shrine holds a party where various characters attend. Aya's Newspaper article about the events which happened during Embodiment of Scarlet Devil becomes the main topic of discussion. Remilia feels nostalgic and Sanae wishes to know how Reimu solved this incident. Reimu is uncomfortable suddenly becoming the centre of attention and silently leaves the shrine for a breather. She and Yukari (who did not join the party because the Satori were there) verbally spar, with Reimu inexplicably accusing Yukari of having manipulated the events of EoSD, with no reply from the border Youkai.

During her absence, Marisa and Sakuya then decide to tell the story. The rest of the episode is a flashback on the events of EoSD, however, the plot is diverges from canon in several events, such as Aya telling Marisa to gather information from Scarlet Devil Mansion, and Marisa battling Flandre (who was the extra stage boss in the game) before Patchouli.

While not shown in the episode, Patchouli confirms Reimu is inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion at the same time she's battling against Marisa.

Episode 3: The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part Two)

The party continues at the Moriya Shrine with the partygoers becoming increasingly drunk, and Reimu, possibly due to her earlier encounter with Yukari gives in and decides to tell her part in the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

She quickly arrived at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, easily defeating Rumia and Meiling in the way. When she enters the Mansion, she encounters Sakuya, who demonstrates to be a strong enemy using her abilities of time control. But Reimu outmanoeuvres Sakuya, trapping the maid after baiting her with a clone made of her paper seals.

While Marisa battles Patchouli, Flandre, who is still caged in a water prison summoned by Patchouli in the last episodes, mourns all the times she has been isolated by the others in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. When Patchouli is defeated, Marisa convinces Flandre to confront Remilia along with her.

Flandre gathers enough courage to talk back to her sister, and summons a fire sword. Remilia turns to her little sister and accepts her challenge.

Episode 4: The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part Three)

Continuing from the last episode, Flandre challenges her sister in a fight as a means of proving of her desire to go out of the mansion. As the fight starts, parts of the mansion begin crumbling down as Marisa tries to escape the mansion.

Reimu flies out of the mansion and spotted the sisters' duel. Marisa appears just to be questioned by the shrine maiden about what is happening and who were the girls fighting. Marisa answers Reimu and points out Remilia and Flandre as the mansion's owner and the little sister respectively. Reimu concludes that the culprits were resolving the incident by themselves to which she happily acknowledges Marisa's usefulness.

The scene swithces to the sisters where it is shown that Remilia successfully parries Flandre's attack, breaking Flandre's flaming sword. Remilia charges into Flandre when Reimu and Marisa look at the sisters, only to be surprised that Remilia is now seen hugging her little sister. Remilia comments on how Flandre has grown and tells her that everything she is doing is for both of them and by blocking the sun from Gensokyo, they will be able to do whatever they please. Flandre apologizes to her sister for her own misunderstanding, in which Remilia forgives Flandre.

The heroines were suddenly surprised on what happened before Remilia declares their fight against the heroines for the sake of Gensokyo. Marisa happily complies to which Reimu cuts her off while taking back her earlier statement about Marisa. The sisters formally introduced themselves to the shrine maiden before engaging into a 2-on-2 battle.

Reimu begins to attack when she is interuppted by Marisa, who is firing a barrage of bullets at Remilia, who evades the barrage with ease. Reimu then engages Flandre into which the little vampire smiles and cloned herself to surround Reimu. Reimu then flies away and casts a powerful "Fantasy Seal" which defeats the vampire sisters while being in awe with the shrine maiden's "true" power.

After the battle, Aya takes a picture at the mansion while congratulating the heroines for resolving the incident. The sisters are shown sitting on the ground while being sheltered by the mansion's ruins from the bright sunlight while holding each other's hand with a smile. Marisa then notices Aya and makes a pose being Aya takes a shot.

Going back to the present, Marisa then concludes the story and so does the party. The scene switches to multiple scenes of people being heavily drunk or tired, with some of them are now leaving.

Sanae thanks Marisa and Sakuya for telling the story with Sakuya admitting her own embarassment for her loss. Pathouli comments on how Marisa, since then, keeps visiting and intruding the mansion to which Marisa replies that the books were made to be read and not to be just hoarded. Koakuma bursts in and caught Marisa on the act. Remilia comments on how grateful they are to be in Gensokyo in which Sakuya agrees. Sakuya then comments on how the relationship between Remilia and Flandre are improved to which Remilia replies that their relationship is strong to begin with.

Flandre then angrily bursts into the shrine, with Meiling seen behind her, stating that her sister ate her pudding. Remilia then teases Flandre which ends up Flandre challenging her sister into a duel in which Remilia happily accepts. Sanae tries to stop the sisters but her efforts were wasted as the sisters fly and fight on the top the shrine. Sakuya states how glad she is to see the sisters become close and Meiling thanks Reimu for how they affected the relationship of the vampires. Reimu comments on how annoying and destructive they are but shrugs it off stating that the place their destroying isn't her own shrine anyway. The episode ends with the sisters falling down to the floor just in time as an exhausted Aya takes one last camera shot.

After credits, Nitori is shown walking somewhere in Gensokyo, after being comically thrown away by Kanako earlier. While talking to herself, the kappa spots two mysterious people who talks about bringing back their master to life, hinting the events of Undefined Fantastic Object.

Episode 5: Aftermath of the Sixty Year Cycle Great Barrier Incident (Part One)

The episode starts with the yama making a monologue and ends with stating to punish a certain someone.

After the opening, at the Garden of the Sun, where Daiyousei desperately calls out Cirno while flying around the garden. The scene switches to Yuuka walking towards to a very terrified Cirno, who tries to evade the youkai but was too scared to move.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Marisa comments on how flowers were wildly blooming while not being an incident at all. Reimu replies that she thought that Marisa already accepted the fact after the investigation.

Aya interrupts the heroines with a picture while asking if the shrine maiden is interested in some youkai extermination, offering Yuuka as an example, to which Reimu denies and Marisa comments on how Aya stirrs up some controversy for the newspaper. Aya states that she doesn't want to write boring articles, which would ruin her reputation, and flies off, trying to search for an interesting news scoop.

Back at the garden, Wriggle, Daiyousei and Rumia are wacthing behind the sunflowers as Yuuka is shown doing something to the shaking Cirno. The scene is then revealed that Yuuka is putting a sunflower on Cirno's head as an accessory. Aya is then shown flying off from the garden, dissappointed on what she saw, thinking that the sunflower youkai would be crueler.

The scene switches to Eientei, where Kaguya searches for Eirin until she stops and sees Eirin with Medicine, whom she first mistakes as a customer. Eirin corrects Kaguya by stating that the doll can manipulate the poison of the lily-of-the-valley flower. Eirin also states the poison can be turned into medicines, in which she is surprised to see that the medicines were gone. Kaguya tells Eirin that she is searching for Tewi.

The next scene shows Reisen reacts to the food she ate, which is shown to be filled with non-lethal poison as a part of Tewi's prank. Tewi jumps out in joy seeing how Reisen falls onto her prank while stating the poison won't kill her. Reisen falls down to the ground. Presumed dead, Tewi walks to Reisen to which Reisen firmly grasps Tewi's leg in sheer anger and feeds her with the whole bottle of poison. Mokou walks in but simply ignores the bunnies and walks away. Aya is seen taking a picture of the event and marks it as one of the articles to be written.

The scene switches to the underground for a short while before transitioning to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Aya was about to take a picture of the people who are currently drinking tea on a table, who were Sakuya, Remilia and Patchouli, while marking it as the meeting of the mansion's residents to conquer Gensokyo for the second time. She was interrupted by Sakuya by stopping time and surrounding the crow tengu with knives, in which, by continuing the flow of time, hits Aya as she screams in a loud echoing voice. Remilia notices the scream faraway but Sakuya convinces her mistress that the noise is just an insect. Remilia then continues her conversation with Patchouli about the excessive blooming of the magician's medical herb garden. Pathouli answers that the blooming is cause by the ghosts that used to pass by the garden.

Flandre and Meiling are shown to arrive at the garden while the little vampire calls the gatekeeper to look at the plants together. Sakuya notices Meiling slacking off, but Remilia orders the maid to let Flandre roam around and Meiling take the night off. Remilia then asks Sakuya if she still agrees that coming to Gensokyo is the right choice, in which Sakuya agrees.

The scene switches back to Meiling and Flandre, Flandre pulls mandragora. Meiling tries to stop Flandre but the mandragora quickly lets out a loud scream which knocks out Patchouli and Meiling while stunning the rest of the people at the mansion. Luckily, Flandre was able to destroy the plant.

The scene then switches at Mystia's grilled lamprey stand where Eiki is seen approaching the stand while angrily grasping at her Rod of Remorse and stating that she found "her".

Episode 6: Aftermath of the Sixty Year Cycle Great Barrier Incident (Part Two)

After a short recap of the previous episode, the scene starts at Mystia's lamprey stand from the previous episode where a drunk Youmu is complaining on how her master treats her. Komachi agrees with Youmu by stating that her superior treats her the same and offers Youmu to drink all night together. Eiki then interrupts the conversation by asking why the spirits being carried over to her to judge. Komachi then stands up and immediately proceeds to her work while Mystia chases the shinigami because of not yet paying. Eiki then spots the sleepy Youmu and uses the chance to lecture the half-phantom about her frequent visit to the world of the living and if it continues, she will judge Youmu as a human and will be sent to Hell, making Youmu apologize to the yama. Aya spots Eiki and takes a picture and confirms if the yama is behind the incident about the flowers. Eiki responds by stating that Hell is not involved at the incident nor does Gensokyo and is, in fact, caused from the Outside World. The yama proceeds to give a long lecture to both Youmu and Aya, as she is currently on break, until morning.

The switches to Sanae somewhere at the Genbu Ravine where Yukari asks the shrine maiden about how are they doing on Gensokyo. Sanae responds to the question and notices the blooming of flowers. Yukari explains that the flowers are possessed by the spirits of dead people from the Outside World after a great calamity and it occurs every 60 years. Saddened, Sanae asks Yukari on what will happen to the spirits and the youkai sage responds that they will wait for their reincarnation on the Netherworld and the incident will be resolved after the ferryman finishes on carrying the spirits.

Episode 7: The Mysterious Giant Youkai

The Episode begins with a flash of lighting and a giant shadow looms in the fog. Cirno is excited, believing its the legendary youkai Daidarabocchi. The episode begins with a shot of meiling sleeping and then cuts to Daiyousei looking for Cirno outside Alice’s house and explains the situation. Then at the Hakurei Shrine Cirno is talking about the Daidarabocchi. Reimu doesnt belive her but Sanae thinks it might be a giant robot. Marisa then says its probably the balloon the kappa set up at their bazaar. At the bazaar Alice tells Daiyousei about the Geyser Center and that the Yatagarasu is powering it. Seeing Cirno fly over to it, Daiyousei gets worried and flies after. Cirno then encounters Utsuho and demands to see the Daidarabocchi. A fight ensues and Utsuho creates a massive sun. The scene briefly cuts to Satori worrying if Utsuho is doing her job right and Koishi tells her that she worries too much. Utsuho attacks cause Cinro to be knocked to the ground only to be saved by Daiyousei. The two then join together only for Cinro to comicly freeze Daiyousei by accident. Then Suwako comes in and stops the whole fight and scolds Utsuho. Suwako then exaplains to Cirno what the Hisoutensoku is. Cirno and Daiyousei then make up over their argument and hold hands. In an aside, it shows Marisa and Alice talking, and its revealed that what Cirno saw was Alice’s Goliath Doll prototype and her failed attempt to enlarge a doll and shrink it back down.

Episode 8: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 1)

The episode beings with Eirin firing an arrow at the moon to replace it with a fake one. Then it cuts to many youkai and other characters taking note and getting ready to mobilize and solve the problem in teams. The Teams defeat Mystia and Wriggle instantly and it cuts to Keine barring entry of the Magician team composed of Marisa and Alice. Keine tells them that Reimu already headed into the bamboo forest to solve the incident so the Magician team follows. Then in the middle of the forest Marisa is shot at and it turns out to be the Barrier team composed of Yukari and Reimu. Marisa accuses Yukari of creating the endless night to which she takes credit for and a fight between the teams ensues. After missing a master spark, Marisa accidentally reveals the location of Eientei which is revealed to be the place of the true culprits. Admist the burning fire, Reisen stands ready, her eyes glowing red.

Episode 9: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 2)

The Epsiode begins with Alice teaming up with Yukari and Reimu teaming up with Marisa. Alice and Yukari fight and follow Reisen through Eientei’s endless corridors. Reisen then uses her Lunatic Red Eyes to create illusions. Meanwhile Marisa and Reimu are walking down an endless corridor in space and encounter Tewi who promptly insults their lifespan. The scene cuts to a defeated Tewi who surrenders and then offers to tell them what they want to know. She then illustrates who Kaguya is and her backstory. However it then turns out she was merely buying time and the corridor collapses forcing Reimu and Marisa to float in space. Eirin appears and reveals that this was the fake passage to the Moon. Tewi gloats only to get shot in the face. Marisa and Reimu exchange names with Eirin and then they fight, however Eirin is seemingly able to negate all of their attacks with a barrier. Meanwhile, Reisen is fighting Alice and Yukari and creates a myriad of illusion afterimages around them. This prompts Yukari to call on her trump card and opens a gap to let Yuyuko and Youmu in. Reisen believes its pointless because of her Luantic Red Eyes only to realize Youmu has her eyes closed and Youmu cuts Reisen down with her sword. Then the Netherworld team just leaves back through the gap. Cutting back to the fight with Eirin, Eirin creates a huge tree of lasers and the episode ends with Marisa seemingly about to be blasted to bits.

Episode 10: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 3)

The Episode begins in a flash back with Keine teaching the tale of the bamboo cutter to a young Marisa. Then it cuts to Marisa about to die only to be saved by Sakuya stopping time. The Scarlet devil team shows up comprised of Remilia and Sakuya. The then fight and begin to overwhelm Eirin and Eirin is then defeated by a combined pincer attack from Marisa and Reimu. The scene then cuts to a flash back of Eirin apologizing to Kaguya for creating the elixir and only Kaguya receiving the blame. Kaguya tells her to stop blaming herself and the two hug. The false moon then disappears. The scene then cuts back to the present with Eirin and her servants defeated. Yukari explains that there is no need to seal of the passageway to the moon as the Hakurei barrier already protects them. Reimu and Yukari then get into an argument and just before they can fight, Kaguya then steps out, excited to greet the new guests.

Episode 11: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 4)

The Episode begins with Kaguya greeting the guests and telling Eirin not to worry. Them Kaguya fights them all while Yukari leaves to go take care of other things. While everyone is fighting, the camera shifts to Mokou carrying Cirno on her shoulders, and she tells Cirno not to worry about the idiots in the bamboo forest. The scene cuts back to dawn rising and cuts to various characters looking at the sun. Kaguya lays on the ground beaten but content. Then the scene shifts to the Youkai mountain with Aya upset over Momiji being injured. Yukari then appears and transports the Moriya shrine to the top of the Youkai mountain at the behest of Sanae. In a post credits scene all the teams from the Imperishable Night incident get an invitation from Kaguya about a Trial of Guts. The Episode ends with Mokou looking up to the sky and turning toward the camera with a grin.

Episode 12: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 5)

The Episode starts with Reisen expalining through a microphone what the trail is about to a crowd of a lot of familiar characters. Reimu is on the roof with Kaguya drinking sake and says she has no interest in the trial. Marisa is excited and talks to Sakuya who is apprehensive about the whole thing. It then cuts to Remilia walking through the forest alone, and then shoots some bamboo and reveals Mokou. The two banter and then begin to fight. Cutting back to Kaguya and Reimu, Kaguya reveals the Immortal youkai they are hunting on the trial is actually a human, much to Reimu’s surprise. They are then interrupted by Sakuya appearing and dropping a tied up Tewi and says that she learned the truth prompting Kaguya to get up and turn around with a sinister grin.

Episode 13: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 6)

The Episode beings with Marisa finding the trail of destruction of Remilia and Mokou fighting. She then tries to get in on the action but Keine stops her. She lectures Marisa before turning into here Were-form. Then it cuts back to Kaguya who says theyve been found out faster then expected. The scene cuts back to Remilia and Mokou fighting and they are interrupted by Sakuya revealing the whole thing was a set up by Kaguya. Remilia had already impaled Mokou, however Mokou just regenerates the hole in her stomach. The scene then cuts to Kaguya and Mokou arguing and Kaguya says she does stuff like this to make their immortal boring life exciting. Mokou then says she’ll kill Kaguya a dozen times and Remilia and Sakuya says they’ll join. The scene cuts to Marisa knocked out on the ground in front of Keine and fire works go off over Eientei and the crowd. As dawn breaks, Kaguya and Mokou banter a bit on the ground, and the scene shifts to Remilia and Sakuya walking home, with Sakuya questioning if Remilia wanted her to eat the liver of the immortal, and says she’ll be with Remlia for as long as she can. The scene finally cuts to Mokou walking back to her shack with Keine cleaning it up and she remarks she might not be bored in the coming future now.

Episode 14: Mountain of Faith(Part 1)

The episode begins with Sanae showing up to the Hakurei shrine and challenging Reimu while insulting her Shrine. She then attacks Reimu and the Shrine and teleports away. Reimu then gets read for war and is incredibly angry. She instantly defeats the Aki sisters and flies past Hina. The Scene cuts to Ayas house and Aya wonders what the alarm is about. Momiji explains the situation. Marisa is revealed to be in Ayas house hanging out because she wanted to see stuff but Aya explains shes not actually supposed to be here and she cant leave the house lest they both get in trouble. Aya then flies off. In an aside Yukari is watching the events through a gap. Aya then stops Reimu to challenge her to a fight and the episode ends.

Episode 15: Mountain of Faith(Part 2)

The Episode beings with Aya fighting Reimu, and she reveals shes using super speed to make it look like their fighting but she just wants to talk. She says she wants Reimu to defeat Kanako and make it look like she defeats her so she wont get in trouble and Reimu gets upset and blows her up. Meanwhile, Marisa find herself o the mountain and sees Nitori laughing at her in her camo device, however Marisa can see her and she smacks her. Nitori then shows her some other inventions like a missile that creates a whirpool that sucks them in. Marisa gets mad but the two quickly make up and Nitori agrees to help her get to the Moriya Shrine. The scene cuts back to Remi arriving at the Moirya shrine and after some banter Reimu and Kanako fight. The episode ends with a brief scene of Suwako drinking sake inside the shrine.

Episode 16: Mountain of Faith(Part 3)

The Episode starts with Reimu fighting Kanako and Sanae. It cuts to Hatate and Aya taking photos of the fight from the bushes. All of a sudden the mountain shakes as Marisa gets to the Moriya Shrine thanks to a Kappa themed Drill tank that crashes into a tree and explodes launching her into a tree and Nitori runs away on fire. Aya remarks they should scold the Kappa later, but it probably wouldn't do anything. Marisa then joins the fight and immediately blows Sanae into a boulder using a master spark. Kanako is worried but then has to face Marisa and Reimu. Sanae tries to get up but then collapses only to be caught by Suwako who says that Sanae did her best and should rest easy. Suwako then joins Kanako to fight Marisa and Reimu saying that she didnt want to be on the sidelines anymore. The four of them fight and the episode ends with Suwako creating a giant rock hand about to crush Marisa.

Episode 17: Mountain of Faith(Part 4)

The episode continues off to when Marisa was almost crushed, and Suwako creates a second hand to seemingly crush Marisa between the two. However then the hands explode and Marisa is surrounded by a barrier that Reimu created. Then Marisa uses the Mini-Hakkero to propel her broom and slam into Kanako which causes her to fall over and Reimu defeats them both with a Fantasy Seal. The scene cuts back to Ran and Yukari watching and Ran looks disappointed, and then Chen wakes up, apperntly having been asleep in her tails. Yukari also wakes up seemingly unphased by these turn of events. The scene cuts to Aya taking photos of the defeated gods and Marisa photobombing her. Kanako and Suwako talk to Reimu for a while and the scene cuts to the Moriya Shrine where they throw a party for a variety of charterers. Everyone is drinking and Reimu walks outside to converse with Yukari who was watching and the two argue for a bit. The Reimu goes inside and while talking to Marisa they get into another argument and start fighting. Suika then shows up to drink and then a lot of other characters arrive to drink and party as well as get their photos taken. In the post credits scene it shows a teaser for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody as thunder erupts over the Youkai Mountain as Tenshi descends from Heaven on a keystone.

Deviations from Lore

Due to Memories of Phantasm being so well done and quite famous in the community, its often what Touhou fans first see. However, because the story is a fan depiction of the actual games, it tends to create a massive amount of misconceptions as its both sometimes the only info new fans see, but also its based on the actual events of the official games which makes the fan re-telling's almost believable for those who lack context. This section tries to highlight changes in the fanime versus the actual canon lore.

Episode 1: The Spring Snow Incident

  • The beginning sequence of the episode never happens as in the original game there isn’t any scene of Youmu talking to Yuyuko because the player doesnt know about them yet.
  • The Scene where Marisa catches Cirno and complains to Reimu never happened in the games.
  • In the fanime Reimu is too lazy to go out, but In the actual game this doesn't happen and instead she goes out because she got sick of the endless cold.
  • In the fanime, all the dialogue between Marisa and Letty is skipped.
  • Aya appears in the fanime despite not actually appearing in the games until Phantasmagoria of Flower View.
  • The scene where Marisa chases Chen inside a house didn't happen in the game.
  • In the fanime Marisa goes to Alice’s house and gets caught, but in the original game they just meet randomly and fight.
  • Marisa never went to the Scarlet Devil Mansion’s library during her original story route.
  • Originally Marisa fights the Prismriver sisters but in the Fanime she flies past them as they play music instead.
  • In the original game Youmu explains to Marisa why she is gathering spring and calls her a fool for entering the Netherworld. In the Fanime she warns Marisa to turn back and they then fight.
  • In the actual game, Sakuya is a playable charterer who has her own route. This is not present in the Fanime and instead she briefly shows up to encourage Reimu to resolve the incident. This conversation of course never happened in the game.
  • In the Fanime Reimu shows up to save Marisa. This never happened because all Touhou games with the exception of Imperishable Night doesn't involve teamed routes and in PCB Marisa and Reimu have separate routes.
  • In the resolution of the Fanime, Reimu says she didn't want to stop the incident because people would party at her Shrine. This reason is not given in the game.
  • In the Fanime, a wide cast of characters appear at Reimus shrine that were not present in the game because they hadn’t been created yet.
  • The post credits scene ends with Sanae appearing at Hakugyokurou. This did not happen in the game as Sanae hadn’t even been created yet and would not appear until Mountain of Faith. This deviation becomes an ongoing fan made plot thread in the fanime.
  • In the Fanime, it never shows the Extra Stage of the protagonists fighting Yukari and Ran.

Episode 2: The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part One)

  • The entire party sequence at the Moriya Shrine in the Fanime never happened at the end of Subterranean Animism.
  • Daiyousei appears in the Emodiment of Scarlet Devil flashback in the fanime and talks, but Daiyousei never had any dialogue in EoSD because she was never a real character nor does she have a real name.
  • Aya appears in the EoSD flashback despite not being in the original game.
  • Marisa completely skips the fight with Meiling and Rumia in the fanime.
  • In the Fanime Marisa breaks into the Scarlet Devil Mansion window and goes to the basement and meets Flandre. This never happened in the original game because Flandre was the Extra Stage boss after the events of the Scarlet Mist incident. So every scene onward that involves Flandre in the fanime basically never happened in the game.
  • In the fanime Remilia gives a speech to her servants about taking over Gensokyo before unleashing the mist. Not only did this not happen, but the mist was already over Gensokyo at the start of the original game because that’s what the plot of the game was.
  • Koakuma appears in the fanime next to Patchouli and talks, but in the actual game she has no dialogue since just like Daiyousei, she was never a real character nor did she have a name.

Episode 3: The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part Two)

  • The entire scene with Ran and Yukari talking at a hot spring at night never happened in the game.
  • In the original game Reimu fights Rumia. In the fanime, due to Rumia not being able to see in her ball of darkness, Reimu merely moves out of the way and Rumia crashes into a tree.
  • In the game Reimu pursues Meiling back to the Mansion and they fight. In the fanime, Reimu effortlessly defeats Meiling with one attack.
  • In the original game Sakuya and Reimu fight with spellcard rules like normal. In the Fanime, Sakuya aims to outright kill Reimu and stabs Reimus decoy in the head. The fanime goes further to dramatize the events by having Reimu bind Sakuya with ofuda and then she blows Sakuya out of the mansion’s front door.
  • Marisa confronts Remilia with Flandre, which didn’t happen because, again, Flandre wasn't present for the main story of EoSD.

Episode 4: The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part Three)

  • One of the BIGGEST deviations and misconceptions that the Fanime shows is Flandre’s personality and treatment which is present throughout all of the previous episodes. The Fanime depicts Flandre as being locked up against her will and outright shunned by other members of the household, as well as her wanting to finally break out. This is not canonically true for many reasons. The first main one is that Flandre makes it clear in official works that she stays in the mansion of her own free will because she understands that she cant properly control her strength. She also is shown to freely walk around the mansion. Second is that she is not mistreated by others, which is seen as early as Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red where she is casually talking with her sister to Aya during the interview. Another thing to note is that Flandre is not unhinged or deranged, though she does enjoy being able to exercise her full strength.
  • Flandre does not Fight Remilia in the original game.
  • There is no tag team fight of the Scarlet Sisters fighting Reimu and Marisa in the original game.
  • The Entire post credits scene where Nitori finds Shou and Nazrin looking at Hijiri’s frozen in ice never happened at the end of SA. This is mainly because they didn't exist yet at the time of making the game.
  • The post credits scene depicts Hijiri frozen in ice within Gensokyo, but in the original game Hirji was sealed simply in Hokkai within Makai.

Episode 5: Aftermath of the Sixty Year Cycle Great Barrier Incident (Part One)

  • The scene where Yuuka is putting flowers on Cirno’s head never happens in the original game and Neither do Daiyousei, Wriggle, and Rumia show up during Yuuka’s and Cirno’s interaction.
  • Medicine doesn't visit Eientei in the original game nor does Reisen get poisoned and fights with Tewi.
  • Flandre doesn't pull out a mandrake in the original game nor does she appear.

Episode 6: Aftermath of the Sixty Year Cycle Great Barrier Incident (Part Two)

  • The Entire scene where Eiki finds Komachi, Aya, and Youmu at Mystia’s food stand and lectures them, never happened in the games.
  • The entire Scene with Sanae talking to Yukari never happened because Sanae didnt exist yet.
  • In the Fanime Marisa and Reimu didn't do anything the whole incident, while in the actual game they have their own story routes.
  • The entire ending scene where Marisa accidentally punches Eiki in the face never happened in the original game.
  • The post credits scene that shows Kanako and Suwako planning to destroy the Hakurei shrine never happens in the games.

Episode 7: The Mysterious Giant Youkai

  • In the original games Daiyousei was not at all present in the story, since, as explained before, shes not a real character.
  • The kappa bazaar isn’t shown in the actual game.
  • the sequence where Suwako stops the fight and explains what the Hisoutensoku is didnt happen in the original game.
  • Alice never had an issue where she couldn’t shrink down a doll after enlarging it in the orginal game.

Episode 8: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 1)

  • The beginning dialogue of all the teams are different from the original games.
  • Sanae was not with the netherworld team because she didn't exist yet.
  • The fights with Mystia and Wriggle are condensed into 2 frames in the fanime.
  • In the original game the player encounters Keine who has concealed the entire human village and they fight. However in the fanime Keine simply tells Marisa where to go and the village isn't even hidden.
  • In the original game Keine didn't know who Marisa was.
  • Alice has an emotinal moment where shes worried about Marisa, but this conversation never happens in the actual game.
  • In the Original game only one team goes to Eientei, however the fanime has them all go at once.

Episode 9: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 2)

  • In the fanime Alice swaps with Reimu for the teams once they get into Eientei but this never happens in the original game.
  • In the original game Tewi just acts as the midboss for Reisen’s stage and doesn't dump exposition in order to stall time.
  • Marisa and Reimu do not fight Eirin in the original game due to not being on the same team.
  • In the fanime Yukari uses a gap to let the netherworld team enter and Youmu defeats Reisen. This does not happen in the original game.
  • In the fanime Eirin outright states she will kill Reimu and Marisa which contradicts the game because spell card rules do not permit killing.

Episode 10: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 3)

  • The entire flashback scene of Keine teaching Marisa never happened in the game.
  • In the fanime, the Scarlet team shows up and Sakuya stops time to save Marisa from an attack. Not only does this not happen in the original game, its a direct contradiction of how Sakuya’s powers works. Sakuya canonically stated she can’t stop other people’s time and move them around, and instead she only looks like she stops time for others by moving at light speed.
  • The entire flash back of Eirin talking to Kaguya didn't happen in the original game.
  • In the original game, Yukari, Reimu, and Marisa didn't start to quarrel into a fight.

Episode 11: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 4)

  • The entire ending sequence where Kaguya comes out to fight everyone doesn't happen in the original game. This is because normally Kaguya would have come in during Eirin’s boss fight in the original game or you end up fighting Kaguya directly.
  • Mokou carrying Cirno around in the forest doesnt happen in the original game.
  • In the end sequence of the famine it shows Yukari teleporting the entire Moriya shrine to the top of the mountain while Youmu defends the location from any Tengu. This did not happen for multiple reasons, the main one being that Kanako canonically was the one who moved the shrine without the help of Yukari, but also the shrine and all of Mountain of Faith’s characters didn't exist yet during the end of IN. Something else to mention is that the shrine is NOT canonically at the top of the mountain like the fanime shows.
  • In the fanime post credit scene, Tewi delivers the message about the trial of guts but in the game its Kaguya who delivers the message in person.

Episode 12: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 5)

  • In the actual game the entire extra stage involving the trial of guts does not have a massive grand event with many characters showing up like the Fanime shows. Reisen also isn't speaking into a microphone for the event because of this.
  • In the fanime Reimu doesn't want to participate but she does have an actual route in the game. Because of this, the drinking scene where she is on the roof drinking with Kaguya doesn't happen in the original game.
  • In the fanime Eirin mentions that she wont make the Hourai elixer anymore, however in one of the endings for IN she mentions making it to Yuyuko.
  • In the fanime, Marisa and Remilia go alone, but in the game they all go in teams.
  • In the fanime Sakuya gets upset about the true nature of the event, and confronts Kaguya about it, but this never happens in the actual game. She also stops time to tie up Tewi which isn't possible due to how her powers canonically work.

Episode 13: Imperishable Night Incident(Part 6)

  • The entire scene where Kaguya and Mokou argue and then fight never happened in the original game.
  • Mokou is shown having a shack but its never shown where or what she lives in within the forest canonically.

Episode 14: Mountain of Faith(Part 1)

  • In the fanime Sanae attacks the shrine and demands Reimu close it, but she doesn't do this in the actual game and she also asks that Reimu make it a shrine for Moriya and not just close it. Suika also isn’t present for this entire exchange in the original game.
  • In the fanime Reimu rushes past the Aki sisters and Hina quickly instead of actually fighting them proper like the original game.
  • In the Fanime Marisa was already on the mountain at Aya’s house which was not a thing in the game.

Episode 15: Mountain of Faith(Part 2)

  • In the fanime Aya moves at high speeds and explains the situation to Reimu about how the tengu don't actually want to risk fighting Kanako and she wants Reimu to look like she beat her so she can get off easily. This doesn't happen in the actual game and instead Aya says the Tengu where planning on handling Kanako and she does try to stop Reimu from going up the mountain.
  • Nitori shows Marisa a wide way of inventions and talks a lot. This does not happen in the game and instead their conversation was much more brief. Nitroi also doesn't take Marisa to the top of the Mountain in the original game.
  • In the fanime Kanako says that she wants to become the new ruler of Gensokyo and that Reimu should hand over her shrine. This isn't her goal in the actual game and she simply wants to extend her faith as well as help Reimu get more faith, and is no where near aggressive and war like as the fanime portrays it.
  • Reimu does not fight both Sanae and Kanako at once, in the actual game they are two separate stage bosses.
  • Hatate is shown taking pictures in the bushes of the fight which makes no actual sense lore wise due to her being able to use spirit photography which allows her to take pictures without having to leave her house.
  • There is an entire side sequence of Yukari and Ran watching the fight from a gap dimension. Ran mentions that Reimu will be replaced as Gensokyo’s Shrine maiden. This entire scene and plot thread is not in the actual game.

Episode 16: Mountain of Faith(Part 3)

  • Marisa getting to the Moriya shrine via a kappa drill tank did not happen in the actual game.
  • Suwako did not appear during the fight with Kanako, as she was only revealed during the Extra Stage.
  • Marisa and Reimu did not fight together in the actual game.

Episode 17: Mountain of Faith(Part 4)

  • There was not a massive after party in original game.
  • In the post credits scene, Tenshi never descended from heaven to laugh in the actual game.
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The music in the series is by Yuuhei Satellite.

The first opening of Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Spring Snow Incident~ is "Though the Scent Lingers, the Flower Scattered, while the ending is Opposite World, both from Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Spring Snow Incident~ Original Soundtrack.

The second opening is Clouds Over the Moon, and Wind Over the Flowers from 月に叢雲華に風 and was used to the Scalet Mist Incident episodes

The Third opening is Beauties of Nature and was used in Aftermath of the Sixty Year Cycle Great Barrier Incident episodes

The trailer for the Imperishable Night arc is "Ephemeral, Great and Splendid Land of Grief" from 泡沫、哀のまほろば.


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