Gensokyo Chronicle

The Gensokyo Chronicle (幻想郷縁起 Gensokyo Engi) is a compilation of information about Gensokyo, created by the Hieda family to ensure the safety of its human inhabitants.

The first volume of the Chronicle was written in the 9th century by Hieda no Aichi.

The Chronicle's ninth volume, by Hieda no Akyuu, is the first to be published after the creation of the Great Hakurei Barrier - so far it consists of the books Perfect Memento in Strict Sense (2006) and Symposium of Post-mysticism (2012). Compared to previous editions it is designed with accessibility in mind, using horizontal text and straightforward language in order to reach a larger audience. Due to friendlier relationships between humans and youkai in modern times, it also makes attempts to cater to youkai as well as humans.

Child of Miare

The Child of Miare (also Maiden of Miare, Son of Miare) is the author of each edition of the Gensokyo Chronicle, a reincarnation of the historical Hieda no Are born every 100-150 years in a process known as the Miracle of Miare. Due to possessing Are's fabled ability of Gumonji, the Child can recall everything they have ever seen, and even retain some memories from their past lives related to the Chronicle. However they also possess short lifespans, seldom living beyond the age of 30. In the afterlife, the Child must work for the Yama in exchange for their next reincarnation.

The names of the Children of Miare are numerical puns, based on reading the re () in Hieda no Are as rei (, zero) - the second character of each Child's name can likewise be pronounced as a number matching their current incarnation.

  • 1st: Aichi (阿一)
  • 2nd: Ani (阿爾)
  • 3rd: Ami (阿未)
  • 4th: Ayo (阿余)
  • 5th: Ago (阿悟)
  • 6th: Amu (阿夢)
  • 7th: Anana (阿七)
  • 8th: Aya (阿弥)
  • 9th: Akyuu (阿求)

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