Gensou Tansaku Nitroid!

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幻想探索 にとろいど!
Fantasy Explorer Nitroid!

Desunoya (ですのや☆)


Desunoya (ですのや☆)


Puzzle Game



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Fantasy Explorer Nitroid! (幻想探索 にとろいど!, Gensou Tansaku Nitroid!) is a puzzle and exploration based platformer by the doujin circle Desunoya, the makers of other Touhou fangames such as Marisa and Alice and Guruguru Suika. The game stars Nitori Kawashiro as she explores Gensokyo in pursuit of an escaped "nuclear reactor."


Utsuho Reiuji has been spotted away from her post in the Underground Geyser Center, causing worry to the Moriya Shrine. Nitori has taken it upon herself to investigate the matter for the good of the mountain, and maybe for some personal benefit as well.

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The gameplay is a crossover of puzzle solving and Metroidvania style exploration. Solving block and platforming puzzles, similar to those in MariAri, will allow the player to advance through different stages in hopes of collecting powerups that grant new abilities. These abilities are in turn used to add depth and complexity to the puzzles until you eventually reach the boss of that 'World.'

Various non-essential collectibles are scattered throughout the game, such as mushrooms which are used as currency at Marisa's shop. There you can exchange them for an assortment of items and upgrades. Also found are energy raising "Sparkling Cucumbers," and UFOs. If the player can find fifteen UFOs, they can be brought to Nue who will then open access to the Extra World.

The layout of the game is split into five worlds, each world representing a place in Gensokyo. After a world is cleared by defeating a boss, you are taken to a map screen allowing access to new worlds. Travel between worlds is facilitated by warp points near the entrance of each world and items that can be bought from Marisa's shop. The worlds are further split into 'stages' which mark a screen transition.

Marisa's grin as she closes a sale.
Exhausted after a fight, Nitori plots her next move.


  • Up: Up
  • Down: Down
  • Left: Left
  • Right: Right
  • Z: Use item (Confirm)
  • X: Jump (Cancel)
  • C: Dash
  • V: Open Items
  • B: Switch Item Back
  • N: Switch Item Forward
  • Space: Open Menu

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