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Great Fairy Wars/Story

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This article describes the story of Fairy Wars in detail.


During wintertime, the Three Fairies of Light Sunny Milk, Star Sapphire and Luna Child were trying to make a plan to terrorize the humans. They couldn't think of any and went to sleep. The next morning Sunny Milk had an idea to create a "Great Fairy Wars". The plan was to gather lots of fellow fairies and together they would terrorize the humans. But the only way to gather the other fairies is with force.

The flag on Cirno's house

Somewhere near the Misty Lake, Cirno was also thinking of what to do. She wanted to freeze something, but everything already was frozen. Then the idea of freezing the whole lake came to mind, so she immediately went to action. Not long after a huge crack was heard at the house, and it collapsed. The Three Fairies of Light showed up and placed a flag on the top, as an invitation for collaboration. They went back home and waited for response. When Cirno came back she was furious to see her house collapsed! She thought of a declaration of war, and looked for the culprits appearing on the flag. Cirno went to the home of the Three Fairies of Light and threw an ice arrow at their door, which is a war proclamation acceptance. The three fairies found the arrow, but thought that is was a human who was afraid of their gathering. Without knowing who, they prepared for the future battle.

Winter ended and the spring starts, but never did the human show up. Cirno, who was in her new house, totally forgot about the declaration of war. But she found the flag in her house and immediately went to action. She stared searching for the three fairies.

Main Scenario

Route A

Not knowing where to search first, Cirno started looking in the Forest of Magic. No signs of any of the Three Fairies of light, other than some small fairies and Lily White. Luna Child showed up, eventually, wanting to know what the fuss is about. But Cirno wouldn't answer and declares war on Luna. They will fight, and Cirno wins.

Then Luna ran away. But Cirno has to choose the next location. Where could the other two of the Fairies of Light be?

Route A1

Cirno thought she could find the culprits at the Misty Lake. After Daiyousei was defeated another member of the Three Fairies of Light shows up. Star Sapphire was expecting Cirno. Rumours go fast and she already knew Cirno declared war. Star explains that the house destruction wasn't to tease her, but as an invitation for collaboration. Cirno think it is an attractive offer, but declines as she can conquer the human all by herself. They then start fighting. As Cirno wins, she states she can do it all by herself. But Star ran away.

The last location is the Spring Path. Sunny Milk quickly shows up, who wants to repay Cirno for what she did to her friends. Fast defeated, she ran away. But Cirno didn't want to lose track of her and started following her. Sunny Milk stopped and tried to warn her for the last time, which Cirno ignores. The other two fairies arrive, which Cirno sees as a change to punish all of them immediately. Cirno eventually gets her revenge, as she wins the fight.

Route A2

Cirno's second choice to look was the Spring Path. Lily White appeared to announce spring, but Cirno ignored the whole announcement and defeated her to move on. The leader of the Three Fairies of Light, Sunny Milk, then shows up. Sunny wants to point out that all the fairies are all excited due to Cirno, and also that she isn't taken Cirno seriously. But Cirno does only want one thing, taking revenge. And so they fight, which Cirno wins. Sunny then runs away because she can't beat Cirno by her own.

The last location that isn't explored yet, the Misty Lake. Evening just started and the last member of the Three Fairies of Light, Star Sapphire, appears. She first wanted to fight her by herself, but lost and ran away. Cirno immediately follows her and eventually meet again. This time the other two also appears which scares Cirno a little. They start fighting, and Cirno got her revenge.

Route B

Cirno first looked at the Misty Lake for the culprits. She notices the fuss at the fairies. Daiyousei started fighting but quickly got defeated, and eventually Sunny Milk shows up. Sunny was wondering who the person was, declaring war on the Three Fairies of Light. With this question Cirno remembered everything again and that she was the one declaring war. She is relieved to finally meet the culprit and starts to fight.

Sunny lost, and Cirno wants to fight the other two. But where should she look first?

Route B1

It is evening in the Forest of Magic and Cirno is looking for the other members of the Three Fairies of Light. She knew their home was in the forest, but it was hard to find and a person can get lost easily. She fought with Lily White who was announcing spring, but none of the members in sight. Star Sapphire then appears, who says that Sunny told her she was attacked by Cirno, which Star wonders why. Cirno says because they are in war. Star did not believe it and just was something to kill time, especially because Cirno is all by her own. They eventually fight, and Star gets defeated. The reason the three are separated is because they all went doing things on their own, then she flees.

Cirno is looking for the last of the three at the Spring Path. Luna Child shows up and says Cirno does not stand a chance against her, especially because it is night time. But she is defeated and ran away. Cirno does not let her run away and chases her. When they meet again the other two members shows up too. Now Cirno can fight the whole trio and is not impressed that they are with three. They fight together, and Cirno wins, thus getting her revenge.

Route B2

Cirno wanted to find the house of the three fairies but was at the wrong place searching in the Spring Path. A quick fight with Lily White disguised as Lily Black happened, later one of the fairies shows op. Luna Child is asking why Cirno attacked Sunny. Cirno wanted revenge for the destruction of her house, what frightens Luna. She tries to calm her down so they don't have to fight. Cirno almost would be distracted but wouldn't fall for her trap and starts to fight. Eventually, Luna lost and ran away.

Cirno eventually looked at the Forest of Magic, where Star Sapphire was waiting for Cirno. Cirno tried her best to defeat her but Star withdraws early and ran away. Cirno chased after her and when they meet again, Star reveals the reason that Cirno had been lured. The other two fairies shows up. Cirno says it is not fair as she already defeated the other two, and now they are going to fight with all three of them! Still, Cirno starts to fight the trio, with success.

Route C

Cirno was just wandering around in the Spring Path, not knowing why she was there anyway. She fought with a disguised Lily White. Then Star Sapphire shows up. Cirno wanted to do something with Star but couldn't remember what. Star starts talking about collaborating with the Three Fairies of Light to terrorize human together. The reason for that is because there was someone who declared war on them, which Star thinks was a human. Then Cirno remembered again that she was the person, so she starts to fight.

Star lost, and Cirno needs to look for the others two. But she could look for two ways, so she had to choose.

Route C1

Whilst at the Forest of Magic, she fought with the now normal dressed Lily White. Then, all of the sudden, Sunny Milk appears. She wanted to know why Cirno had attacked Star, which was because of the destruction of Cirno's house. Still, Sunny is wondering why Cirno is so late with taking revenge. Knowing Cirno, it is because she simply forgot it. The reasoning for the destruction was so they could work together to prank the human. Cirno is still mad, and starts to fight with Sunny which she wins. Sunny then runs away.

The last place is the Misty Lake at night and Cirno is looking for the last person of the trio. Luna Child reveals herself eventually. Luna wouldn't be beaten that easily as it is nighttime, which is source of power. But she still retreats early. Cirno chases after her and when she catches up with her the other two fairies shows up. Cirno thinks it is cheating, having a three-against-one fight. But still thinks she can defeat all three of them, which she does.

Route C2

When Cirno was looking at the Misty Lake, she immediately notices that there should be happening something. After she defeated Daiyousei, one of the members of the Three Fairies of Light shows up. Luna Child wants to know why Star was attacked. The reasons for Cirno were because of the destruction of her house last winter. She is attacking now because the others would have a disadvantage in winter. They start fighting, Cirno wins and she moved on to the last person.

At the Forest of Magic, Sunny Milk shows up and wants to fight, but retreats and runs away. Later on Cirno catches up with Sunny, who thinks it is weird that Cirno is so mad about the destruction. Cirno wants to pay them back while suddenly the other two reveals themselves. The three and Cirno think it should be a fair fight now. Cirno went easy on them early on and now is pulling up all her strength. So they fight, and Cirno won the fight.


Out of the six different scenario's, six different endings are possible.

No. 1 — Route A-1

Cirno declined their invitation and started to terrorize the humans all by herself. First she tried to interrupt the flower viewing, but they just saw it as some extra fun during the viewings. The trio was speechless at how ineffective it was.

No. 2 — Route A-2

With her victory over the Three Fairies, Cirno decided she should be the leader of the three. Though, with no idea what to do and being bored all the time, she quickly gave up her position.

No. 3 — Route B-1

Cirno decided to join the Three Fairies of Light with terrorizing the humans. First the Hakurei Shrine, where with combined powers they are invincible. Though while successful, all it ultimately did was annoy Reimu, who proceeded to fire in all directions.

No. 4 — Route B-2

After the battle, Cirno eventually forgot the whole destruction of her house, and went to go flower viewing instead together with her new friends. They started with formal introductions then normal discussion, which was something rather new to them.

No. 5 — Route C-1

After Cirno's battle with the Three Fairies of Light, she was very convinced that she was the strongest. Anyone who would seems like a good fighting partner she is challenging. The tengu reporter Aya Shameimaru is the first challenged. She declines, and suggests looking for a human instead. Human were done flower viewing nearby, and there should be someone there who would be a good partner. So Cirno is on her way. (This sets the stage for the extra stage)

No. 6 — Route C-2

After the battle, Cirno would go in with the Three Fairies their invitation. But first they had to help her prepare for a flower viewing party. With the help of them, but especially Star Sapphire, the food was great. Cirno praises their ability to know the forest so well as a result of it. It notes that while Cirno was bitter, the battle eased things and that humans forgot the good that an occasional brawl could do.

Extra Stage

Cirno was looking in the Mysterious Cherry Blossom Path for the partner Aya suggested. But two fellow fairies, Lily White and Daiyousei shows up instead. They are defeated quickly so Cirno could move on for the true person. When Cirno was talking to herself, Marisa Kirisame asks what the problem is. Cirno finds Marisa a good fighting partner and challenges her. Marisa first does not want to, but she is eventually convinced by Cirno. Though, she should not use her full strength which means that she does not use her deadly-lasers, but only those which drop motivation. Then the fight starts.

Marisa then pauses and thinks Cirno does have some skills. She is making it harder for Cirno. After a while she pauses again, and she is pretty amazed by the powers of Cirno. Now Marisa uses most of her power, but she still got defeated. She is pretty worn out, and says that it is due to not using her deadly lasers. Not saying to Cirno, she even thinks she has some respect for the ice fairy. Cirno explains her reasons for attacking her; that it was due to winning the "Great Fairy War". They then both head home.