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葉庭 (はにわ)
(real name unknown)
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Notable from

Haniwa's Store


Haniwa's Store


Character Designer, Illustrator

Art Example

Maybell in Thought of Dolls 2.



Haniwa (葉庭, pen-name) is an artist who draws illustration of Touhou. He created his own circle called Haniwa's Store and is where he's able to create his own stories in comics related to Touhou. The only thing he got involved in that's official to Touhou is Extra of the Wind within Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, who illustrated it while ZUN created the story.


Official Print Works[edit]

Doujin Games[edit]

Doujin Comics[edit]

  • Haniwa's Store
    • Thought of Dolls (2004)
    • Smiling at the Sixteen Moonlit Nights (2004)
    • Wanted! Hong Meirin (2004)
    • Moon Rabbit: What do you watch when you jump? (2004)
    • Thought of Dolls 2 (2005)
    • Suika Suika (2005)
    • Miko Miko Suika in Incident at the Hakurei Shrine? (2007)
    • Miko Miko Suika 2: Dancing for the Gods at the Hakurei Shrine (2007)
    • Miko Miko Suika 3: Moriya Shrine's Runaway Miko (2008)
    • Miko Miko Suika 4: Defiance at the Hakurei Shrine (2008)
    • Miko Miko Suika 5: Big Repairs at the Hakurei Shrine (2009)
  • 東方詞華集弐 (2007)

Additional Information[edit]

Name and Concept[edit]

  • In his pen-name, "" means "Leaf" and "" means "Garden", put these together would say "Leaf Garden".


  • He's created himself an original character called Maybell, who appears in Thought of Dolls and it's sequel. She's become very notable by fans.
  • It's suggested that Haniwa is a male due to the various comments in his comic books.