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(はた)   ()  こころ
Hata no Kokoro
Kokoro Hata
Hata no Kokoro
Hata no Kokoro in Hopeless Masquerade
The Expressive Poker Face
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Ability to manipulate emotions

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Hata no Kokoro (秦 こころ) is a menreiki youkai. She appears in Hopeless Masquerade as the final stage boss.

General Information[edit]


Without her masks, Kokoro would be a rather lifeless person without any emotions. Thus she uses her masks to talk trough and reveal her emotions. All these masks are in harmony with each other, so if one became lost, the harmony would be interfered and she would go berserk. Throughout the story of Hopeless Masquerade, she learned to control her own emotions, so she became more lively towards her surroundings.


Manipulating emotions

Kokoro has to ability to control emotions. Not only her own, but those of her surroundings as well. Thus when she lost her own mask of hope, and thus her emotions of hope, she tried to regain these emotions by absorbing it out of the heroine, who collected the hope of all Gensokyo, to create a new mask and normalize the emotions of the humans residing at the Human Village.


She has a total of 66 masks, all depiction a emotion. Some of these masks were created by Prince Shoutoku. Her new mask of hope, is in fact the face of Toyosatomimi no Miko.

Character Design[edit]


Hata no Kokoro is a menreiki youkai, and she holds a total of 66 masks. She became a youkai after a long time, from these masks which were used by the the father of Sarugaku performance, Hata no Kawakatsu.


Her full name is Hata no Kokoro, with Hata as her surname and Kokoro as her given name. Her given name means 'Heart' in Japanese. The Japanese title of Hopeless Masquerade, where she is the final boss, has the kanji 心 (kokoro), derived from her name, or vice-versa.


Kokoro has long, pink hair and pink, empty eyes. She wars a blue blouse with plaid pattern. Her skirt is in a pumpkin shape, depicting several faces on it. She carries a total of 66 masks with her, which all holds a different emotion and face. However, she mainly uses the masks holding the emotions joy, anger, pathos and humour.


Hopeless Masquerade

The story starts with Kokoro losing her mask of hope. She wants the mask back, so she attempts to take the hope from the humans in the Human Village, which results in them going crazy. Reimu and the others appear in an attempt to stop her. Even after all the fighting, she still could not find her mask. Eventually she learned to control her own emotions without it, and learned of the real problem the three religions posed. Once again they fight in the Human Village, and once again she is stopped. Eventually, Miko made her a new mask of hope, depicting her face.

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