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This article give a guidance as to how the player can play Highly Responsive to Prayers.


The Yin-Yang Orb[edit]

Using the Yin-Yang Orb is the most important thing to master. Here are some tips:

  • Practice only shooting one card to hit the orb - any more is wasteful
  • Practice hitting a specific side of the orb, in order to influence its direction
  • Practice hitting the orb both when it is ascending and descending
  • Always be prepared to use your gohei - sometimes in narrow passages, and in other fast situations, it is difficult to aim a card at it. Slides work well too.


Theoretically, you can clear the game just by dodging and avoiding bullets, but this is quite challenging and requires a ridiculous amount of skill. Here are some survival skills.

Shot spamming[edit]

If you have trouble dodging bullets, try spamming shots while you move around. It will cancel out some bullets and open a path for you. Remember that how many shots you fire is determined by how fast you repeatedly press the fire key. There is no limit of how fast you can shoot(except for how fast your computer can register the signals from the keyboard, of course).


When you slide your hit-box is actually smaller. This will make you able to pass under bullets you normally would be hit by.


In general, you should save your bombs for boss fights and practice the stages so that you don't need to use them there. Bombs not only make you invincible, but also take two notches of the boss's health bar if you don't have any lives left.


Don't panic after dying. It's actually easy to acquire more lives. For some reason, using bombs during stages will end up getting you extra lives very quickly. Try bombing once per level in a tight situation and see if you can benefit. It appears that some levels give you a lot of extra lives this way, while some almost never give any. Experiment to see which ones do and don't produce lives using this method.

Special Moves[edit]

Special moves can be difficult to master because they're hard to control. In order to use one, you have to slide, then press slide and up to do a somersault; afterwards you can hit Z, and you will fire off a quick succession of shots. Timing is key.

Boss battles[edit]

During boss battles, some of their bullets cannot be cancelled with the techniques the player can use, so therefore you'll need to learn the boss's attack patterns to ensure that you don't get hit, just like in other shoot 'em ups.