Hopeless Masquerade OST/ZUN's Comments

仮面という物は、正体を隠す時に被る物とされています。確かに、個人情報を明かしたくない時に何らかの手段で顔を隠す事もあるでしょう。国際的ハッカー集団であるアノニマスが被るガイ・フォークスの仮面なんかもその用途で用いられています。 A mask is something one wears when they want to conceal their identity. Certainly, there are a variety of methods available to "hide your face" if you wish for personal information not to be revealed. The Guy Fawkes masks that the international hacking collective Anonymous wears are used in this manner.
でもそれ以外の用途で用いられる仮面ははどうでしょう? But what about the other uses for masks?
ネット上でよく見られる馬の面、鳩の面、ヴェネチアンマスク……。使用されるのはネタとして公開する為の仮面姿です。 For example, the horse masks seen commonly on the Internet, pidgeon masks, or Venetian masks... These are masks used for memes.
仮面を被ったライダーも、タキシードな仮面も、変態な仮面も、正体を隠すというには些か目立ちすぎます。それもその筈、みんな存在を強調するためにわざと仮面姿をしているのです。 A Rider wearing a mask, a tuxedo mask, a pervert mask - though these people want to hide their identities, they actually stand out quite a bit. Because of this, everyone purposely wears masks to underscore their own existence.
最初の能面の用途はまさにそれだったのでしょう。何の役なのか判りやすくする上に、滑稽な姿で観客を楽しませる。だからこそ、表情が強調された滑稽なお面ばかりです。 The original noh masks were certainly used like this. In addition to easily being able to know what part the actor played, such a comical appearance lets the audience enjoy the act further. This is why they are all funny-looking masks that exaggerate facial expressions.
でも……何で無表情の事を『能面のようだ』と言うんでしょうね。こころの設定を考えている時、ふと疑問に思った結果、本人が無表情になりましたとさ。 However... I wonder why having no facial expression is known as "like wearing a noh mask". When thinking of the background for Kokoro, I made her expressionless because of this very question that I suddenly thought of.
ZUN (お面を被った時の閉塞感が苦手です) ZUN (Doesn't like the feeling masks give of blocking my face)