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弾幕アマノジャク ( )
Impossible Spell Card
Impossible Spell Card

Team Shanghai Alice


Team Shanghai Alice


Full: May 11, 2014 (Reitaisai 11)


Single-player puzzle Danmaku shooting Game

Danmaku Amanojaku ~ Impossible Spell Card (弾幕アマノジャク ~ Impossible Spell Card) is a danmaku game and the 14.3rd official installment of the Touhou Project. The game is set to be released at Reitaisai 11. As the title implies, it is a spinoff game consisting mostly of (near-)impossible-to-beat spell cards.

This is the first official Touhou Project work that does not bear Touhou (東方) in its title.


The player controls Seija Kijin, who's using a total of nine different "cheat" items to survive and clear the spell cards. Two items can be selected before the spell card, and has a maximum amount of uses during the card.

The items are:

  • Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb (血に餓えた陰陽玉), allowing her to teleport in front of the boss,
  • Tengu's Toy Camera (天狗のトイカメラ), allowing her to clear bullets using photographs,
  • Gap-Folding Umbrella (隙間の折りたたみ傘), allowing her to teleport to the other side of the screen (vertical and horizontal),
  • A Miracle Mallet Replica (打ち出の小槌(レプリカ)), allowing her to swipe the space in front of her to (possibly) deal damage to the boss,
  • a Substitute Jizo (身代わり地蔵), allowing her to survive one hit,
  • a Cursed Decoy Doll (呪いのデコイ人形), allowing her to lead aimed bullets away,
  • a Four-Foot Magic Bomb (四尺マジックボム), allowing her to clear bullets,
  • a Send-Off Lantern of Ghosts (亡霊の送り提灯), allowing her to become invincible for a short period of time,
  • and a Nimble Fabric (ひらり布), allowing her to become invincible for the duration of button press, during which she can't move.

Each item also has a separate, passive effect when equipped as a sub-item.


The game was announced on April 12th, 2014, near the end of the internet broadcast "Chotto Summit ~ The Drinking Party of Indie Game Developers". [1]

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