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Atheism (無神論, mushinrou) is a belief that there are no gods or other supernatural beings like buddhas or ghosts and reject most or all religious ideas. Atheism is often backed by scientific theories and often clash with religious ideals. While atheism is not a religion, it is often seen as a belief system. Atheism is increasingly common in developed countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan due to the advancement of science.

Atheism in Touhou[edit]

While gods and other supernatural creatures like youkai are found in the Touhou Project, characters like Sakuya Izayoi deny the existence of a god. It is unknown if Sakuya is referring to a monotheistic god or a polytheistic one. If gods and other supernatural creatures are species that evolved over time, then it can be said that characters like Sakuya can believe that there are no divine beings like a god in the way most religions portray them.

Characters relevant to this belief[edit]

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  1. Immaterial and Missing Power: Sakuya's Scenario. "Sakuya: Too bad. I don't believe in god."
  2. Silent Sinner in Blue: Chapter 10. "Remilia: No idea. I'm not interested in religion."