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| nameAlt = Jyoon Yorigami
| nameAlt = Jyoon Yorigami
| nameIPA =  
| nameIPA =  
| image = [[File:Th155Joon.png|x325px|Joon Yorigami]]
| image = [[File:Th155Joon.png|x260px|Joon Yorigami]]
| caption =  
| caption =  
| chartitle = The Most Despicable and Disastrous Younger Twin Sister  
| chartitle = The Most Despicable and Disastrous Younger Twin Sister  

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依神 (よりがみ) 女苑 (じょおん)
Joon Yorigami
Jyoon Yorigami

Joon Yorigami
The Most Despicable and Disastrous Younger Twin Sister
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Pestilence God


Causing consumption of financial assets


Con artist, spending money

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Joon Yorigami (依神 女苑 Yorigami Joon) is a pestilence god and one of the main antagonists of Antinomy of Common Flowers. Together with her older sister, Shion, she robs innocent residents of Gensokyo of their wealth by bringing them financial ruin.

General Information[edit]


Joon is a remorseless thief who has no issue with using her ability to rob anybody and everybody of their wealth, having no concern at all for their wellbeing. She doesn't even care much for her own older sister, using her as a tool and constantly belittling her. She takes pride and finds satisfaction in being called one of Gensokyo's most hated residents. She's a spendthrift who can never maintain her wealth as she's always making impulsive and extravagant purchases. She's also incredibly wasteful, and can be seen throwing away money and valuables in many of her attacks.


Background Information[edit]



Her full name is Joon Yorigami (依神 女苑). Joon (女苑) most likely comes from himejoon (姫女菀), the Japanese word for the daisy fleabane. The daisy fleabane is related to the Philadelphia fleabane, which in Japanese is called harujion (春紫菀), which is likely what her sister Shion is named after. Her family name Yorigami is composed of the kanji 依, which means "reliant" or "dependent", and 神, which means "god". The first kanji is also present in the term hyoui (憑依) meaning "possession", so it is possible that Yorigami could mean "possession god".


In Antinomy of Common Flowers Joon has orange eyes and long light-brown hair in the shape of two curly drills with red ribbons tied in them.

Her clothing consists of a purple wide-sleeved coat with a rose motif, a short light-pink dress with a red ribbon under it held by a black belt, brown boots, round sunglasses, and a mini top hat. She also carries a golden purse. Befitting her ability of making others give their money away, and her habits of spending that money, she sports a great variety of expensive-looking accessories like golden rings, a golden necklace, golden earrings, and golden bracelets, most of which also has gems in it. Some of her in-game portraits and animations also show her holding a feathered fan.

Both her game art and her sprite show Joon being followed by something that appear to be flames.


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  1. Parody of the Super Spirit Bomb (超元気玉) from Dragon Ball.