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[[File:Th10KanakoYasakaOnbashira.png|thumb|left|Kanako equipped with her [[onbashira]] in Mountain of Faith.]]
[[File:Th10KanakoYasakaOnbashira.png|thumb|left|Kanako equipped with her [[onbashira]] in Mountain of Faith.]]
;Mountain of Faith
;Mountain of Faith

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八坂 (やさか)  神奈子 (かなこ)
Kanako Yasaka
Kanako Yasaka
Kanako Yasaka in Mountain of Faith
More Character Titles

Goddess of wind and rain (not native to Gensokyo)


The ability to create sky


Moriya Shrine's Goddess


Wind God's Lake at Moriya Shrine, was originally from the Outside World

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Kanako Yasaka (八坂 神奈子 Yasaka Kanako) is the current goddess of the Moriya Shrine after defeating its resident goddess, Suwako in the Great Suwa War. She desires to collect mass amounts of faith.



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  • More about the name Kanako


Her name, Yasaka, can be split up in Ya () and Saka (). Ya meaning "eight" and Saka, which would mean "hill". Yasaka would therefore mean "Eight hills". In the character introduction image of Mountain of Faith (just when her theme starts, and her name and title is revealed), her name was incorrectly spelled as Yasama Kanako.


Kanako has an elaborate red shirt with long white sleeves and a round mirror over the center of her chest. She wears a long black skirt with a red flower print hem. Has poofy intense blue hair and dark red eyes. Behind her is a large twisting rope circle shimenawa with shide.


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Kanako equipped with her onbashira in Mountain of Faith.
Mountain of Faith

She plotted to overthrow and take over the neighboring shrine and collect its faith in order to gain more power, but was thwarted by the heroine.

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Subterranean Animism

Before the events of Subterranean Animism, it is hinted that she was the one who granted Utsuho her powers (by telling her that she could swallow a god, Yatagarasu) and was the indirect cause of Subterranean Animism.

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She took over the Moriya Shrine and let its original goddess stay. This is presumably to keep favor with the original faith-goers.

Additional Information[edit]


  • Kanako and Suwako are described in Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 6 as gods that have a body. Having a body is likely why they can move and act so independently as opposed to gods who need a vessel, although they are still capable of splitting their spirit when summoned and called upon like all Japanese gods.
  • It is revealed in chapter 19 of Silent Sinner in Blue that the Lunarians created and use shimenawa rope to seal away those that are a threat to them. Kanako's shimenawa at her back is confirmed to be actual shimenawa in her Mountain of Faith profile. In addition, in Suwako's profile, it is stated that Kanako was one of several gods fighting to unify Japan, and it was implied in Silent Sinner in Blue that it was the Lunarians who were behind those wars (assuming taking away Lord Daikoku's lands referred to the actual time that happened in Shinto mythology by Amaterasu's family, whom are implied to be the Lunar Capital's founders). The Lunarians even used shimenawa to seal another god at the Moriya shrine. However, it is unknown if Kanako was connected to, in league with, or aware of any of this.
  • Kanako might be named after Princess Yasakatome, one of the gods of the Suwa Grand Shrine, which, on the other hand, Suwako Moriya is named after.
  • The shrine pictured in the background image of Kanako's spellcards is 下社秋宮 (Shimosha Akimiya, lit. the Autumn Court of the Lower Shrine), one of the four shrines that make up the Suwa Grand Shrine.
  • Oddly, Kanako's sprite changes colors in rainbow order during the time between when her theme begins and when she starts to battle. It also happens to another character in the PC-98 era.
  • In Wild and Horned Hermit, Kanako, like Sanae is shown knowledgeable in science and despite being a god, dismisses Reimu's illogical theories and refers to them as unscientific.
    Kanako's sigil in The Grimoire of Marisa.


  • In humorous fanart, Kanako is often depicted as a robot, or an RX-77-2 Guncannon from Mobile Suit Gundam due to the Faith Pillars that attach to her back during the final encounter in Mountain of Faith.
  • At some extent, Kanako is also called by another nickname: Misae Nohara. Little is known why the Japanese Touhou fans came up with that idea. Perhaps it's due to the fact that Misae and Kanako sharing a similar hair shape, or due to many fanworks depicting Kanako as a somewhat eccentric soccer mom towards Sanae. Another hypothesis about this nickname is related with one of Mountain of Faith endings. Spoiler: In Marisa B's ending, Kanako drills Marisa's head with her fists (Misae Nohara's guri-guri) because she built a small shrine in the Forest of Magic, which is rarely visited by people.
  • Kanako is also depicted with Yukari Yakumo and Eirin Yagokoro. This is due to their family names containing the character (pronounced "Ya") which, when misread, can mean old hag.

Spell Cards[edit]

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Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 23
神祭「エクスパンデッド・オンバシラ」 Divine Festival "Expanded Onbashira" MoF
St. 6: E/N
奇祭「目処梃子乱舞」 Weird Festival "Medoteko Boisterous Dance" MoF St. 6: H/L
筒粥「神の粥」 Rice Porridge in Tube "God's Rice Porridge" MoF St. 6: E/N
忘殻「アンリメンバードクロップ」 Forgotten Husk "Unremembered Crop" MoF
St. 6: H
神殻「ディバイニングクロップ」 Divine Husk "Divining Crop" MoF St. 6: L
贄符「御射山御狩神事」 Sacrifice Sign "Misayama Hunting Shrine Ritual" MoF St. 6: E/N
神秘「葛井の清水」 Mystery "Kuzui Clear Water" MoF St. 6: H
神秘「ヤマトトーラス」 Mystery "Yamato Torus" MoF
St. 6: L
天流「お天水の奇跡」 Heaven's Stream "Miracle of Otensui" MoF St. 6: E/N
天竜「雨の源泉」 Heaven's Dragon "Source of Rains" MoF
St. 6: H/L
「マウンテン・オブ・フェイス」 "Mountain of Faith" MoF St. 6: E/N
「風神様の神徳」 "Divine Virtues of Wind God" MoF St. 6: H/L
神符「水眼の如き美しき源泉」 God Sign "Beautiful Spring like Suiga" MoF St. Ex
神符「杉で結ぶ古き縁」 God Sign "Ancient Fate Linked by Cedars" MoF St. Ex
神符「神が歩かれた御神渡り」 God Sign "Omiwatari that God Walked" MoF
St. Ex
蛇符「グラウンドサーペント」 Snake Sign "Ground Serpent" DS St. 11
御柱「メテオリックオンバシラ」 Divine Pillar "Meteoric Onbashira" DS St. 11
儚道「御神渡りクロス」 Fleeting Path "Omiwatari Cross" DS St. 11
御柱「ライジングオンバシラ」 Onbashira "Rising Onbashira" ISC St. 9
「神の御威光」 "Sacred Authority of the Gods" ISC St. 9
風神符「ミシャバシラ」 Wind God Sign "Mishabashira" Co-owner with Suwako VD Nightmare Monday - 2
風妖符「死蝶オンバシラ」 Wind Mystic Sign "Dead Butterfly Onbashira" Co-owner with Yuyuko VD Nightmare Monday - 3
風花符「オンバシラ裁判」 Wind Flower Sign "Onbashira Trial" Co-owner with Eiki VD Nightmare Monday - 6


Official Profiles[edit]

Mountain of Faith - キャラ設定.txt[edit]

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Kanako Yasaka MOF  ○6面ボス 山坂と湖の権化

  八坂 神奈子(やさか かなこ)
  Yasaka Kanako





















Stage 6 Boss The Avatar of Mountains and Lakes

Kanako Yasaka

Species: God
Ability: The ability to create sky

The goddess who, together with her shrine, recently moved to the Youkai Mountain.

Because of her name 'Yasaka' (countless hills), she's been said to be a mountain deity, but she's actually a deity of wind and rain.
She controls the rain and the winds. In other words, she's been worshiped as a goddess of agriculture.

The sequence of events that led to her being worshiped as a mountain deity are extremely complicated and the only ones who know the truth are Kanako and Suwako.

Kanako's trademark 'shimenawa' (lit. enclosing rope) represents the figure of an entwined snake. The snake, which continually sheds its scales, symbolizes resurrection, rebirth and eternity.

However, humans came to know mortality and started disbelieving in eternity.
Even in agriculture, they continued to acquire skills that defied the rain and winds.
They learned that mountains were created from volcanoes and changes in the earth's crust. They became able to cross mountains easily and without danger.

Yes, humans had begun to believe in science and information.
In tandem with that, the faith they had in gods like Kanako continued to wane.

Kanako searched for a way to regain faith.
And she came up with a big gamble.
And that was, "to make the shrine into a thing of fantasy in the world of humans, and collect faith in Gensokyo".

Although it would mean that she would lose all the faith she still had left currently and thus lose her power temporarily, this way held more potential. She chose a future with potential rather over the crumbling glories of the past.

--And so, her plans seemed to be successful.
The shrine was accepted into Gensokyo more smoothly than she had expected, and she quickly began to be worshiped as the deity of the Youkai Mountain.

Although she had her doubts now and again at the excessive smoothness, once she saw how Gensokyo worked, she believed she understood why things went so well.

In Gensokyo there was a shrine called the Hakurei Shrine.
Although that shrine had almost completely lost all its faith, it was popular with youkai and it was said there was always some youkai frequenting it.

For the youkai, the shrine seemed to have become a suitable playground.

Along with becoming an object of worship, Kanako was also accepted as a playmate of the youkai.
Feasts were held almost every night.

Actually, to play together was what gods wished for. Festivals were venues for humans and gods to play together. By forgetting about everyday life and coming together to play, gods and humans gained the feeling of solidarity within a community. Even if the humans were exchanged for youkai, it was the same.

This was exactly the kind of faith Kanako was wishing for.

However, the knowledge Kanako held of Gensokyo was limited.

She didn't know that among the youkai of Gensokyo, there existed a number of powers. Nevertheless, she collected the faith of the mountain youkai, and attained great divine virtue. She did not realize that this meant that the power of the mountain youkai, in other words the tengu and the kappa, were becoming too great.

With that, there was the fear that the power balance of tranquil Gensokyo would collapse.

Kanako thought that to keep Gensokyo's balance, she must now acquire the faith of the youkai and humans beneath the mountain.

To achieve that, she must utilize the Hakurei Shrine else things won't proceed smoothly. Much remained before she would be able to regain the same amount of faith she'd had in the outside world.


Official Sources[edit]

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