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多々良 (たたら) 小傘 (こがさ)
Kogasa Tatara
tataɽa koɡasa
Kogasa Tatara
Kogasa Tatara in Ten Desires
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Myouren Temple Graveyard

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Kogasa Tatara (多々良 小傘 Tatara Kogasa) is a karakasa whose sole purpose is to surprise people. However, she hasn't been very successful so far. She encounters the heroine on their way to catch up with the flying object on a mission to scare her, but it doesn't work. She was once a normal umbrella in the human world; her owner forgot her, and no one else picked her up because the colour was unpopular at the time. As time went on, the wind swept her away to Gensokyo and she became a youkai. According to her profile, she is currently reading up on classic ghost stories in order to improve her scaring technique.



The characters for Kogasa (小傘) mean "little umbrella". Tatara (踏鞴) is the traditional Japanese method of smelting iron. Many workers lost an eye checking the colour of the fire to measure its temperature and/or a leg pushing the tatara furnaces, and they wore geta to avoid the heat of floor. This brought about the tale of the Ippon Datara, a one-eyed, one-legged youkai that somewhat resembles a karakasa. [1]


Kogasa has turquoise hair, one turquoise eye and one red eye. Wears a blue-green vest with white sleeves and a light blue skirt. Uses a purple umbrella with an eye and a tongue protruding from it.


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Undefined Fantastic Object

Kogasa's roll in Undefined Fantastic Object is rather limited. In Stage 2, she appears twice, trying to surprise the heroine, who doesn't particularly want anything to do with her, as she is slowing her pursuit of the flying object. They engage in a high-speed aerial battle that inevitably ends with Kogasa's defeat and the heroine's arrival at the flying object. Also inevitably, she misinterprets what the heroine says as the answer to how to surprise humans. She returns in the extra stage under the assumption that it being night is enough to scare humans, and is defeated once again by the heroine. As such, she is the only character that is completely unrelated to the story in Undefined Fantastic Object, as well as the only unrelated character to be in an Extra Stage.

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She does threaten to wreck Sanae Kochiya's shrine in Sanae B's story, but is threatened right back.

Ten Desires

After the events of Undefined Fantastic Object, she has been plotting to go scare Byakuren at her newly-built temple. In Ten Desires, she takes to the cemetery adjacent to the Myouren Temple and the surrounding sky, but runs afoul of newcomer Yoshika Miyako. However, after asking the heroine to help her banish Yoshika, she also receives a beating.

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Minor or Unknown Meetings or Associations[edit]

Yoshika Miyako

Yoshika Miyako's presence in the cemetery becomes an unknown threat for Kogasa.

Additional Information[edit]


  • She is the only character in Undefined Fantastic Object that has no role in the story.
  • She is the only Touhou character so far to have two different eye colours, known as heterochromia.
  • Her surprise appearance as the Extra stage of Undefined Fantastic Object midboss was a surprise to the user who played the game. She even appears on the Undefined Fantastic Object disc with a small caption above her that reads 'おどろけー' (Surprise~), making Kogasa one of the few characters to indirectly muddle with the 4th wall, another example being, coincidentally, Sanae.
  • In Undefined Fantastic Object, she says "Urameshiya". "Urameshii" means to hate or be bitter, while "ya" is similar to saying desu or da. It's often translated as "I hate you," or simply "Boo," which has become her catchphrase in fandom.
    • Ghosts, youkai, and possessed objects (such as Karakasa) are said to belong to a lower realm in the Six Realms of Buddhist belief. "Urameshiya" is often said by such creatures to express envy towards humans, whose place in the Human Realm affords them less suffering. Thus, "I envy your life!" would be a more appropriate translation, although it tends to be used in the same context as "Boo!"
  • It is possible, although not likely, that the idea for Kogasa came from the umbrella which the Vaisravana holds in his right hand; however, because she doesn't have any relationship to the other characters(and that umbrella is said to bring peace and protect the Vaisravana's treasure, not surprise people), this seems like a stretch.
  • Along with Yumemi Okazaki, Soga no Tojiko and Marisa, Kogasa is one of the four characters to officially curse in-game.


  • Due to Reimu A's scenario in Undefined Fantastic Object, where Kogasa utters the word "sadism" (even though Reimu points out that it should be the opposite) the phrase 「さでずむ」 or "sadism" has become a meme associated with Kogasa.
  • She is also often depicted as bullied by Sanae Kochiya, possibly because of Sanae's cold words in her dialogue in Undefined Fantastic Object (although Reimu's dialogue with her was a lot colder in comparison).
  • Fans have noticed she looks similar to Yuuka Kazami in style. Both have short hair, and also wields an umbrella.
    • Since that, most fans think she is the new youkai moe.
  • There has been some question as to which is the actual Kogasa, the girl or the umbrella. A number of people have expressed their opinion that the girl is merely a spiritual extension of the true karakasa. This opinion is supported by the fact that her umbrella has Geta at the bottom.
  • She's similar to Chen in Perfect Cherry Blossom in that she appears as both bosses of stage two and an extra stage midboss. But unlike Chen, she has no relation to the boss of the extra stage.
  • Because she is the only character who is not involved in the main plot of Undefined Fantastic Object, many fanworks include her with Nue Houjuu because of her appearance in the extra stage. Sometimes she is simply seen as part of the entire Undefined Fantastic Object cast.
  • Some fanart has Kogasa be "surprisingly" shapely under her clothes, playing on the surprise aspect of Kogasa's nature. In such a regard, she's quite successful in surprising others with her figure.

Spell Cards[edit]

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Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 15
大輪「からかさ後光」 Large Ring "Umbrella Halo" UFO St. 2: E/N
大輪「ハロウフォゴットンワールド」 Large Ring "Hello Forgotten World" UFO St. 2: H/L
傘符「パラソルスターシンフォニー」 Umbrella Sign "Parasol Star Symphony" Reference to the game Parasol Stars UFO St. 2: E/N
傘符「パラソルスターメモリーズ」 Umbrella Sign "Parasol Star Memories" Reference to the game Parasol Stars UFO St. 2: H/L
雨符「雨夜の怪談」 Rain Sign "A Rainy Night's Ghost Story" UFO St. 2: E/N
雨傘「超撥水かさかさお化け」 Umbrella "Super Water-Repelling Bone-Dry Monster" UFO St. 2: H/L
化符「忘れ傘の夜行列車」 Monster Sign "A Forgotten Umbrella's Night Train" Based off of people leaving their umbrellas behind on trains[2] UFO St. 2: E/N
化鉄「置き傘特急ナイトカーニバル」 Monster Train "Spare Umbrella Express Night Carnival" UFO St. 2: H/L
傘符「大粒の涙雨」 Umbrella Sign "Lightly Falling Large Raindrops" UFO St. Ex
驚雨「ゲリラ台風」 Surprising Rain "Guerrilla Typhoon" UFO St. Ex
後光「からかさ驚きフラッシュ」 Halo "Karakasa Surprising Flash" UFO St. Ex
傘符「一本足ピッチャー返し」 Umbrella Sign "One-Legged Return Hit" DS St. 3
虹符「オーバー・ザ・レインボー」 Rainbow Sign "Over The Rainbow" DS St. 3
傘符「細雪の過客」 Umbrella Sign "Flurry Travelers" DS St. 3
虹符「アンブレラサイクロン」 Rainbow Sign "Umbrella Cyclone" TD St. 3: H/L


Official Profiles[edit]

Undefined Fantastic Object - Settings and Extra Story.txt[edit]

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Kogasa Tatara UFO  ○2面ボス  愉快な忘れ傘

  多々良 小傘(たたら こがさ)
  Tatara Kogasa




Stage 2 boss The Cheery Forgotten Umbrella

Kogasa Tatara

Race: karakasa ghost
Ability: power to surprise humans

An umbrella that was left unused and became a youkai.
She was originally an umbrella that someone forgot, but since the colour is unpopular, nobody ever picked her up, and she was carried off by the wind and became a youkai.

She rarely really hurts anyone, she just likes watching people be surprised.
However, not many people have been surprised by her, so she's reading classic ghost stories to improve her technique.

Kogasa Tatara ○エキストラ中ボス  愉快な忘れ傘

  多々良 小傘(たたら こがさ)
  Tatara Kogasa


Extra stage midboss The Cheery, Forgotten Umbrella

Kogasa Tatara

She figured you'd be best off trying to surprise people at night,
so that's why she showed up.
She didn't know if anyone would really be surprised or not.
She is the only passerby youkai in this game.
She's currently thinking of plotting to go startle Byakuren, who just opened a temple in Gensokyo.


Ten Desires - Omake.txt[edit]

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Kogasa Tatara TD  ○3面中ボス  お困りの忘れ物

  多々良 小傘(たたら こがさ)
  Tatara Kogasa










Stage 3 midboss Greatly Troubled Lost Article

Kogasa Tatara

Race: karakasa ghost
Ability: power to surprise humans

A youkai umbrella that wanders around the sky above the temple.
She found her place in the cemetery, and found herself living in the cemetery most of the time.
This is because while humans that are rarely surprised in the middle of the road, they are easily scared when they are in the cemetery. And she finally did it. Amazing.

But an incident has crept up to disrupt her truly happy time.

A youkai who was never seen before has been appearing from the inside of the cemetery, and has been moving around like it was its home ever since.

She tried to get in contact with that youkai, but she couldn't communicate with the youkai at all. Feeling threatened, she wanted to shoo away the youkai forcefully.

But that ended up as futility. No matter how she attacked, she couldn't get a response out of it, so she escaped.

While she was considering whether she should ask for help of the members of the temple, she saw those humans that she saw before. They were those, whom she encountered and fought several times before.

And so she thought, "They must have come to defeat that youkai!" and decided to ask boldly.

And she ended up like this.


Official Sources[edit]

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