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Land of the Back Door

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後戸の国 (うしろどのくに)
Land of the Back Door
Land of the Backdoor
Land of the Back Door
The Land of the Back Door as depicted in Stage 5 of Hidden Star in Four Seasons

Unknown (Extradimensional)

Official Games
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The Land of the Back Door (後戸の国 Ushirodo no Kuni) is an extradimensional location ruled by Okina Matara which first appeared in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

The area is a seemingly endless plane of floating doors which lead to different locations in Gensokyo. Not much is known about the place other than that it seems to have been created by Okina.

General Information

Land of the Back Door Appearences


Hidden Star in Four Seasons

During the four seasons incident, the protagonist ends up in the Land of the Back door after climbing through a backdoor on Narumi Yatadera's back, or as in Cirno's case, climbed through a back door on her own back. They are attacked by Satono Nishida and Mai Teireida. After the protagonist defeats both, they proceed even further until they meet Okina Matara, after shortly which a fight ensues, and all the protagonists end up losing to Okina Matara due to a trap that she has laid, which expelled them back into Gensokyo.

After their defeat against Okina Matara, they return for a rematch in the Extra Stage.

Violet Detector


Visionary Fairies in Shrine
Lotus Eaters


Official Sources

Official sources


  1. Lotus Eaters Chapter 24