Lyrics: ザクロは血の味、恋の味

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Pomegranates Have the Taste of Blood; the Taste of Love

Arrange: 黒鳥 Lyrics: Lu-na Vocal: Lu-na

I don’t like it, you looking away from me.
Look only at me.
I love you the most after all.
Dissatisfied? You don’t have any complaints do you?

Pomegranates have the taste of blood, of humans; it’s delicious.
Everytime I feel you I can almost taste it… Let me taste you.

I want to drink it down like red tea.
I can’t help but want all of you.
I’m sure you would be tasty and sweet.
After all, I’m the one who picked you.

Just seeing your face… I…
My heart throbs, it’s painful…
I want to shut you away somewhere,
So you won’t go anywhere.
I don’t want anyone to see us.

Pomegranates have the taste of blood; the taste of love. I’m captive to it.
With every sweet kiss I’m falling into you.

When night falls I’ll come flying to your side,
Because I want to be with you.
When darkness falls I don’t know what will happen,
Thinking of you, my cheeks stained red.

I can’t possibly imagine
A world without you now.
With both of your arms, embrace me tightly,
As I hang my head, unable to look forward.