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For the Sake of Humans by BUTAOTOME
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Original Romanized Translation

好きとか嫌いとかじゃない 決まりだから食べるだけ 自然の摂理に 意味をつける

suki toka kirai toka janai kimari dakara taberu dake shizen no setsuri ni imi wo tsukeru

It’s not that I like it, or hate it – I eat because it’s the rules. That’s all. You’re attaching a meaning to natural providence.

神さまへの懺悔は終わった? 足掻いたってまるで無駄なこと

kamisama he no zange wa owatta? agai tatte marude muda na koto

Are you done with your repentance towards God? Pawing at the ground like that is entirely useless…

その手ちぎれば 潰されてく祈り 絶望が膨れるほど旨くなる

sono te chigireba tsubusareteku inori zetsubou ga fukureru hodo umaku naru

If I were to tear those hands of yours off, I’d thwart those prayers of yours. You’d become so tasty, I could swell up with hopelessness!

弱さをたてに生きてる 哀れな旅人たちを あるべきところへ 還したげる

yowasa wo tate ni ikiteru aware na tabibitotachi wo aru beki tokoro he kaeshitageru

Humans live using their weakness as a shield. I send those pathetic travelers Back to the place they ought to be in.

その人生 生きて死ぬよりも 次の人生 生きてみたらどう?

sono jinsei ikite shinu yori mo tsugi no jinsei ikite mitara dou?

Rather than living and dying in this life, What do you think about trying to live in the next life instead?

いくら不味くて吐きそうになっても 食べられぬ人類などいやしない

ikura mazukute haki sou ni natte mo taberarenu jinrui nado iyashi nai

Even if they taste really bad, and I feel like I’m going to vomit, There isn’t a type of human I can’t eat.

生きた深さがそのまま味になる わたしなり「ヒトノタメ」に喰らう いくら不味くて吐きそうになっても 次の時美味しくなっていればいい

ikita fukasa ga sono mama aji ni naru watashi nari 「hito no tame」 ni kurau ikura mazukute hakisou ni natte mo tsugi no toki oishiku natte ireba ii

The depth of a human’s life, by itself, becomes their flavour. I eat, in my own special way, “for the sake of humans.” Even if they taste really bad, and I feel like I’m going to vomit, If they taste better next time, I’m okay with it.

Translated by Releska