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Lyrics: レミリア・スカーレットの運命論

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Remilia Scarlet's Fate Theory by kimino-museum
Original Romanized Translation

不確かな極点を求めて操る 歯車軋んで想いは届かず 己の願いも全ては叶わず ぼやけた力は今何を動かす

Tashikana yume o motomete ayatsuru Haguruma kishinde omoi wa todokazu Onore no negai mo subete wa kanawazu Boyaketa [1] chikara wa imanani o ugokasu

I operate seeking a certain dream The wheel of fate slides, my desire unfulfilled Even all your dreams unfulfilled what does this vague power change now?

澄み切る真昼の空を閉ざす 緋色の月影 太陽を蝕んで

Sumikiru mahiru no sora o tozasu Hiiro no tsukikage taiyou o mushibande

Closing the clear midday sky Scarlet moonlight erodes the sun

世界を照らす光が消える 束の間の夢 心を映して 幾千の夜 唯一の闇 私の月が消える前に行方求める

Sekai o terasu hikari ga kieru Tsukanoma no yume kokoro o utsushite Ikusen no yoru yuiitsu no yami Watashi no tsuki ga kieru mae ni yukue[2] motomeru

The light that illuminates the world disappears A transient dream reflects the heart In the thousand nights, the only darkness Before my moon disappears it searches for a place to go

ただ連なる無数の道のひとつ 行き着く答えを捻じ曲げられるだけで

Tada tsuranaru [3] musuu no michi no hitotsu Yukitsuku kotae o neji mage rareru dake de

Moving forward on one of the countless roads The answer I reach will be a distorted one

想い描いた世界を築く 望みがいつか心を満たして 目に見えるもの何もかも皆 この手の中に確かにある そう思っていた

Omoiegaita sekai o kizuku Nozomi ga itsuka kokoro o mitashite Me ni mieru mono nanimokamo mina Kono te no naka ni tashika ni aru Sou omotte ita

I build the world of my dreams My desire will one day satisfy my heart Each and everything that I can see is surely in my hands is what I thought

またひとつの結末が選ばれる 全てを満たせるものなどあり得るのか?

Mata hitotsu no ketsumatsu ga erabareru Subete o mitaseru mono nado ari eru no ka?

Again one ending will be chosen Is there such a thing that can satisfy every desire?

紅い月夜を日差しが破る 白く輝く一筋の光 翳した腕を降ろし見上げた 空は再び蒼く染まる 闇を捨て

Akai tsukiyo o hizashi ga yaburu Shiroku kagayaku hitosuji [4] no hikari Kazashita ude o oroshi miagete Sora wa futatabi aoku somaru yami o sute

The sun breaks through the red moonlit night The blind white light that shines brightly Take your arms down and look up The sky turns blue dispelling the darkness


Hikari e yume wa kiesaru

To the light my dream disappears

Lyrics source: Translated by Dimensional Blade.
  1. Boyaketa = Something or someone that has lost it's path. I tried to use the word confused or lost but decided to put vague coz it means inconsistent that has been on losing side for quite a while in the whole line . In the same line ugokasu=move which I replaced with change to further make the sentence closer to the message it tries to give.
  2. Yukue= means the place it belongs which I out only the place to further suit the sentence.
  3. tsuranaru= expanding path which I just replaced with roads on the same line neji mage rareru=forcefully bend a good example is you make the goal but it somehow doesn't count making ur efforts fruitless is the emphasis here.
  4. hitosuji means in short one trick phony does only one thing regardless of whatever the condition can't read the mood or understand stuffs going around to consider what else is going on and taking that into account make actions.