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(still needs Romanji. Credits for translating go to kafka-fuura: http://kafkafuura.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/the-4seasons-4u/)
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Your Color Master Spark!

Arrange: 黒鳥 Lyrics: Lu-na Vocal: Lu-na

My feelings cannot lie,
I just keep attacking with my honest emotion
Whether you can take it, well that’s all up to you isn’t it?
But I won’t let you regret it, ‘kay?

When I can’t sleep
I think of the day we first met
I just couldn’t take my eyes away
My heart was dyed in your color

If that’s how I feel I’ve got to do something!
I can’t be afraid of losing! I’ll make a sure win by the first move!
I’m not going to be captured by anyone!
It’s not that I have confidence, but that I just don’t wanna lose!

If I keep worrying – I can’t move forward
If I keep being afraid – I can’t get close to you

My hair color and the color of my clothes,
I changed it all to your favorite color

I want you to see me dyed in all your colors
I want to be special to you, I’m not lying
I want to be the closest one to you, and
Someday, I want to change you – into my color.