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Lyrics: 死生信艶、暴謳ノ絶

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The Divine Luster of Life and Death, The Violent Extolments' Severance by EastNewSound
  • 死生信艶、暴謳ノ絶
  • Shishoushin-en, Bouou no Zetsu
  • length: 05:06
  • arrangement: 黒鳥
  • lyrics: あおまふ vs. 黒鳥
  • vocals: nayuta
  • original title: 神さびた古戦場 ~ Suwa Foughten Field
  • source: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith
    Stage 6 Boss Theme; Kanako Yasaka
Original Romanized Translation

骸を超えて 天啓乞う 血潮の雨に 鼓動 ほら、艶めく

mukuro wo koete ten’kei kou chishio no ame ni kodou hora, tsuyameku

Over corpses I stride, to seek audience with the heavens As my pulse ever quickens, aroused by the downpour of blood

信じるは この慟哭 ただ一つ 変えられぬ この咎

shin’jiru wa kono doukoku tada hitotsu kaerarenu kono toga

The extent of my faith exists within wails of lamentation Of many, this is the one sin I could never hope to change

零か壱かの天地の狭間 コウベ垂れて ただ、生命を謳え

zero ka ichi ka no ten’chi no hazama koube tarete tada inochi wo utae

Caught between the black and white order of heaven and earth Bow your heads, and sing praises of your mortal life

暴突き立て 結ぶ縁 死なば諸共 邪念 身で、贖え

chikara tsukitate musubu enishi shinaba morotomo janen’ mi de aganae

Fate is sewn with needles of tyranny and power Survivors, the lot of you, atone your wicked ways


たった一人で信じていた たった一人で見つめていた


tatta hitori de shin’jiteita tatta hitori de mitsumeteita


Alone, I believed in Alone, I gazed upon

私の命、あなたの命 無様に生きるその姿

atashi no inochi, anata no inochi buzama ni ikiru sono sugata

Your life and mine Surviving wretchedly

私の脳裏に浮かぶのは あなたの静かな冷たい笑顔

atashi no nouri ni ukabu no wa anata no shizuka na tsumetai egao

In the back of my mind, I envisage Your smile, as cold as it is quiet

ずっとこの時を楽しみにしていたの、 死ね!

zutto kono toki wo tanoshimi ni shiteita no, shine!

O how I have longed for this moment! Now die!!


Shine Shine Shine Shine...

Die Die Die Die...

これで あなたを… 死ねって言ってんだよ!

kore de anata wo… shine tte itten’da yo!

Finally, now that you are… I said die!!!

縋るのは 今際の情 まだ今も 報われぬ 幻想

sugaru no wa imawa no jou mada ima mo mukuwarenu kono saga

Only in emotions at death’s door do I find solace Having yet to realize the fulfillment of my fantasy and nature

生と魂すら尽き果てる迄 無様に抗い、己を晒せ

sei to kon’ sura tsukihateru made buzama ni aragai, onore wo sarase

Until your life and very soul waste away Struggle you wretches; expose your nature

Lyrics source: Publicly posted by Hatsuyuta Ketsui


  • from kafka-fuura:

'It has been a while ENS. It has been a while. Nothing like thinking you’ve struck someone dead, ready to launch into your soliloquy, when they have the audacity to interrupt you, clinging to life. How dare they!' Also, sponsored by: JL