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From Now On, “ ” by ShinRa-Bansho
Featured in:
  • これからの「  」
  • kore kara no
  • length: 04:27
  • arrangement: kaztora
  • lyrics: みゅい
  • vocals: あよ
  • bass: Pira
  • drums: 裕木レオン
  • e.guitar: AJ
  • original title: シュレディンガーの化猫
  • source: 燕石博物誌 ~ Dr. Latency's Freak Report
    Track 06
Additional Info
Translator Note: Some tweets from the lyricist (1, 2) suggest several things about the content of the song. Firstly, the song is told from Dr. Latency’s (Merry’s) perspective. Secondly, it deals with the concept of a world of ‘what-ifs.’ The quotation marks (「  」) are also intended to not be read as part of the title. Instead, the quotation marks are filled with different words depending on the person reading the lyrics. The translation of the title was influenced by this observation.
Original Romanized Translation

校舎の曲がり角 駆けていく それは きっと 猫だったであろうか 見間違いだったかもしれない 世界 眺め続けた

kousha no magarikado kakete iku sore wa kitto neko datte dearou ka mimachigae datta kamo shirenai sekai nagametsuzuketa

Something was running toward the corner of the school. It must have been a cat, right? I might have been mistaken. I continued to gaze upon the world.

汗ばんだ午後 半分こ カキ氷 灼けて繰り返した 誰かの夏 近づいて 離れては 泳いでく 溶けた 意識の中を

asebanda gogo hanbunko kakigoori yakete kurikaeshita dareka no natsu chikazuite hanarete wa oyoideku toketa ishiki no naka wo

During a sweaty afternoon, we shared a snow cone. We got tanned and did it all over again. This was someone’s summer. I swam, drawing nearer and further away from you. I dissolved within my consciousness.

一等星 六等星 どちらも 届かず 手に取った 椛の葉で someday anyway 掴もう

ittousei mutousei dochira mo todokazu te ni totta momiji no ha de someday anyway tsukamou

I couldn’t reach either a first or sixth grade star But I took the autumn leaves around me in my hand. Someday, anyway, I’ll seize those stars!

ああ ふわりと飛んだ 紙飛行機 刻んできた 文字を乗せて遥か 世界を見て 微笑む これからの「 」

aa fuwari to tonda kami hikouki kizandekita moji wo nosete haruka sekai wo mite hohoemu korekara no " "

Ah… the paper plane lightly flew, Carrying the words written on it into the distance. I look at the world and smile. From now on, ” ”

溶け始めた 一面の 銀世界 恋の匂い 桜に混じって 揺れてる 髪飾り 誰かさんへ 会いに 早る気持ちが…

toke hajimeta ichimen no ginsekai koi no nioi sakura ni majitte yureteru kamikazari dareka-san e ai ni hayaru kimochi ga...

The snowscape began to dissolve And the scent of love mixed with the cherry blossoms. The ornament in my hair sways. I’m going To meet someone, and my feelings grow faster…

そっと 始めた 夢も希望も (悲しい寂しいから) いつか 話してよ ずっと 写真に撮っていこうよ いつも 笑っていよう (楽しい嬉しいへと) 1歩 1歩 歩いてこう

sotto hajimeta yume mo kibou mo (kanashii sabishii kara) itsuka hanashite yo zutto shashin ni totte ikou yo itsumo warattei you (tanoshii ureshii e to) ichiho ichiho aruite kou

Dreams and hopes begun in secret (Are sad and lonesome, so) Someday, tell me about them! Let’s photograph everything! Let’s smile, always! (Heading toward fun and happiness) Let’s walk, step by step.

ポケットの中には紙飛行機 そう ぐしゃぐしゃな 文字の羅列でもね あなたと 見てきた世界 でもそれだけじゃ飛べはしないんだ まだ 満足してないんだ Ah

poketto no naka ni wa kami hikouki sou gushagusha na moji no raretsu demo ne anata to mite kita sekai demo soredake ja tobe wa shinai nda mada manzoku shitenai nda Ah

A paper plane is in my pocket. Yes, even if it’s just a soggy list of letters It’s the world that I saw with you. But it won’t fly with just that alone. It’s not enough yet. Ah…

これからもあなたとね 私の (ものがたり) を描く 笑顔と笑顔で ほら

korekara mo anata to ne watashi no monogatari wo egaku egao to egao de hora

From now on, together with you, Let’s dream up my story! With smiles on both our faces… look!

今 手を繋いで 踏み出そうよ 2人なら きっと見えてくるさ 今度の話は また別の世界のはずよ

ima te wo tsunaide fumidasou yo futari nara kitto miete kuru sa kondo no hanashi wa mata betsu no sekai no hazu yo

Now, let’s join hands and step forth! If we’re together, it will surely come into view. Our tale this time must be about another different world!

ああ 空を掛ける ロケットだって 書き終えた自伝だってそうよ 本当はすべていらなかった 歩き出す 「 」

aa sora wo kakeru roketto datte kakioeta jiden datte sou yo honto wa subete iranakatta arukidasu " "

Ah… rockets racing through the sky And completed autobiographies are the same— We didn’t need any of them all along. We start walking, ” “.




そこには何もなくたって 4つの足跡残すよ always always

soko ni wa nanimo naku tatte yottsu no ashiato nokosu yo always always

Even if there’s nothing there, We’ll leave behind two sets of footprints Always, always…

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska