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Lyrics: 一人ゲーム

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Solitary Game by BUTAOTOME
Original Romanized Translation

一、二、三、四、五と数えても 鳴らぬての音 沈んだ夕日

hi, fu, mi, yo, itsu to kazoete mo naranu te no oto shizunda yuuhi

Even if I count, "one, two, three, four, five," The sound of a clap does not ring out on this depressed sunset

瞳を開けても真っ黒な闇の 静寂なざわついた音

me wo akete mo makkuro na yami no seijaku na zawatsuita oto

Even though I open my eyes, The silence of the pitch-black darkness Is a deafening sound

降参 降参 声枯らして叫んでも 戻る言葉はなくて 闇雲な喉の乾きがあるだけ

kousan kousan koekarashite sakende mo modoru kotoba wa nakute yamigumo na nodo no kawaki ga aru dake

I give up, give up, making myself hoarse Even if I shout, there are no words to return to Only the dryness of my reckless throat remains

希望を求め裏切られ 傷つくのなら希望はなんぞ

kibou wo motome uragirare kizutsuku no nara kibou wa nanzo

I wished for hope and was betrayed If it's that I would be hurt, what the hell is hope?

耳塞いても また聞こえてくる 鳴り止まぬ欲しくない声

mimi fusaide mo mata kikoete kuru nariyamanu hoshikunai koe

Even if I shut my ears, Once again a sound comes to my ears A voice undesired and unending

そうさ そうさ こんなもんさ 嘆いても 消えない欲す心 耳すまし いつの日か鳴る手の音

sou sa sou sa konna mon sa nageite mo kienai horisu kokoro mimisumashi itsu no hi ka naru te no oto

Yes, that's right, it's this kind of thing Even if I lament, this unvanishing, desirable feeling Is something I listen attentively for Someday, the sound of a clap will ring out

降参 降参 声枯らして叫んでも 降参 降参 もう許してよ 嘆いても 永遠に届かぬこの声

kousan kousan koekarashite sakende mo kousan kousan mou yurushite yo nageite mo towa ni todokanu kono koe

I give up, give up, making myself hoarse, even though I shout I give up, give up, I already forgive you, even though I grieve, This voice will never reach you ever