Lyrics: 供花

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An Offering of Flowers by Soro Buta-R
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Original Romanized Translation

巡る四季をただ受け入れて 咲き散る時待つはずだった 「綺麗だね」と差された指に いつの間にか弄ばれて

Meguru shiki wo tada ukeirete Sakichiru toki matsuhazu datta "Kirei da ne" to sasareta yubi ni Itsu no ma ni ka moteasobarete

I was supposed to merely accept the cycle of the seasons, Waiting for the time to come when I would bloom and fall… “It’s so pretty…” They say, with their fingers pointed at me. Before I know it, I am played around with by those same fingers…

それも行く末と結ぶならば 拒む者の眼を免れない

Sore mo yukusue to musubu naraba Kobamu mono no me wo manugarenai

Even so, if I am bound to fate, Then I cannot escape from the eyes of those who reject me.

枯れ果てる夢を見せよう 掟など意味を持たない 心まで貪り尽くせ 消えることを怖れ

Karehateru yume wo miseyou Okite nado imi wo motanai Kokoro made musabori zukuse Kieru koto wo osore

Let’s show you a dried-up dream. Things like laws have no meaning. You have lusted to exhaustion, up to your heart, and You are afraid of disappearing…

下卑た興はとめどもなくて 手足を削ぎ"生ける"と謳う

Gebita kyou wa tomedomo nakute Teashi wo sogi "ikeru" to utau

Your pleasures, which have become vulgar, have no end. You cut off my limbs, extolling it as ‘arrangement.’

その醜さすら散り際なら 美しく視える気がするから

Sono minikusasura chirigiwa nara Utsukushiku mieru ki ga suru kara

If it is time for even that ugliness to fall, I feel that I will appear beautiful, so…

戯れ会う花の色さえ 血を浴びて黒く染まれば 一片の微笑みがまた 傘の影に覗く

Zare au hana no iro sae Chi wo abite kuroku somareba Ippen no hohoemi ga mata Kasa no kage ni nozoku

As long as those flowers, who play together, Are bathed in blood and dyed black, A fragment of a smile will once more Peek through the shadows of that umbrella…

朽ち果てて忘れ去るなら 奪うため施すなら

Kuchihatete wasuresaru nara Ubau tame hodokosu nara

If I am to rot away and be forgotten… If I am sown so I can be snatched away…

ただ一つ花を捧げよう 訣別の言葉に代えて 人の世に愛でられるため 生まれる花は無い

Tada hitotsu hana wo sasageyou Ketsubetsu no kotoba ni kaete Hito no yo ni mederareru tame Umareru hana wa nai

Let’s offer up a single flower, Instead of words of farewell. There isn’t a flower born for the sake of being loved In the world of humans…

Translated by Releska