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-Ultired- by Reitaisai 7 Official Compilation Arrange CD Production Committee
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Original Romanized Translation

真紅の物語重ね在るセカイ鮮やか 土に染みた錆の香を 踏み付け人は進んだ

Shinku no monogatari kasane aru sekai azayaka Tsuchi ni shimita sabi no kaori wo Fumitsuke hito wa susunda

This world is so brilliant, existing upon layer upon layer of deep crimson tales And yet upon the ground stained with the fragrance of rust, People march forward, trampling upon it.

ねぇ その頁<Parts>切り落とし キミの歴史<Roots>を見せて

Nee sono PAATSU kiri otoshi Kimi no RUUTSU wo misete

Hey, this part, this page was torn out. Show me your history, your roots.

白色を色付けてく赤色 錆びて軈て 誰も視認不可能 黒色に溶けて混ざる 血の色 寄せて眺め食らう甘き 其ノ史実<Ultired>

Hakushoku wo irozuketeku akairo Sabite yagate dare mo shinin fukanou Kokushoku ni tokete mazaru chi no iro Yosete nagame kurau amaki ULTIRED

Dye red over white As it rusts, eventually no one can determine it’s past; The color of blood melts and mixes into the black Gather the pages and feast your eyes on the sweet true history: Ultired.

漆黒の物語隠し在るセカイ艶やか 風に溶けた其の色を 生き逝く人は無視した

Shikkoku no monogatari kakushi aru sekai adeyaka Kaze ni tokete sono iro wo Ikiyuku hito wa mushi shita

This world is so alluring, hiding tales of the darkest black And yet of this color melting into the wind People live and die, completely ignorant.

嗚呼 其の頁<Parts>抉り取って 私の虚史<Roots>刻む

Aa, sono PAATSU eguri totte Watashi no RUUTSU kizamu

Ah, I’ll gouge out this part, this page and engrave my roots, my history into it.

色彩を塗り替えてく色彩 継がれ流れ絶えて形無く刻む

Shikisai wo nurikaeteku shikisai Tsugare nagare taete katachi naku kizamu

Paint over color with color Formlessly engrave succession, flow, extinction.

赤色を塗り替えてく赤色 緋く緋く 誰も理解不可能 赤色に混ざり嗤う 血の色 赤く赤く赤く赤き 其ノ史実<Ultired>

Sekishoku wo nurikaeteku akairo Akaku akaku dare mo rikai fukanou Sekishoku ni mazari warau chi no iro Akaku akaku akaku akaki ULTIRED

Paint over red with red Brilliant scarlet, scarlet – No one can understand. Mix laughing the color of blood into the red Red, Red, Red, Red, this true history: Ultired!

Translated by Kafka Fuura